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2012 Labor Day in Kinmundy and Historical Society Quilt Show


 (LD-12-2) Eileen (Eagan) Garrett, Zola (Robnett) Blomberg and P.H. "Bud" Robnett are the great-great-grandchildren of Isaac Eagan, who was the founder of Kinmundy. 


(LD-12-1_ Posing in front of an antique quilt which once belonged to the Kinmundy Eagan family are descendants, Eileen (Eagan) Garrett & Zola (Robnett) Blomberg



 (LD-12-4)  Information was displayed at the Quilt Show about the antique Eagan family quilt


 (LD-12-5)  Kinmundy Historical Society Quilt Show (Sept. 2012)


 (LD-12-6)  Kinmundy Historical Society Quilt Show (Sept. 2012)



 (LD-12-7)  Kinmundy Historical Society Quilt Show (Sept. 2012)



  (LD-12-8)  Kinmundy Historical Society Quilt Show (Sept. 2012) 


(LD-12-11) Sean Folsom (left) provided wonderful music and demonstration along Madison Street during the Labor Day festivities in 2012 accompanied by Michael Duncan (right).  Sean lives in  Kinmundy and has a vast knowledge and special talent.  For more information about Sean Folsom's music, check out his website at

Here's a flashback along Kinmundy's main street. 

A window display presented by the Kinmundy Historical Society - 2011  


 Kinmundy window display along main street (Sept. 2011)



 Kinmundy window display along the town's main street (Sept. 2011)



"Print Shop"

1920's work table from "The Kinmundy Express" office



"Barber Shop"

Bill Doolen's Barber Shop shoe shine stand and customer shaving mug cabinet (courtesy of "Lil's Antiques")



"Beauty Shop" - Origin of Dryer 

Gladys Mercer graduated from Kinmundy High School in 1939.  In 1940 this dryer was used by Gladys and her sister, Verma Del, when they opened Glad-Del Beauty Shop.  The shop was located on South Lincoln Street in Salem next to their parents' home.  After the war, Gladys married Charles Kline on January 6, 1946.  Gladys and Charles with their two daughters, Karen and Cathy, moved to Kinmundy in 1957 where she continued to use the dryer until 1972 when Charles was transferred to Tulsa, Oklahoma.

In front of the dryer is a jar of hairpins from Matilda Jane Maxwell's era.



"Coffee Shop"

Accouterments from "Zimmer's Diner" & "Bargh's Drug Store"  (courtesy of Lil's Antiques)



 Kinmundy window display along mainstreet (Sept. 2011)

Old Jail Finds New Life

The City of Kinmundy jail dating back to 1883 was located in the former City Hall next to the Community Center on 3rd Street.  KHS acquired the jail and enlisted the services of Roger Eckert to sandblast it and Gary Shirley to paint it.  The jail is housed at the Log Cabin Village.

This is the old Kinmundy jail cell right after being delivered from downtown Kinmundy to it's new home in Ingram's Pioneer Log Cabin Village.

Roger Eckert can be seen sandblasting the antique jail cell.


Gary Shirley worked on the painting of the jail cell.


Here is the newly refurbished jail cell.  Open for vacancy!


We have sent the flag to be framed, and this photo commemorates the event.  Pictured are (L to R):  Bob End (the gentleman doing the restoration), Helen Garrett (Kinmundy Historical Society member holding flag), Marla Shirley (President), and Ben Webster (friend of our Society).  The photo was taken in the room within the Webster home, where we are displaying "treasures" of Kinmundy.


Below is a picture of this historic flag prior to restoration, along with it's history.



The newspaper clipping from years ago tells the story behind this flag.  


Ingram's Pioneer Log Cabin Village - 2009

 "Down Memory Lane"

The Kinmundy Historical Society spent three weekends in our community's historic cabins at Ingram's Pioneer Log Cabin Village this fall.  We hope you were able to make a trip out to see us with our time-period decorated cabins and Kinmundy history!   We also had a booth offering many one-of-kind Kinmundy items, among which was a first time Log Cabin Crock and 2009 Christmas ornament.  (Check them out at our "Store" by clicking on the tab above. )

One Kinmundy family recently enjoyed an experience that very few people in the last hundred years or so have had.  Ty Hassebrock, his wife Twyla, and children, Kadence and Gunner were served a meal cooked over an open fireplace in a log cabin.  Ty was the winner of a raffle sponsored by the Kinmundy Historical Society for an open hearth meal for four.  Bob Ingram of Ingram's Log Cabin Village donated the use of one of his cabins for the meal  prepared by Barbie Ambuehl, Shelly Phillips, and Linda Summerville. 

The Hassebrocks arrived to find the cabin decorated for fall and lit by candles.  Because the cooks felt that taste buds accustomed to 21st century flavors might not enjoy 19th century cuisine, they opted not to serve an authentic menu.  However the kitchen implements and cooking techniques were 19th century. The serving and eating dishes were reproductions of the era. And, two year old Gunner even sat in an antique high chair which is part of the cabin furnishings.  The family was served as first course, pumpkin soup and flat bread with dipping sauce.  Next, the ham which had been roasting over the fire all morning was served along with glazed carrots, mushroom and rice casserole, and English muffins with butter and homemade strawberry jelly.  A dessert of apple dumpling rounded out the meal.  Ty purchased one raffle ticket for one dollar, so the cost of the meal was also in line with 19th century prices!  The Hassebrocks enjoyed their short trip back in time and left full of food and memories.

 The funds from the raffle will be used in the restoration and repair of  a 19th century American flag.

Also, the three cooks have been demonstrating cooking over an outdoor fire and passing out samples during the Log Cabin Village weekends.

Debbie & Don Gilbert hosting the Strullmyer cabin


Jeanette Hoeinghaus taking a much need rest in the Lester cabin



Gladys See welcoming guests to the Schwarm cabin


Shelly Garrett Phillips hostess in her Great-Grandparents' Robb cabin


Dorothy Francis Geiler, Helen & Libby Garrett in their ancestor's Doolen cabin


Floyd & Helen (Robb) Garrett posing outside the "Doolen place"


During the 2009 Labor Day Celebration the KHS had a booth informing the public about the $1500 price tag for preservation project of the Flag (circa Spanish American War) donated to the Society.



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