Gleanings from "The Kinmundy Express"

Newspaper gleanings from our Hometown Newspaper

(Oct. 1904 - 1959)


"The Kinmundy Express"

(1914-2005) is now on!



Photos &  Plats of local Cemeteries



Photos & Histories of churches in Alma, Foster, Kinmundy, Meacham, & Omega townships



Historical Photos of area Businesses, Residences, Fires, Railroad & Depots, Parks & Lakes, plus Histories our area Towns & Townships



Photos of Families, Clubs/Organizations,   Soldiers & Veterans, Kinmundy Centennial & Sesquicentennial, Homecoming & Parades, Farming, Bob Ford portraits from the 1960s-70s



Area Neighbors write about Growing Up and Living in the Kinmundy-Alma area



Photos & Histories of Kinmundy & Alma area schools including complete yearbook listings and pictures from the one-room schoolhouses




All about Kinmundy's own Pioneer Village, this includes historical articles and photos



Links to other Kinmundy-Alma area websites



      What stories do you remember from your youth?  Do you remember walking from the high school over the railroad tracks to eat lunch "uptown", a noon fire whistle, teachers in your one-room school, Jesse George behind the counter at the store, climbing up the steps in the old high school?   Were you involved in one of the many organizations - PTO, Lions Club, Masonic Lodge, American Legion, Eastern Star, or the sorority?  Tell us your stories.  They can be short memories, long essays, or anything in between ... but just tell them!         

The Kinmundy Historical Society would be honored to preserve your memories and stories.          We would love to hear from you!  For more information, please contact:    

Dolores (Ford) Mobley –

         208 Joan Dr.; Divernon, IL  62530; (217) 625-7527


         Gladys (Corrie) See –

                       408 S. Washington St.; Kinmundy, IL 62854; (618) 547-7731

Visiting my grandparents,

 Lulu Belle (Robb) Jones and George Frank Jones, in Kinmundy (circa 1945-1952) n Brasel

by Judy Aaronson


Calvin L. Barbee Stories:


Neither Rain, Nor Sleet, Nor Dark of Night 


A Kinmundy Story


Local Fox Hunters Club from Sandy Branch and Swift community"

by J. Marvin Bassett


An Interview with Denton Brasel






     A Few Memories by Glen Brasel









An Autobiography by Elwyn Cheatum



Remembering a Country Sport - Fox Hunting 

by Agnes Clesson and Betty Jane Easley






Growing Up in Hill Country by Nevada (Tutt) Deadmond










My Memories by Irene (Livesay) Gammon









Kinmundy History by Eileen (Eagan) Garrett







Helen (Robb) Garrett Interview



Other Stories and Memories from Around Kinmundy by Helen (Robb) Garrett        


Bargh's Drug Store

(includes story by Helen Garrett and poem by Wayne Robb)


Easter Egg Hunts in Kinmundy


Fox Hunting in Kinmundy


Garrett's Baseball Barn


Gladys Bradley and the first Kinmundy Library


Home Milk Delivery and Hammer and Kleiss families


Illinois Bell Telephone Office


                         Ira Morris Grocery Store

     Kinmundy Ballpark and Youth team


      Kinmundy's Centennial Committee


                Kinmundy Teen Center


               Lions Club in Kinmundy

   Montgomery's Body Shop


Toby and Susie Tent Show





                                          An Interview of Dorothy (Dunlap) Geiler  







Then and Now by Hazel (Keen) Geiler




"My Hundred Years in Illinois (1876 - 1976)"   - An Autobiography by Fred Otis Grissom



Claude Lester Howell & Maude Eva Carter Family History prepared by Frederick Howell





  Growing Up in Lester by Dean Jones   






 The Kinmundy Men's Ballteam and the Kinmundy Ball Park by Shirley (Bailey) Miller


The Old Shoe Store Burns by Shirley (Bailey) Miller





A Kinmundy-Alma Story by Gearldine "Gerri" (Doudera) Molina







Pentecostal Church in Kinmundy by Evalena Perry





  Teaching at Oak Grove School by Wilma (Osborn) Purcell









Memories by Oval Darrell Randolph







Senior Citizens of Kinmundy - Ten Year History by Lura (Williams) Robnett



History of Kinmundy Schools by PH Robnett & Karen (Jones) Robnett






Rudy Slane & "The Kinmundy Express" by Rudy Slane









Memories From My Childhood by Eleanor (Tutt) Tate







Little League Ball Park by Wilma Vandeveer



Jolly Girls Club by Betty Wagoner



Recollections of the Little Country Store by Marjorie (Keller) Walkington



An Alma Story by Mary (Getts) Winks




Kinmundy Christian Church by Nelda (Reese) Zinser 


There is No Place Like Home by Nelda (Reese) Zinser 






              Kinmundy American Legion             







            Girl Scouts of Kinmundy







             4-H Clubs and Leaders around the K-A area





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