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Labor Day 2006

1927 Ford.JPG

American Legion float 2.JPG

American Legion float.JPG

And their off! 5K Labor Day runners.JPG

another John Deere 2.JPG

another John Deere.JPG

another two-horse hitch.JPG

Antique Power Days float.JPG

Antique Power Days.JPG

BetaSigmaPhi float_SC Marching Cougars.JPG


Labor Day Car Show 3.JPG

Labor Day Car Show 4.JPG

Labor Day Car Show 5.JPG

Labor Day Car Show 6.JPG

Labor Day Car Show 7.JPG

Labor Day Car Show 8.JPG

Labor Day Car Show 9.JPG

Labor Day Car Show.JPG

Marion County Little Miss'.JPG

Marla _ Shelly turing onto W. 3rd St.JPG

more horses and riders 2.JPG

more horses and riders 3.JPG

more horses and riders 4.JPG

more horses and riders.JPG

more IH tractors 3.JPG

more IH tractors.JPG

more parade youngsters.JPG

one-horse hitch.JPG

Parade Marshalls - Sons of the American Legion.JPG

Parade Marshals - Sons of the American Legion 2.JPG

parade youngsters.JPG

politicians meeting with the people.JPG

pony and rider with escorts.JPG

Riann Phillips, Miss Marion Co. Fair Queen.JPG

Samantha Krumreich, Clay Co. Fair Queen.JPG

saying a prayer before running.JPG

SC Marching Cougars 2.JPG

SC Marching Cougars.JPG

SCMS Falcon cheerleaders 2.JPG

SCMS Falcon Cheerleaders.JPG

singing the national anthem before the 5K Run festivities.JPG

sisters riding their bicycles.JPG

St. Peter Girl Scouts float.JPG

the parade in black _ white.JPG

two-horse hitch.JPG

vehicles in parade.JPG

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