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Using the Archives

To access the current archive materials, select your area of interest from the menu to the left. You will be taken to a thumbnail index page, sorted by filename (numeric and then alphabetical), from which you can access the larger images and more detailed information. Each thumbnail is linked to its detail page.

Detailed descriptions of all categories:

All school related images, from class photos to images of school buildings.
Images of historic homes in and around Kinmundy.
The churches of Kinmundy, past and present.
Civic Buildings and Views
Local businesses, landmarks, overviews of downtown.
Historic images of the railroad in Kinmundy.
All images containing people, identified or not.
Scanned images of paper documents.
Views of parks and other green spaces used by the people of Kinmundy.
Evergreen Cemetery, monuments, and (eventually) other local cemeteries.
Kinmundy Fire
Images and text of a contemporary newspaper story on the fire.
Train Wreck
Images accompanied by text of the railroad's accident report.
Milestones in Kinmundy History
A timeline of important dates in Kinmundy's history.
All Images
All the images and scanned documents in the Archive. This is a very large file and will take some time to download on slow connections, as there are already over 600 items in the Archive.

The detail pages have navigation links that allow you to browse forward and back through the entire archive, and a link that will take you to the All Images index. To return to the category page you came from, either click the "back" button in your browser or select the category page from the menu to the left.

The online archives are an evolving resource, and the structure of this section of our site will certainly change as the collection of both images and text grows.

Copyright and Use of Archive Materials

While many of these images are out of copyright, not all are. Also, the Society, the resource donors and volunteers all retain copyright to the work done here. You may download and save or print one copy of any item you need for your research. Permission is NOT granted to reuse any images or text on any website or in any printed materials without express written permission. Direct linking is blocked and any attempt to direct link to archive items will be logged and reported to your service provider.

Donate to the Archives

We are always looking for more resources to add to our community's assembled historical research base. If you or your family lived here once, and you have photos or anecdotes you'd like to share, we welcome anything you care to contribute.

Please send an email to our archivist if you have something to share.

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Images donated by Elwyn Cheatum, Dolores Ford Mobley and Irene Gammon.

Scanned by Dolores Ford Mobley and Gladys See.


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