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   Omega Township, Marion County, Illinois


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        Check out this link for the Omega One Room School page! 

       This is a continuing project by a dedicated group of citizens to renovate the Omega School house.

         (See the newspaper articles below for more information.)     



Teachers from OMEGA SCHOOL District #84 (Omega twp.)


(1903-04)  Ella Shanfelt ($38)


(1910-11)   Miss Grace Hocker

(1911-12)   Miss Anna Engelbrecht


(1913-14)   Mrs. Ethel (Fyke) Kniseley



(1916-17)   John Kagy


(1919-20)   J.A. Kagy


(1930-31)   Byron E. Millican

(1931-32)   John L. Kinney




(1935-36)   Lena Baker

(1936-37)   Miss Jessie Long

            (Aug. 27, 1936)  Schoolroom has been newly decorated, and a nice flag pole erected


(1938-39)  Maxine Cox (married H.J. Barksdale)

(1939-40)  E.B. Catching


(1941)     Mrs. Ruby Linton

 (1942)    Mrs. Myra Simmons


(1943-44)  Mrs. Helen Millican

(1944-45)   Miss Audrey Fields

(Fall 1945)   Ben Millican (Aug. 23, 1945)

(March 1946)  See Millican (had just returned from serving overseas)


(1947-48)  See Millican

(1948-49)  See Millican

(1949-50)   See Millican




(1953-54)   Mrs. Marjorie Walkington

(1954-55)   Mrs. Marjorie Walkington  


(The above information was gathered from "The Kinmundy Express" articles, school photos, County Directories of School Teachers, and information from those who had attended school there.)





Omega School; 1914


Omega School; Omega twp., Marion Co., IL; Ethel (Fyke) Kniseley, teacher 1914

Back Row: Mary Chapman, Opal Walkington, Launa Marlow, Clay Simer, Agnes Marlow, Donald Marlow, Eva (Beard) Alderson,

Hollis Baker

Third Row: Thamer Simer, Bessie Chapman, Cecil Swally, Wayne Schooley, Bertha Beard, 

Ethel (Fyke) Kniseley - teacher, John See, Irene Cheeley, Faye Beard, Mildred Cheeley

Second Row: Zola Millican, Ethel (Knisley) Jenkins, Donna Millican, Velma Marlow, Opal Henneman, Eva See, Florence Hemmeman, Donna Decker

Front Row: Cleo Copple, Frank Bosley, Jason Chapman, Johnnie Baker, Frank Simer, Clarence Southward, Noble Decker




Omega School; Omega twp., Marion Co., IL; Bertha See - teacher; ca1939

Back Row: Glen Schooley, Paul Cheeley, Lloyd Childress, Neva Millican, Georgarette Kniseley, Inez See, Hilda Millican

Middle Row: Lorene Childress, Carl Millican, Audrey Fields, Bertha See - teacher; Bill Monical, Leroy See, Mary See

Front Row: Paul Waggoner, Francis Boston, Carl Fields, Harold Millican, Marie Parrish, Carl Waggoner, Katherine Arnold




Omega and Brown Schools; Omega twp., Marion Co., IL; Bertha See & Paul Monical - teachers; ca1930s



Omega School; Omega Twp., Marion Co, IL; Mrs. Ruby Linton teacher; 1941

Back Row: Marvin Young, Clyde Wagoner, Bill Jenkins, Eugene Fields,  Elbert Prather, Eugene Baker, Bob Marlow, Ted Marlow, Carroll Lewis and Chester Lewis.

Front Row: Geneva Eblin, JoAnn Fields, Mary Jo Wantland, Betty Lou Simer, Lavern Crutchfield, Margaret Millican, Herma Jean Lewis, Betty Wantland, Hilda See,

                   Hazel Jean Prather and Ella Mae See.



Omega School; Omega Twp., Marion Co, IL; Mrs. Myra Simmons teacher; 1942

Back Row: Chester Lewis, Ted Marlow, Carroll Lewis, Vivian Rose, Eugene Baker, Lavern Crutchfield, Hilda See, Bill Jenkins.

Front Row: Keith Wimberly, Bob Marlow, JoAnn Fields, Marie Mulvaney, Hazel Jean Prather, Betty Lou Simer, Geneva Eblin, Don Eblin, Erma Jean See, Herma Jean Lewis.



Omega School; Omega Twp., Marion Co, IL; See Millican teacher; 1949

Back Row: Frank Brandenberry, Bill Wantland, Keith Wimberly, Jean See, Francis Wantland, Bobby Lewis, Russell Wagoner, See Millican - teacher

Middle Row: George Arnold, ___________, Elsa (Arnold) Osborne, Patsy See, Nancy Marlow, George Eblin, Charles Jones

Front Row:  Carolyn Rose, Sandra Jenkins, __________, Ronnie See, Kathryn Wagner, Shirley (See) Geiler, Exie (Arnold) Martin



"Salem Times-Commoner" - Salem, IL; May 7, 2010

The sign marking the spot of the Omega School, Omega, Marion Co., IL (Oct. 2011)

Omega School, Omega, Marion Co., IL (which later served as the townhouse) - Oct. 2011

("The Salem Times-Commoner" - Sept 3, 2014)

("The Salem Times-Commoner" - Sept. 10, 2014)


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