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   Omega Township, Marion County, Illinois


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Teachers from BROWN SCHOOL - District #81 (Omega township)


(early 1900's)   Martha Slagley


(1903-04)  Edna Hall ($35)


(1911-12)   Mort Green



(1914-15)  Grace Tate



(1917-18)  Byron Millican

(1918-19)  Byron Millican

(1919)       possibly Gerald Boston

(1919-20)  Sophia Feller

(1919-20)  Byron Millican

(1920-21)  Byron Millican ($100 per month) (this is his 4th term)




(1924-25) Darrel Butler



(1927-28) Paul Monical



(1930-31) Gerald Butler

(1931-32) Lena Baker

(1932-33)   Miss Lena Baker




(1936-37)   Ben Millican

(1937-38)   Ben Millican

(1938-39)   Byron E. Millican

(1939-40)   Byron Millican


(1942)        Roy Mulvany



(1944-45)   Mrs. Opal Luttrell

(1945-46)   Mrs. Opal Luttrell




(1949-50)   Herschel Nichols

(1950-51)   Herschel Nichols


(1952-53)   Mrs. Susie Malone

(1953-54)   Mrs. Susie Malone

(1954-55)   Mrs. Susie Malone 



(The above information was gathered from "The Kinmundy Express" articles, school photos, County Directories of School Teachers, and information from those who had attended school there.)





























Brown School; Omega twp., Marion Co., IL – 1898

 Nora Waggoner holding sign in middle

? Herb Monical – 4th boy in back row

Maude Connelly - in back row next to teacher

Edna Green Goodwin – 4 child in 2nd Row

Brown School; Omega twp., Marion Co., IL – Dec. 4, 1900


Nora Wagoner Monical – next to last girl in top row


Brown School; Omega twp., Marion Co., IL – Martha Slagley, teacher - circa 1901



Brown School; 1911


Brown School; Omega twp., Marion Co., IL – Oct. 31, 1911; Mort Green, teacher

Back row: Mort Green (teacher), Georgia Jones, Ruby Mulvany, Arvie Mulvany, Fossie Brown, Masel Brown,

Gladys Mulvany, Blanch English, Cora English, Myrtle Krutsinger, Susie Smith

Fourth row: Gerald Boston, Reba Krutsinger, Freddie Mulvany, Floy Bradford, Warren Smith, Cecil English, Fern Boston,

Elsie (O’Dell) Mulvany, Ota Smith, Ruth Smith, Ethel Krutsinger, and Verna Smith

Third row: Bennie Krutsinger, Gale Boston, Raymon Smith, Burel Huddlestun, Earl Huddlestun, Lela Crutchfield,

Blanche Mulvany, Grace Boston, Leona O’Dell, Florence O’Dell, Bertha Smith

Second row: Lonnie Mulvany, Masel Hanks, Alva Mulvany, Olin Mulvany, Otto Mulvany, Otis Smith, Lester Smith,

Vernie O’Dell, Otis Brown

Front row: Freda Smith, Blanch O’Dell, Lillian Smith, Pearl Mulvany


Brown School; Omega twp., Marion Co., IL – May 20, 1915; Grace Tate, teacher

Grace Boston is in front of the middle window with a dot marked above her head.


Brown School; Omega twp., Marion Co., IL – 1919; Gerald Boston, teacher


(Gerald Boston is in the second row, far right side)



Brown School; 1925


Brown School; Omega twp., Marion Co., IL – 8th grade - 1925

Wilma Gordon, Ferne Mulvaney, Winnie O’Dell, Marjorie Mulvaney, Erma Whitney, Leonard Winders, Russel Mulvaney



Brown School; Omega twp., Marion Co., IL – school children - 1930

Front row: Marjorie (Mulvany) Cornwell and Evelyn Mulvany

Back row: ______________, _________________, _______________, _________________



Brown School; 1942


Brown School; Omega twp., Marion Co., IL; Roy Mulvany, teacher – 1942

Back row: Roy Mulvany – teacher , Don Huddlestun, Charles Whitney, Ula Burkett, Louise Krantz, Leota Mulvany,

Otis Brown, Eugene Mulvany, Eugene Lane, Charles Hanks

Front row: Dale Whitney, Olrey Hanks, Iolian Olrey, Mina Lee Whitney, Wayne Wilkinson, Maraladene Wilkinson,

Darlene Mulvany, Gale Whitney, Myron Hanks


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