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Teachers from  YOUNG SCHOOL – District #19 (Meacham twp.)

(listed in Kinmundy twp. in 1939-40 Directory)


(1903-04)   Fredereka Steuber ($30)

(1904-05)   Miss Longnecker


March 2, 1916:  Young School, a country school located 3 miles southeast of Kinmundy, burned on Friday


 (1915)          Mary (Conant) Reese

(1916-17)   Orville Fyke


July 12, 1917: Some gypsies who were camping out at Young School House were arrested for stealing chickens.


(1919-20)  Anna Marlow


(1926-27)   Eugene Kline




(1930-31)  Anna Marlow

(1931-32)  Anna Marlow

(1932-33)  Mrs. Anna Marlow

(1933-34)  Mrs. Anna Marlow


(1935-36)  Mrs. Anna Marlow 



(1938-39)  Mrs. Bertha See

(1939)        Velma (Edwards) Wilkinson  

(1939-40)   Mrs. Bertha See





(1944-45)   Mrs. Eva Soldner

(1945-46)  Mrs. Eva Soldner

(1946-47)  Mrs. Eva Soldner

(1947-48)   Miss. Velma Edwards (married Kenneth Wilkinson in 1948)

(Nov. 20, 1947)  The one-room school house of School District No. 19, known as the Young School, was completely destroyed by fire Monday evening



March 11, 1948:  Miss Velma Edwards  married Kenneth Wilkinson.  She is at present teaching the Young School in her own home since the building burned


Sept. 2, 1948: The country district of Young is not having school this year, and are sending the students to Kinmundy.


Aug. 30, 1951:  The Kinmundy Grade School district No. 25 was enlarged considerably yesterday when Miss Margaret West,

County Superintendent of Schools, dissolved districts 19 (Young), 21 (Sherman), 22 (Shanghai), and 26 (Meadow Branch).



(The above information was gathered from "The Kinmundy Express" articles, school photos, County Directories of School Teachers, and information from those who had attended school there.)



Young School (District No. 19)


Located in Meacham Township where Armstrong Rd. T’s into Sullivan Rd.


1906 – 1915


Directors: Billy Maxey, James Perry, Wm Whittenburg


Teachers: Rose (Lovell) Whittenburg, Mary (Shepard) Harrell, Claude Wilkinson, Grace (Hocker) Davis, Carrol Kell, Burly Swalley, Etta (Spencer) Robb, Grace (Tate) Holman


1915 Mary (Conant) Reese

It was during this term the school burned down and the reaminder of the term was taught in Dell Wilkinson’s house close by.


Names of families attending: Potter, Cockrell, Maxey, Whittenburg, Perry, Schulley, Engelbretch, Wilkinson, Coughlin, Corrnell, Hubert, Davis, Wright, Speller, Cox, Soldner, Lane, Maxey, Harper, Diss, Farrel, and Johnston



1916 – 1948


School was burned down but was built back and school started again the next fall 1916.


Directors: Ellis Wilkinson, Herman Soldner, Earl Lane, Robert Maxey


Teachers: Orville Fyke, Alice (Gaston) Hanna, Anna (Engelbretch) Marlow, Eva (Wyatt) Soldner, Bertha (Rose) See, Bill Green


1947-48 - Velma (Edwards) Wilkinson

School burned down again during this term and wasn’t built back this time.  The school term was finished up in Velma Edwards home [up on the Nick Kline hill] about three quarters of a mile up the road.



Young School; Meacham twp., Marion Co., IL;  Nov. 19, 1907


Young School; Meacham twp., Marion Co., IL;  This school was rebuilt in 1916 after it was destroyed by fire



Young School; Meacham twp., Marion Co., IL;  1918

Raymond Wright, Nellie Johnston, Kenneth Wilkinson



Young School; 1930s


Young School; Meacham twp., Marion Co., IL; ca 1926

Back row: _____________ Kenneth Wilkinson, Anna (Engelbsetch) Marlow, Phyllis Lane, _____________, ________________

Front row: ____________, _______________, Robert Lane, _____________, Paul Lane, ______________, ________________




“The Kinmundy Express” - Nov. 20, 1947:   “Young School Destroyed by Fire Monday Evening”

            "The one-room school house of School District No. 19, known as the Young School, was completely destroyed by fire Monday evening.  The Kinmundy Fire Department was called by the building was too far gone to do any good at all.  The teacher, Mrs. Velma Edwards, has 13 pupils, and Mr. Earl Lane, one of the directors who happened to be there to get his small daughter, left the schoolhouse at 4 o’clock.  The fire in the furnace had been banked for the night as per usual.  Thirty minutes later, neighbors discovered smoke pouring from the attic and in just a few seconds, flames began to leap from the roof.  Just what really caused the fire, no one will ever know.  But it is presumed that possibly an overheated stove pipe was the cause.  The neighbors say this because just one day last week, the overheated pipe caused the building to catch fire around the flue during school hours.  The fire was quickly extinguished.  The building had been wired for electricity, and the wires from the poles were strung just last Friday.  But as yet, no electricity has been turned on.  So it couldn’t have been defective wiring.  This building was built in the summer of 1916 after the former building was burned.  So this is the second fire this district has suffered.  The building was partially covered by insurance.  The directors of the district held a short meeting directly after the fire and declared a school holiday of one week until they can make arrangements to get school started again or get the pupils in school somewhere."



Young School; Meacham twp., Marion Co., IL;  Velma (Edwards) Wilkinson - teacher - 1947-48


  1. Dennie Johnston (8th)
  2. Dale Perry (7th)
  3. Shirley Beard (5th)
  4. Ralph Perry (4th)
  5. Henry Edwards (4th)
  6. Billy Johnston (3rd)
  7. Nancy Beard (3rd)
  8. Patricia Wilson (4th)
  9. Loraine Wilson (3rd)
  10. Ronald Beard (2nd)
  11. Farroll Armstrong (2nd)
  12. Dale Smith (1st)
  13. Barbara Lane (1st)
  14. Herman Perry (1st)
  15. Leon Perry (3rd)













Young School; Meacham twp., Marion Co., IL;  Velma (Edwards) Wilkinson - teacher - 1947-48

Back Row: Velma (Edwards) Wilkinson - teacher; Ralph Perry, Billy Johnston, Nancy Beard, Henry Edwards, Jr., Shirley Beard, Dale Perry, Dennis Johnston.

Front Row: Herman Perry, Dale Smith, Farrell Armstrong, Patricia Wilson, Leon Perry, Loraine Wilson, Ronald Beard, Barbara Lane.







Located in Meacham Township where Armstrong Rd. T’s into Sullivan Rd.



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