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Teachers from MILETUS SCHOOL - #17 (Meacham twp.)


(1903-04)   John H. Cozad ($35)


(1919-20)  Myrtle Lacey


(1930-31)   Paul Monical

(1931-32)   Otis Tate




(1935-36)   Lescoe Sanders


(1937-38)   Lescoe Sanders

(1938-39)   W.G. Hayes

(1939-40)   W.G. Hayes

(1940-41)   W.G. Hayes





(1945-46)   Mabel Foster

(1946-47)  Otis Tate

(1947-48)  Mrs. Anna Marlow / or Mabel Foster?

(1948-49)  Mrs. Anna Marlow / or Mabel Foster?

(1949-50)  Mrs. Anna Marlow

(1950-51)  Mrs. Anna Marlow

(1951-52)  (Possibly) Ray Stewart

(1952-53)  Ray Stewart

            (Aug. 27, 1953)  Leo Stock is redecorating the Miletus school house.

(1953-54)  Emma Smith

(1954-55)  Mrs. Florence Weiss



(The above information was gathered from "The Kinmundy Express" articles, school photos, County Directories of School Teachers, and information from those who had attended school there.)



Miletus School District No. 17 - Meacham Twp.

by Alta (Crutchfield) Krutsinger


            "I have no idea how many years the original school house stood on the south side of the road, possibly some 25 or 30 years.  East of this was a large building by the same name, Miletus, which was a general store and post office operated by Mr. and Mrs. Bill Perry.  West of the schoolhouse was the Luke Combs’ residence, now owned and occupied by James Hanks and family.

            I have a school picture of the Miletus School taken in 1896 - Lila Williams was the teacher.

            Surely some dedicated Christian, probably Mrs. Nora Mulvany, gave the name of Miletus, which was a seaport in Asia Minor where the Apostle Paul ministered.  The picture was taken on the north side of the school house as the U.S. flag of 45 stars hangs across the door.  At that time I was fourteen years old and am now 87 (1979).  Elva (Cooper) Nugent, now 101 years, lives alone in her home in Xenia.  We are the only two living of the 32 in the picture.

            In the fall of 1896, this school house was moved to the center of District 17 by a gentleman, Jim McGaffey, who stayed in the home of my parents, and my Dad assisted him.  He used a capstan pulled by two white horses.  Wide planks were laid on the ground and rollers placed thereon and was moved about the length of the building before removing the capstan.  I well remember the event as Elsie and I went each day at noon to take their dinner and, kid-like, we tarried and rode in the house while it was moving.  I do not know how many days it took to complete the job, but they went across the Perry farm to just west of the Uncle Chris Mulvaney house and northeast to its planned location to the northeast corner of what became of the Orion Butts farm.  Many of the pupils from the first location attended school in its new location.

            As of now, it would be considered a poor structure.  It was heated with an old box stove in the center of the room.  Later, a better stove was bought.  The desks were homemade with shelves for books, etc.  The recitation seat was a bench with no back.  Shelves for lunch pails were nailed from the north and east wall - also the east and south, and overshoes were thrown against the wall nearby.  The teacher’s desk was on the same order as the pupils’, nothing fancy.  The windows were in the north and south.  There was no porch.  Many cold days we sat around the stove to keep from freezing.

            During this scope of time is when the colored pupils, sons and daughters of Mr. and Mrs. Grant Taylor, joined in with us.  There were Lewis, Jesse, Delia, Ruth, Nona and Gertrude.  After the children were grown, they sold their farm and moved to Decatur.  Mrs. Taylor lived to be 103 years old.  The youngest and the last children died this last spring.

            The teachers I remember were Grace Williams, Mabel Foster, Vera Sheffield, Mary Longnecker, Ada Morris, Cecil Bousman, Stella Wainscot, Mary Stokely, Shannon Huddleston, Glenn Brasel, Otto Reese, John Cozad and Jesse Payne. 

            Now this ends my school days and I know nothing of the whys or whats until about the year 1915-16 when the old structure was burned to the ground.  My two younger brothers were present and Ermine (Mulvany) Dunn was the teacher.  She had the pupils pick up books and belongings and they marched out safely.   Then the new school house was built in its place by a Mr. Woodward of Salem.  Teachers I remember teaching in this building were Myrtle Lacey, Millie (Long) Kelchner, Jessie (Long) Weyrich, Otis Tate, Marjorie (Keller) Walkington, Ray Stewart, B.D. Middleton, Anna Marlow, Sam Allridge, Willie Hays, Paul Monical, Beryl Smith, Lescoe Sanders, Willman Greene, Florence Weiss, and Edgar Parrill.

            Perhaps the one teaching the greater number of years was Paul Monical with 46 years to his credit.  Willie Hays taught 38 years.

            Many of the former pupils were called to the service of their country: George Butts served 30 years; George King served in the army in Mexico; Harlas and Kenneth Krutsinger were in the army though neither left the states; Francis Krutsinger in Japan with the Air Force; Ralph Krutsinger with the army in Germany; Clark Krutsinger in the army in Alaska; Victor Yates, Navy, South Pacific and Phillippines; Lavern Yates, Japan; Junior Butts, Hawaii; Pearl White, Navy, Guadalcanal.  Thank God, they all came home.

            About the year 1955, the country schools consolidated with Kinmundy-Alma School District 301, and were transported to school by bus.

            The Miletus school house was sold to Orion Butts.  It is still standing but a perfect wreck.  The bell was stolen one night, but the looters got cold feet and returned it after two days.  It was taken to the Orion Butts’ yard where it remains.

            The Miletus School will long be a life remembrance to many, many young and older people as a country school for well over 100 years."


“Footprints in Marion County” - Marion Co. IL Genealogical & Historical Society

Vol. VI; Summer 1981; No. 1; P. 53-54





Miletus School; District #21; Meacham Twp, Marion Co., IL; Sept. 14, 1935

Back Row: Junior Butts, George Butts, Ruby Harris, Dorothy Brimberry, Wanda Butts, Helen (Mulvany) Corrie, Retha (Hanks) Allen, Harlas Krutsinger,

Ernie Mulvany, Victor Yates, Lesco Sanders

Middle Row: Norman White, Francis Krutsinger, Hildred Krutsinger (a visitor), Darlene Krutsinger, Norma White, Beatrice White,

Delma Butts, Richard Bray, Dwain White

Front Row: Clifford Brimberry, Walter Brimberry, Roy White, Noel Bray, Gerald Butts, Pearl White, Ralph Krutsinger, Verle White,

Bob Butts


Miletus School; Meacham twp., Marion Co., IL; District #21; Mabel Foster – teacher; 1947-48

Back row:  Mabel Foster - teacher, Gale Sill, Laverne Butts, Betty Krutsinger, Walter Wilson

Middle row: Mike Butts, Lowell White, Quentin Butts, Boyce White, Larry White, Alpha Butts

Front row: Dale Perry, Melvin Wilkinson, Calvin Butts, Mary Jane (Sill) Simmons, Arletha Butts, Patsy Krutsinger, Ronald Tate,  Marvin Wilkinson



Miletus School; Meacham twp., Marion Co., IL; District #21; Mabel Foster-teacher; 1949

Back row: Quentin Butts, Boyce White, Lowell White, Larry White, Gale Sill, Walter Wilson, Laverne (Butts) Townsend, Alpha Butts,

                  Jimmy Marshall, Mabel Foster - teacher

Front row: Dale Perry, Marvin Wilkinson, Patsy Krutsinger, Arletha Butts, ______________, ________________, Mary Jane (Sill) Simmons,

                  Calvin Butts, Ronald Tate, Melvin Wilkinson, Launa Tate.



                                                  Miletus School bell and marker at the corner of Krutsinger & Butts Rd. - Sept. 2012                                                                         



                                                        Miletus School bell and marker at the corner of Krutsinger & Butts Rd. - Sept. 2012



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