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Teachers from BOOKER SCHOOL – District #18  (Meacham township)


(1900ca)  Hattie Tate

(1903-04)  Charles S. Keller ($30)

(1904-05) Mrs. Napoleon Potter


(1913)   Loren Middleton 


(1919-20)  Ronald Lacey


(1930-31) Lena Baker

(1931-32) Leslie Flick



(1934-35) George Mason

(Aug. 1935 - Dec. 1936) George Mason

(Jan.  1937 - May 1937) Mr. Malone

(1937-38)   Mrs. Jessie Long 

(1938-39)   Miss Ruth Reilman

(1939-40)   Leslie Flick





(1944-45)   Miss Iris Brown

(1945-46)   Mrs. Nellie Williams

(1946-47)   Mrs. Nellie Williams

(1947-48)   Mrs. Nellie Williams

(1948-49)   Mrs. Velma (Edwards) Wilkinson

(1949-50)   Bill Green

(1950-51)  Dolores (Engel) Dorr




(The above information was gathered from "The Kinmundy Express" articles, school photos, County Directories of School Teachers, and information from those who had attended school there.)


Booker School; Meacham twp., Marion Co., IL – Hattie Tate, teacher - circa 1900

Back row (Left to right): 11) Urle P., 10) Lou Sagley, 9) Fannie P. 8) Eva F., 7) Emma Spicer, 6) Mary Jones, 5) Nora Wiley, 4) Charlie B., 3) Claude Booker,

                  2) Grover Furguson, 1) Hattie Tate - teacher

Front and middle row (left to right): 12) Nora Spicer, 13) Mary Adams, 14) Bertha (Wiley) Herzberg, 15) Lizzie Jones, 16) Jennie (Spicer) Rennie, 17) Nellie Burkett,

                 18) Lillie Neal, 19) Ponsie N., 20) Rarne Johnson, 21) Jessie (Lampkin) Burkett, 22) Merie Reed, 23) Minnie (Merritt) Lambird,

                  24) Laymon Burkett & Elsie Wolff, 25) Georgia (Spicer) Robb, 26) Laymon, 27) Konklen, 28) Reed, 29) Floyd Krutsinger, 30) Roy Furguson,

                  31) _________, 32) Alva Lampkin, 33) Ira Krutsinger, 34) Harry Wiley  



Booker School; Meacham twp., Marion Co., IL – 1913

Back row: Gladys Gambell, Andrew Courson, Nona Lambird, Frank Wooden, Delphia Lamkin, Iva Merritt, Zetta Wooden,

Tom Hanks, Edith Hanks, Dee Lambird, Sylvia Neal, Don Bouseman

Third row: Elmer Neal, Estella Gambell, Charles Hampston, Eura Krutsinger, Edith Burkett, Laura Von Cleve, Ida Lambird,

Cora Gambell, Masel Bouseman, Anna Gambell, Bernice Bouseman, Loren Middleton (teacher)

Second row:  Max Keller, Vera Keller, Roosevelt Lambird, Nellie Courson, Orval Burkett, Laura Wooden, Henry Riley, Golda Neal,

Delbert Lamkin, Golda Hampston, Melvin Phillips, Golda Lambird, Roy Hanks, Ruth Burkett

Front row: Lois Mulvany, Jim Yates, Opal Burkett, Marjorie Keller, Josephine Merritt, Fenton Neal, Grace Gambell, Ellis Butts,

May Logue, Theodore Yates, Anna Krutsinger, Buster Logue



Booker School; 1934-1935


Booker School; Meacham twp., Marion Co., IL; George Mason, teacher – 1934-35

Back row: Chester Perry, Willard Merritt, Virgil Burkett, Cleo Perry, Carl Crain, Forrest Burkett, George Mason - teacher

Middle row: Lula Eastman, Eva Merritt, Clarabell Merritt, Jenice Perry, Beulah Perry, Pauline Lambird, Stella Neal

Front row: Bobby Burkett, Charles Johnson, Fred Crain, Junior Merritt, Clarence Neal



Booker School; Meacham twp., Marion Co., IL; Mrs. Velma Wilkinson, teacher – 1948-49

Back row: Carroll Crain (5th), Jesse Drake (6th), Rosemary (Burkett) Betts (6th), Lois (Allphin) Gibson (7th),  Rena (Crain) O'Dell (7th), Forrest Neal (7th),

                Leon Merritt (5th), Velma Wilkinson – teacher

Front row: Wanda Finkbone (2nd), ?Larry Drake (1st), Helen (Crain) Shafer (4th), Keith Merritt (4th), Velma (Neal) Riemanschneider (6th),

                Vera Drake (5th), Doris (Johnson) Werhle (6th), Harvey Allphin (4th);   (Absent for picture: ?Garland Finkbone (3rd), Barbara Boston (1st)

                (DFM note: Larry Drake and Garland Finkbone are possibly switched.)




Booker School; Meacham twp., Marion Co., IL; Bill Green, teacher – 1949-50

Back row: Bill Green – Teacher; Doris (Johnson) Worrel, Carroll Crain, Leon Merritt, Albert Perry, Lois (Allphin) Gibson,

Rena (Crain) O’Dell, Gerald Mulvaney, Rosemary (Burkett) Betts, Evelyn (Mulvaney) Mooney, Gloria Perry

Front row: Jimmy Boston, Glen Tipsword, John Mulvaney, Harvey Allphin, Keith Merrit, ___________, Helen (Crain) Shafer,

Peggy (Tipsword) Toler, Linda (Mulvaney) Birk, Betty Perry, Barbara Boston, Donna (Crain) Linder. 

            (Velma (Neal) Riemanschneider – absent).


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