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                   SWIFT SCHOOL

   Kinmundy Township, Marion County, Illinois


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Teachers from  SWIFT SCHOOL – District #24 (Kinmundy twp.)

(also known as “Break Neck”)


(1879-80)   Miss Maria Mahon


(1884-85)   Miss Emma Bates


(1903-04) Amy E. Fisher ($40)

(1904-05)   Miss Laura Fisher

(1905-06)   Miss Laura Fisher


(1909)   Lem Ballance 


(1911-12)   Burley Swalley

            Nov. 30, 1911: the Neck-breaking school teacher


(1919-20)  Pearl Jackson

(1920-21)   Jane Walker


(1924-25)   Miss Alice Readnour

(1925-26)   Miss Thelma Boyd




(1929-30)   Miss Rada Garrett (later married Paul Caldwell)

(1930-31)   Clara Doolen

(1931-32)   Miss Rada Garrett   (later married Paul Caldwell)


(1933-34)   Raymond Atkins

(1934-35)   Raymond Atkins

(1935-36)   Miss Myra Headley

(1936-37)   Mrs. Ruth Crowley

(1937-38)   Lewis Evans

(1938-39)   Mrs. Ava Williams

(1939-40)   Mrs. Ava Williams

(1940-41)   Opal Luttrell (or Mrs. Ava Williams)

(1941-42)   Miss Maud Lewis (married Harvey Brown)

(1942-43)   Miss Maud Lewis (married Harvey Brown)

(1943-44)   Miss Phyllis Middleton

(1944-45)    Miss Phyllis Middleton

(1945-46)    Mrs. Bertha See

(March 28, 1946): The Swift School has an electric radio and are enjoying the school on the air now, which is very helpful to their education.

Mrs. Bertha See (May 2, 1946) She entertained the pupils, the parents, and the North Fork School to a wiener roast held in Bassett Woods, Monday.

(Aug. 22, 1946): Mr. Clyde Bassett, Charles Lowe, and Jack Chance are repairing our schoolhouse, getting it ready for school

(1946-47)   Mrs. Bertha See 

(1947-48)   Mrs. Bertha See

(1948-49)   Mrs. Bertha See 

(Feb. 17, 1949) No school at Swift today.  The creek was too high for the teacher, Mrs. Bertha SEE, to cross.

(1949-50)   Mrs. Mary Brasel



Oct. 4, 1951: Petitioned to be sent to Kinmundy within the year



(The above information was gathered from "The Kinmundy Express" articles, school photos, County Directories of School Teachers, and information from those who had attended school there.)





Swift School (also known as “Breakneck”); Kinmundy twp., Marion Co., IL; Lem Ballance, teacher – 1909

Third row: Lem Ballance - teacher, Fay McCulley, Rena Jones, Mary Jones, John Robb, Mack Robb

Second row: ______ Sporleder, ______ Swift, Lester Robb, ______ Robb, Lewis R______, Glen Robb, _______ Doolen, John Doolen

First row: Maggie Robb, Lola Reese, Pearl McCulley, Mabel Garrett, Ruth Atkins, Fern McCulley, Florence Brimberry, Vera Morris, Harold Doolen

                Billy Morris, Robbie Robb




Swift School (also known as “Breakneck”); Kinmundy twp., Marion Co., IL; _____________, teacher – 1936

Back Row: Mrs. ________ - teacher, Ruth Crowley, Laura Jean (Green) Garrett, Mildred Lou Jones, Velma Jean (Conant)  Robb,

John Jezek, Burl Green, Donald Robb, Harold Lange

Middle Row: Jeanette Jones, Joann (Cole) Williams, Helen (Robb) Garrett, Betty (Chance) Mulvaney, Louise (Green) Cheatum,

Rosemary Conant, Elizabeth White, Gloria Williams, Gertrude Lange, Hilda Johnston

Front Row: Lyle Swift, Vernon Jezek, Gene Jezek, Harold Chance, James Chance, Eli Conant



Swift School (also known as “Breakneck”); 1941


Swift School (also known as “Breakneck”); Kinmundy twp., Marion Co., IL; Maude Lewis, teacher – ca 1941

Back row: Maude Lewis – teacher, Darrell Morris, Betty (Chance) Mulvaney, Louise (Green) Cheatum, Helen (Robb) Garrett, James Chance,

Dorothy Swift, Darrell Livesay, Joanne (Cole) Williams

Front row: Leroy Swift, Helen (Bassett) O'Dell, Evelyn (Bassett) Ford, Kenneth Chance, Sammy Lowe, Marlin Morris, Keith Chance 


Swift School (also known as “Breakneck”); 1944


Swift School (also known as “Breakneck”); Kinmundy twp., Marion Co., IL;

School boys – ca 1944

Back Row: Marlin Morris, Darrell Livesay, Darrell Morris

Middle Row: Kenneth Chance, Keith Chance, Sammy Lowe

Front Row: Leroy Swift, Darrell Chance, Jack Morris













































Swift School (also known as “Breakneck”); 1945

Swift School (also known as “Breakneck”); Kinmundy twp., Marion Co., IL;

Maude Lewis, teacher – Easter 1945

Back Row: Darrell Livesay, Darrell Morris; Third Row:  Betty Chance, Kenneth Chance, Marlin Morris, Keith Chance, Sammy Lowe;

Second Row: Donna (Garrett) Beard, Patty (Gigar) Potter, Evelyn (Bassett) Ford, Helen (Bassett) O'Dell;

Front Row: Darrell Chance, Leroy Swift, Jack Morris 



 Swift School girls (also known as “Breakneck”); Kinmundy twp., Marion Co., IL; circa 1945







Swift School (also known as “Breakneck”); 1946


Swift School (also known as “Breakneck”); Kinmundy twp., Marion Co., IL – 1946

Back Row: Sam Lowe, Beverly (Feather) Hawkey Brasel, Helen (Bassett) O'Dell, Keith Chance, Leroy Swift, Betty (Feather) White,

Donna (Garrett) Beard, Evelyn (Bassett) Ford, Dorothy (Feather) Doolen, Virginia (Helpingstine) Thompson;

Front Row: Mary (Feather) Jones, Darrell Chance, Rosalyn (Lowe) Uphold, Patty (Gigar) Potter, Bill See, Bertha See - Teacher



Swift School (also known as “Breakneck”); 1948-1949


Swift School (also known as “Breakneck”); Kinmundy twp., Marion Co., IL; 1st and 2nd grades – 1948-49

Dorothy Chance, Jim Jones, Rosalyn (Lowe) Uphold, Billy Dean See, Judy (Robb) Donoho, Richard Ford


Swift School (also known as “Breakneck”); 1948


Swift School (also known as “Breakneck”); Kinmundy twp., Marion Co., IL –  1948

1 - Helen (Bassett) O’Dell; 2 - Beverly (Feather) Hawkey Brasel; 3 - Lucille Gigar; 4 – Patty (Gigar) Potter ; 5 – Ellen Swift; 6 – Kay Feather;

7 – Dorothy (Feather) Doolen; 8 – Louise Feather; 9 – Richard Ford; 10 – Mary (Feather) Jones; 11 – Betty (Ford) Gottfried; 12 – Billy Dean See;

13 – Mark Swift; 14 – Lenora Lowe; 15 – Kenneth Ford; 16 – Cleda (Garrett) Robb; 17 – Leroy Swift; 18 – Nancy Swift;

19 – Rosalyn (Lowe) Uphold; 20 – Nelda Jones; 21 – Darrell Chance; 22 – Nina Jones; 23 – Donna (Chance) Owens; 24 – Judy (Robb) Donoho;

25 – Dorothy Chance; 26 – Stella Chance; 27 – Don Jones; 28 – Jim Jones




Swift School (also known as “Breakneck”); 1948


Swift School (also known as “Breakneck”); Kinmundy twp., Marion Co., IL; Bertha See, teacher – 1948

Back Row: Bertha See - teacher, Darrell Chance, Patricia “Patty” (Gigar) Potter, Betty (Ford) Gottfried, Beverly (Feather) Hawkey Brasel,

Kenneth Ford, Mary (Feather) Jones

Front Row: Rosalyn (Lowe) Uphold, Judy (Robb) Donoho, Richard Ford, Donna (Ford) Jackson, Jim Jones, Dorothy Chance




Swift School (also known as “Breakneck”); 1949-1950


Swift School (also known as “Breakneck”); Kinmundy twp., Marion Co., IL; Mary Brasel, teacher – 1949-50

Back row: Richard Ford, Darrell Chance, Patty Gigar, Betty (Ford) Gottfried, Kenneth Ford, Beverly (Feather) Hawkey Brasel,

Mary (Feather) Jones, Mary Brasel - teacher

Front row: Karen Ballance, Dorothy Chance, Rosalyn (Lowe) Uphold, Donna (Ford) Jackson, David Ballance, Jimmie Jones,

Don Jones, Darrell “Buddy” Hanna, Donna Chance






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