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       Foster Township, Marion County, Illinois


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Teachers from SANDY BRANCH SCHOOL District #36 (Foster twp.)

(also known as Oklahoma School)


(1903-04)  Laura Neal ($30)


(1910-11)   Miss Grace Hocker

(1911-12)   Miss Gracie Tate


(1913-14)   Miss Gracie Tate


Jan. 17, 1918: Sandy Branch School, located in Foster twp., was destroyed by fire last Friday.  The high winds made the fire impossible to fight. 

The fire supposedly started in the belfry tower from sparks from the flue, and it was discovered about 5 p.m., an hour after school closed. 

This building was one of the best country school houses in the county having being built just a few years ago, and last year was remodeled

at a cost of $250 to conform to the new state law.  It was insured for $370.            


possibly (ca 1919) Grace (Bassett) Conant


(1919-20)  Mildred Arnold


(1930-31)   Treva Goostree

(1931-32)   Gilbert Doolen


(1933-34)  Gilbert Doolen


(1939-40) Mildred L. Logan 


Sept. 21, 1950: Swift School: North Fork and Sandy Branch school houses were sold last Saturday morning. Russell Headley purchased both of them.



(The above information was gathered from "The Kinmundy Express" articles, school photos, County Directories of School Teachers, and information from those who had attended school there.)





Sandy Branch School; 1912


Sandy Branch School; Foster twp., Marion Co., IL ; Gracie Tate, teacher - June 1912



Sandy Branch School; 1913

Sandy Branch School; Foster township, Marion Co., IL; Gracie Tate, teacher; Sept. 1913

In the solid suit jackets: back row with the cap is John Elvin "Peck" Conant.

The next one down is Ira Marvin Odell "Bish" Conant.

The next one down from there is George William "Bill" Conant.




(probably) Sandy Branch School; Foster township, Marion Co., IL; Grace (Bassett) Conant, teacher; ca 1919

Children left to right: Lorene (Garrett) Bender, ___________, Marcellene "Speck" (Garrett) Caudle, Rada (Garrett) Caldwell Ford,

                                 ______________,   _______________

Sitting in window: Grace (Bassett) Conant


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