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Teachers from  NORTH FORK SCHOOL – District #31 (Foster twp.)


(1895-96)   William G. Wilson      


(1903)        Laura Fisher      

 (1903-04)  Laura Fisher ($35)


(1905-06)   Mrs. Marie Storment


(Apr. 1912)  J.L. Ballance ($50 per month)

(May 1912 & June 1912) Bertha Bundy ($25 per month)

(Oct. 1912 - Feb. 1913) William L. Green ($45 per month)

(May 1913 - June 1913) Ruth Doolen ($25 per month)

(1913-14)   Mort Green

(Oct. 1913 - Feb. 1914) O.M. Greene ($50 per month)

(May 1914 & June 1914) Esta Garrett (who married Wes Robb) ($25 per month)

(Oct. 1914 - Feb. 1915) J.L. Ballance ($60 per month)

(May 1915 & June 1915) Edith Morgan ($25 per month)

(Oct. 1915 - Feb. 1916) J.L. Ballance ($62.50 per month)

(May 1916 - June 1916) Margurete Jackson ($27.50 per month)


(1919-1920) J.L. Ballance ($80 per month)

(1919-20)  Jane Walker

(May 1920) Jane Walker hired for summer term at $40 per month

(Sept. 1920 - March 1921) Mildred Arnold ($85 per month)


(May 1921 - June 1921) Myrtle Hill ($50 per month)

(Sept. 1921 - Apr. 1922) Marjorie Wade ($70 per month)


(No payments listed May 1922 - Dec. 1924)


(Spring 1925) J.L. Ballance

(Apr. 1925) Jane Walker ($75 per month) 

(Oct. 1925 - March 1926) W.L. Green ($80 per month)

(1926-27)   Ruby Lawrence (who married Clyde Doolen) at $70 per month



(Oct. 1929-Apr. 1930) Myrle Bricker ($91-$95 per month)

(1930-31)   Elmer Seibert ($75-$80 per month)

(1931-32)   Mira Headley

(Sept. 1932- Apr. 1933)   Miss Mira Headley ($64-$65 per month)

(1933-34)   Harold Arnold ($48 - $50 per month)

(1934-35)   Charles M. Kile ($48 - $50 per month)

(1935-36)   Gilbert Doolen ($60 per month)

(1936-37)   Miss Mira Headley ($75 per month)

(1937-38)   Miss Mira Headley ($75 per month) 

(1938-39)   Gilbert Doolen ($78 per month) 

(Sept. 1939 - Oct. 1939)  Gilbert Doolen   

(Nov. 1939 - March 1940) Max Metcalf ($71.25 per month)

(1940-41)  Max Metcalf    

(1941-42)  Opal Luttrell    

(1942-43)  Opal Luttrell ($84.35 per month)

(1943-1943) Mrs. Linnie Polanka ($99.20 per month)

(1943-1944)  Leona Eakin ($83.60 per month)

(1944-45)  Mrs. Marjorie Green 

(1945-46)   Mrs. Marjorie Green

(1946-47)   Virginia Sullens

(1947-48)   Virginia Sullens

(1948-49)  Virginia (Sullens) Foltz



Sept. 21, 1950: Swift School: North Fork and Sandy Branch school houses were sold last Saturday morning.

                            Russell Headley purchased both of them.


(The above information was gathered from "The Kinmundy Express" articles, school photos, County Directories of School Teachers, the North Fork School Record book,.and information from those who had attended school there.)




North Fork School; 1890


North Fork School; Foster Twp., Marion Co., IL – 1890



North Fork School; 1896


North Fork School; Foster Twp., Marion Co., IL; William G. Wilson, teacher  – Jan. 21, 1896  (2 copies)

(names from left to right or right to left?)

Back row: _______________, Guy Arnold, Flo Morgan, Myrt Doolen, ______________

Middle row: _____________, Emma (Garrett) Ballance,  _____________, Cord Green, Em Arnold, Stella Pruett, Lou Jones,

Pearle Doolen, ________ Doolen, Susan Jones

Front row: ______________, Selby Garrett, Claude Garrett, Ben Morgan, ______________, __________________, Frank Green,

__________________, _________________, _________________, _________________, _________________




North Fork School; 1903
North Fork Grade School; Foster Twp., Marion Co., IL; Laura Fisher, teacher – 1903;

Back Row: Ruth Doolen, Pansy Cole, Ruby (Doolen) Garrett, Edith Morgan, Stella Morris, Cloa Swift, Selby Garrett & Emma (Garrett) Ballance;

Center Back: Laura Fisher - Teacher ; 3rd Row: Hazel (Garrett) Livesay, Frank Doolen, Milburn Jones, Helen Morgan, Genevieve Morgan,

Esta (Garrett) Robb, Lottie Doolen, Dorothy Doolen, & Albert Jones;

2nd Row: Forrest Arnold, George "Pete" Cole, Bryan Doolen, Jesse Jones, Mary Morgan, Lodema (Conant) Wilson, Carrie Swift, Laura (Garrett) Lowe,

Gail Arnold, Mary Belle (Cole) Winders, & Allie (Jones) Thomas; 

Front Row (Sitting on Knees): Maurice "Chig" Morgan, Bert Garrett, Fletcher Cole, Edson Jones, Gene Garrett, & Henry Moeller



North Fork School; 1907

North Fork School; Foster Twp., Marion Co., IL - circa 1907

Back Row: ______________, _______________, ________________, ________________, _______________, Ruby (Doolen) Garrett,

Allie (Jones) Thomas Martin, Edith Morgan, _______________, _______________, Gene Garrett (with hat), ________________

Middle Row: ___________(boy), ___________(girl), Hattie (Garrett) Green, _______________, Frank Garrett (in overalls),

_____________, _______________, ______________, Mamie (Garrett) Bassett, Bill Doolen, ______________, ______________

Front Row (on knees): _____________, Minnie (Garrett) Atkins, _______________, _______________, ______________, _____________, _____________


North Fork School; Foster Twp., Marion Co., IL - 1910


Standing in front of the 2nd window: Frank Garrett, Allie (Jones) Thomas, Ruby (Doolen) Garrett

Sitting (last girl in front row): Mamie (Garrett) Bassett


North Fork School; 1913

 North Fork School; Foster Twp., Marion Co., IL; Class A – Oct. 3, 1913

 Laura (Garrett) Lowe, Marybell (Cole) Winders, Frank Garrett, Lodema Conant, Hattie (Garrett) Green, Mamie (Garrett) Bassett


North Fork School; 1913

North Fork School; Foster Twp., Marion Co., IL  (on the present Vermundy Road east of  Mac and Jo Garrett home);

Mort Green – teacher; Oct. 3, 1913

Back Row: Teacher-Mort Green, Laura (Garrett) Lowe, Marybell (Cole) Winders, Lodema Conant, Frank Garrett, Hattie (Garrett) Green,

Mamie (Garrett) Bassett, Russell Headley;

Middle Row: Dora Cole, Florence (Arnold) Johnson, Minnie (Garrett) Atkins, Ella (Cole) Wimberly, Myra (Headley) Simmons, Lela (Garrett) Dunlap,

Anna Cole, Mercedes Cole

Front Row:  Darrell Arnold, Harold Arnold, David Headley, Clyde Garrett, Mark Headley, Leslie Headley, Harry Headley



North Fork School; 1915


North Fork School; Foster Twp., Marion Co., IL; Girls of North Fork school - circa 1915

Florence (Arnold) Johnson, Mamie (Garrett) Bassett, Hattie (Garrett) Green 


North Fork School - 1926

North Fork School; Foster Twp., Marion Co., IL;  Ruby (Lawrence) Doolen – teacher; Sept. 20, 1926

Back Row: Mildred “Millie”Cox, Irma (Garrett) Headley, Charles Otho Bassett, Lorieta Cox

Middle Row: Teacher – Ruby Lawrence (who married Clyde Doolen), Merle “Pete” Headley, James Bassett, Wes Headley, Cleda (Garrett) Robb

Front Row: Jack Garrett, Irma Moeller, Alta Cox, Nellie Eagan, Bill Garrett, Elizabeth “Lil” (Arnold) Smith




North Fork School - ca 1946

North Fork School; Foster Twp., Marion Co., IL; circa 1946

 Back row: Lillian (Bundy) Vandeveer, Lila (Garrett) Williams Knecht, Wyona (Hanna) Crosley, Don Garrett

Middle row: Delores (Garrett) Sullens, Kenny Bundy, Darrell Garrett, Mac Garrett

Front row: Evelyn Moeller, Judy Moeller, Mark Garrett, Barbara (Garrett) White


North Fork School


































Probably North Fork School; Foster Twp., Marion Co., IL

"Old school house where Pansy Inez Cole went from around 1895 to 1900, and her daughter, Clara Agnes Wilber, went in 1913. 

It's about ____ miles East of Vernon, Illinois.  Picture was taken in 1970 by Pansy and Clara."




North Fork School; Foster twp., Marion Co., IL

District Record Book     

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