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        Foster Township, Marion County, Illinois


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                                                         Greenridge school was located in Foster Township on what is now known as Green Ridge Road. 

                                                                                               The school was turned into church and is still standing.


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Teachers from GREENRIDGE SCHOOL District #37 (Foster twp.)


(1903-04)  Lulu Johnson ($35)


(1907)  Tom French


(1914-15)   Miss Anna Mazanek


(1919-20)  Della Barrett


(1930-31)   Susie Hopkins

(1931-32)   Susan Hopkins


(1933-34)   Mrs. Ruby Sullens

(1934-35)   Miss Mary Winks (later married name was Weeks)


(1936-37)   Mrs. Rada Caldwell

(1937-38)   Mrs. Rada Caldwell

(1938-39)   Earl Yund

(1939-40)   Miss Myrtle Hill


Dec. 18, 1941: They are having some school work done in our school house, ceiling and floor repaired and sand tables made.


(Fall 1942)     Miss Myrtle Hill

(Spring 1943) Mrs. Rose Thurman

(Fall 1943)     Mrs. Rada Caldwell

(Spring 1944) Mrs. Lucille Lowman

(1944-45)    Mrs. Rada Caldwell

(1945-46)    Mrs. Mildred Logan


(1947-48)  Leah (Williams) Vallow

(1948-49) Nellie Williams

(1949-50) Elsie (Tockstein) McGee

(1950-51)  Mrs. Bertha See

(1951-52)  Mrs. Bertha See

(1952-53)  Mrs. Mary Brasel

(1953-54)   Mrs. Mary Brasel

(1954-55)   Mrs. Mary Brasel 



(The above information was gathered from "The Kinmundy Express" articles, school photos, County Directories of School Teachers, and information from those who had attended school there.)




Greenridge School; 1907


Greenridge School - Foster twp., Marion Co., IL - 1907; Tom French, teacher

Back row: Alva Powell, Shirley Whitson, Joe Bilek, John Doudera,  Tom French - teacher, Carrie Williams, Georgia Bender, Mary Roller

Third row: Joe Doudera, Florence Williams, Elsie Hanna, Earl Wiggins, Eddie McWhirter

Second row: James Doudera, Willie Malone, Mae Whitson, Thelma Whitson, Elsie Powell, Mary Malone, Tom Doudera, Hazel Hanna, Keady Roller,

                    Albena Roller, Marinda Eagan, Lillian French, Carrie Eagan, Anna Roller

Front row: Kenneth French, Phillip Shonka, Leslie McWhirter, Hurschel Powell, Cleve McWhirter, Bryan Powell, Harold Wiggins, Dewey Whitson.




Greenridge School - Foster twp., Marion Co., IL - Nov. 8, 1913



(Possibly) Greenridge School - Foster twp., Marion Co., IL ca 1921 (if not Greenridge School, this school was nearby)

Back row: Lewie Sullens, Harlin Hinkley, Rolla Sullens, Helen (Muehlhausen) Williams, Audrey Hinkley, Leta Telford (Teacher)

Front row: Carl Purcell, Floyd Sullens, Billy Hinkley, Dorothy (Slagley) Cornell, Arthur Muehlhausen, Glen Sullens



Greenridge School - Foster twp., Marion Co., IL - circa 1936; Mrs. Ruby Sullens - teacher

Back Row: Kathrine Doudera, Merle Headley, Anna Tockstein, Bessie Thomas, Pauline Williams, Morris McWhirter, Howard Sullens, Nelda Thomas,

                  Mrs. Ruby Sullens - teacher, Ruth McWhirter

Middle Row: Dorothy Bassett, Ellen Bassett, Helen Williams, Elsie Tockstein, Alfleta Williams, ________, Jean Williams, Zella Schonoover

Front Row: Charlie Tockstein, Vernon Schoonover, Bill Williams, Raymond Doudera, Gifford Richardson, Deward Donoho, Clayton Gentry, Lyle Donoho, Luchen Richardson



Greenridge School - Foster twp., Marion Co., IL - circa 1938-39; Mary (Winks) Weeks - teacher

Back Row: Ruth McWhirter, Kathrine Doudera, Pauline Williams, Morris McWhirter, Merle Headley, Mary (Winks) Weeks - teacher, Howard Sullens

Middle Row: Helen Williams, Alfleta Williams, Nelda Thomas, Vernon Schoonover,  Lyle Donoho, Elsie Tockstein, Raymond Doudera

Back Row: Jean Williams, Clayton Gentry, Deward Donoho, Ellen Bassett, Gifford Richardson, Zella Schoonover, Luchen Richardson, Dorothy Bassett


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