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                    (also known as Lester School)

        Foster Township, Marion County, Illinois





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Teachers from ARNOLD CHAPEL SCHOOL – District  #32 (Foster twp.)

(also known as Lester School, since it was located in Lester)



Kinmundy Independent May 27, 1880: They have taken one mile of Fosterburg school district and one half mile off North Fork and are going to put a school house near Arnold’s Chapel.  Samuel JONES, Eli W. JONES, and Jas. ARNOLD are the new Directors


(1884-85)  Massey Arnold


(1903-04) Bessie Charlton ($34)


(1905-06)  Robert Quayle      


(1908)       Mag Pearson     


(1919-20)  Anna Eagan


(July 1, 1920)  Nelle Walker


(1926) Harold Arnold


(1930-31) Mrs. Edna Williams

(1931-32) Harold Arnold


(circa 1934)  Letta Hopkins


(1939-40)  Susie Malone


Sept. 23, 1937: There was no school at Arnold Chapel Monday on account of the death of the School Teacher’s baby.                                 



(The above information was gathered from "The Kinmundy Express" articles, School photos, and County Directories of School Teachers)


Arnold Chapel School; Foster Twp., Marion Co., IL  – Nov., 23, 1903;

(Written on the back of the photo were these two rows of names)


Bessie Jones, Nellie Jones, Fred Atkins, Edgbert Holt, Elsie Lowe, Ed Walker, Martha Walker, Lew Engler, Earl Arnold


Earna Jones, Jim Arnold, Orie Atkins, Sam Lowe, Sam Jones, Hobart Arnold, Omer Jones, Opal Jones, Esther Holt, Gladys Arnold, Mollie Livesay, Cliffie Lansford, Ella Engler



Arnold Chapel School; Foster Twp., Marion Co., IL; Mag Pearson, teacher – 1908;

(Written on the back of the photo were names)

Ancel Arnold, Merle Jones, Lewis Jones, Roy Jones, Cecil Lowe, Mildred Jones, Gilbert Shaw, Mae Arnold, Roger Doolen, Ellis Lansford, Pearle (Jones) Garrett, Jane Walker,

Lois Jones, Ivy Arnold, Leslie Newman, Opal Jones, Hazel Arnold, Hobart Arnold, Glen Arnold, Homer Mc___, Fred Atkins, Esther Holt, Orie Atkins, Jim Eagan, Earna Jones, Sam Jones



Arnold Chapel School; Foster Twp., Marion Co., IL; Letta Hopkins, teacher – circa 1934;

Back Row: Richard Lowe, Helen (Jones) Cox, Edith Shaw, Marie Doolen, Letta Hopkins – teacher, Agnes Shaw, Earl Leat, Everett Lansford, Hilda Johnson, Lyle Jones

Front Row:  Dean Jones, Mary Lowe, Don Lowe, Dorothy Lowe, Doris Lansford, Doris Lowe, Don Doolen, Harold Jones, Paul Dean Arnold, ______ Lambert


Arnold Chapel School; Foster twp., Marion Co., IL; 1926; Harold Arnold - teacher 













Arnold Chapel School, District No. 32 - Foster Township



Mr. Martin

Sherman Kell - 1902

Bessie Charlton

Edna Charlton

Grace Tate

Grace Robb (sister)

Dove Robb (sister)

Robert Quayle

Nelda (Meadors) Wassem

Martha Walker

Gladys (Quayle) Wengert

Anna (Eagan) Corry

Edwin Walker

Blanche (Doolen) Atkins

Mrs. Ida Williams

Harold Arnold

Howard Thurman

Myra (Headley) Simmons

Ruth (Doolen) Phinney

Lettie Hopkins

Gilbert Doolen


Older Residents:

John Wesley Arnold, James W. Arnold, Benjamin A. Morgan, George Atkins, Harmon Holt, John F. Holt (first to be buried in Holt Cemetery), Henry Holt, Wesley Doolen, Hardy Foster, Harmon Foster, Lemuel Jackson Lansford, Monroe Lansford, Rev. Cecil Lowe, Lewis Engler, Harold Chandler, William Henry Foster, Charles Lowe, Cyrus Elmer Arnold, Simpson Walker, Harrison Eagan (brother), Andrew I. Eagan (brother), William and Martha (Holt) Eagan, Jones Arnold, Edgebert Holt, Melvin Doolen, William Lowe, John Shaw, Orie Green, Ernie Jones, Dale Arnold, Lewis Jones


“Footprints in Marion County” - Marion Co. IL Genealogical & Historical Society

Vol. VI; Summer 1981; No. 1; p. 54



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