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Teachers from WILSON SCHOOL District #72 (Alma twp.)


(1903-04)   Bertha J. Kell ($30)


(1916-17)   Grace Johnson


(1919-20)  Verdy Wooldridge


(1923-24)   Mrs. Cecil Lane


(1926-27)   Miss Velma Marlow


(1929-30)  Mrs. Ethel Kniseley

(1930-31)  Ethel Fyke (Ethel Fyke Kniseley)

(1931-32)   Ethel Fyke (Ethel Fyke Kniseley)

(1932-33)   Mrs. Ethel Kniseley

Oct. 19, 1933:  Lettie (Riley) Hults (daughter of Lydia Riley); In early life Mrs. Hults was a teacher, teaching 17 terms, 3 of which were in the Wilson School, in which her mother had taught, and later her daughter, Mrs. Pitt.

(1933-34)  Mrs. Ethel Kniseley  

(1934-35)   Mrs. Edith Kniseley

            (April 25, 1935) She finished a successful term making her 9th consecutive term      

(1935-36)  Mrs. Ethel Kniseley

(Apr. 30, 1936) Mrs. Kniseley will be leaving our school to teach next year in Centralia where she and Mr. Kniseley are making their home, and they both have employment.)

(1936-37)  Mrs. Florence Weiss

(1937-38)  Mr. B. Millican

(1938-39)  Miss Marjorie Keller (later married Mr. Walkington)

(1939-40)  Marjorie (Keller) Walkington

(1940-41)  Marjorie (Keller) Walkington

(1941-42)  Mrs. Bertha See 

(1942-43)  Mrs. Bertha See (1943-44)  Miss Maude Lewis

(1944-45)   Miss Elsie Tockstein

(1945-46)  Miss Marjorie Petrea

(May 2, 1946) There is to be no school here next year as there is not a sufficient number of pupils in the district.

(September 4, 1947) School started at Allen School on Sept. 1, and the pupils from Wilson will attend there this term, owing to the shortage of pupils in our district.


(The above information was gathered from "The Kinmundy Express" articles, school photos, County Directories of School Teachers, and information from those who had attended school there.)





Wilson School; 1929


Wilson School located south of Kinmundy; Alma twp., Marion Co., IL; Mrs. Ethel Kniseley, teacher 1929

Back row: Helen (Kleiss) Quandt, Harold Shufeldt, Dorothy Fradenburg, George Meyer, Emma Jean Shufeldt, Arthur Meyer,

Sarah Fradenburg, Harold Kleiss, Willadean Kniseley, Mrs. Ethel Kniseley (teacher)

Front row: Marie Kolb, Wilbur Wooden, Ruth Meyer, Wanda Meyer, ______ Jenkins, Viola Meyer, Kenneth Shufeldt, Lois Kolb




Wilson School Alma twp., Marion Co., IL; Ethel Kniseley, teacher - 1936  

Back row: Viola Meyers, Marie Cobb, Norma Smith, Ruth Meyers, Mildred Kleiss, Mary _________, Helen (Kleiss) Quandt

3rd row: Melba Sipes, Lois Cobb, Kenneth Shufeldt, Dwaine Williams, Ethel Kniseley teacher; Wilbur Wooden, Warren Smith, Betty Wooden

2nd row: Betty Williams, Helen Cobb, Mary Wooden, Veeda Meyers, Marceline Smith, Helen Perry

Front row: LeRoy Van Soyc, Francis Cobb, Gene Williams, Glen Van Soyc, Elwood Smith


(Note: Mildred Kleiss graduated from high school in 1931, but she and a couple of others may have been in the photo because Mrs. Kniseley was closing

her final term at Wilson School after 9 years, and she was moving to Centralia.)

"The Kinmundy Express" - April 30, 1936:

" Wilson School: Mrs. Ethel KNISELEY closed a very successful term of school at Wilson last Wednesday this being her 9th consecutive year at Wilson.

At noon the patrons all gathered with well filled baskets. Mrs. KNISELEY will be leaving our school to teach next year in Centralia where

she and Mr. KNISELEY are making their home, and they both have employment."




Site of the old Wilson School at the corner of Kinmundy Rd. and Prairie Rd..  The well can be seen across the road. (4/08/2012)



Site of the old Wilson School at the corner of Kinmundy Rd. and Prairie Rd..  The well can be seen on the right side of the

photo. (4/08/2012)


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