Kinmundy  Homes (Book #3)

                                 Kinmundy, Marion Co., Illinois


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   We are looking for photos of people and/or places from around Kinmundy & Alma.  Can you help?

Or maybe you have stories or memories from the "Good Old Days"?  What do YOU remember?

        The Kinmundy Historical Society would be honored to preserve your memories and stories.  We also have the

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   Dolores (Ford) Mobley –

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            Gladys (Corrie) See –

                                         408 S. Washington St.; Kinmundy, IL 62854; (618) 547-7731



Kinmundy Illinois Payne

(R-6b) Residence of C.A. Payne located on Salem St. next to last house.

Back of this postcard "Charles Allen Payne (b. 1873) and wife Emma Etta (Hartsock) (b. Mason, IL).  boy sitting Burdette (b. 1905)

(Later, this was the Andrew Jackson house on Rt. 37)



Kinmundy Illinois Wainscott

(R-55) Wainscott residence (This house was across from Mrs. DeVore, 1 block south of Doc Hanna’s).  Now torn down


Kinmundy Illinois Swain

(R-57) Residence of G.F. Swain


Kinmundy Illinois Brickett Cheatum

(R-58) Residence of Mary A. Brickett; 1st house north of the Methodist Church; It was later the home of Ervin & Nina Cheatum home


Kinmundy Illinois Porter

(R-60) Mrs. G.W. (Ray) Porter residence


Kinmundy Illinois D.A. Porter

(R-65) Residence of D.A. Porter.  (This was later the Hazel Hoyt home.)



Kinmundy Illinois W.H. Brewer

(R-61) Residence of W.H. Brewer.  He was 6’7” tall and carried flag in Memorial Day parade.

This was on 4th street, and later the home of the Lamberts, and the Garners



(R-204)   Residence of Del Eagan; 3rd street east of the Methodist Church.



(R-62) Residence of Del Eagan; 3rd street east of the Methodist Church.



(R-203)   Residence of Del Eagan; 3rd street east of the Methodist Church.



Kinmundy Illinois Eagan

(R-71) Residence of G.L. Eagan on south Washington St. on the East side – built in 1868.  (In 1982 was the Bill Olden home)      



Kinmundy Illinois Humphrey Devore

(R-110b) The home of Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Humphrey in 1902.

From the Kinmundy Centennial book: "They were parents of the late Harriet DeVore and Grandparents of Mrs. Florence Franklin who still resides in Kinmundy.

The home place was located 3 miles south of Kinmundy and is now owned by Dan Hiestand. The original home burned many years ago. The home

had eight fireplaces and four chimneys like the one in the picture. The Humphreys came to Kinmundy from Cincinnati, Ohio in 1872."   


Kinmundy Illinois J.R. Kelly           

(R-63) Residence of J.R. Kelly



Kinmundy Illinois S.A. Haselden
(R-73) Residence of Mrs. S.A. Haselden         


Kinmundy Illinois J.T. Arnold

(R-75) Residence of J.T. Arnold (1903).  (This was the Hester Heaton home for 20 years, then it was torn down to build her a new home)


Kinmundy Illinois J.B. Elder

(R-32a) Residence of J.B. Elder at 309 E. 3rd St.  (This home was torn down and the new Methodist Church parsonage built there.)


Kinmundy Illinois Donovan

(R-13) J.F. Donovan Residence at 205 E. 3rd St.  Polly Bagott, who was a schoolteacher, can be seen on the porch.  This house is now gone.


Kinmundy Illinois Donovan Bagott

(R-160) Snow on Dec. 14, 1907: Donovan house (was later the Bagott home)



Kinmundy Illinois W.W. Neil Pruett

(R-37) William W. Neil built this house in the early 1900's at 301 E. Third Street.  Mr. Neil had this advertisement of his business in the July 4, 1884

Kinmundy City Directory: "furniture, carpet, cabinet work and undertaking."  This home has a large entry way with a winding staircase and two lovely

stained glass windows, one in the parlor and one on the landing of the stairway.  This two story house was later the home of Charles F. Pruett.

In 2007, it was owned by Ted & Lillian Phillips.



Parrill Garrett Kinmundy Illinois
(R-186) This home at 211 E. 3rd St. was originally built by W.B. Eagan in 1857 after the town was platted.

The Parrill family purchased the home in 1907, and Reed and Cindy Garrett current own this home in 2011.

From the Kinmundy Centennial book: "The Parrill residence is said to be the first house built after the town was platted in 1857.  It was used as a house

and store and post office by W.B. Eagan.  It is mentioned in the minutes of early City Council meetings when W.B. petitioned to build scales in front

to weigh hay and grain.  He sold it when he built the larger homes to the east and it passed through several hands before it was bought in October 1907

by the Parrill family when they moved from Meacham.  It has been their home ever since.  It has been extensively remodeled several times.

Miss Luella lives here alone since the death of her sister, Evangline."   The caption underneath this picture in the Centennial book was the following:

"The good old winter time when snow was snow and houses had fences around them.  The Parrill residence before remodeling."



Kinmundy Illinois Elder Franklin Smith Elder Neil Pruett Phillips

(RS-8a) Looking west on south side of 3rd street across from Methodist Church in about 1908. 

The 1st home was George Elder’s, and later Dr. Franklin’s.

The 2nd home was Frank Smith’s.  (The Methodist church parsonage stood there later, but it’s now gone.)

In Sept. 2008, the new Methodist parsonage stood where Elder’s house was.)

The 3rd house was W.W. Neils’ (later C.F. Pruett’s and then Ted & Lillian Phillips)


Kinmundy Illinois

(RS-17) Looking west on south side of 3rd street across from Methodist Church

(Another view of photo previous.)


Kinmundy Illinois Wilson Donovan  Camerer

(RS-20) South side of  Third Street from the railroad  looking east.  This was formerly known as "Quality Hill"

The J.W. Wilson residence at 203 E. 3rd St.  (Other owners were John Holt, John Baylis, and Lem and Judy Tranum.)

The J.F. Donavan residence at 205 E. 3rd St.  (This house is now gone.)

The Dr. Camerer residence at 209 E. 3rd St.  (This was later owned by Dwight Alexander.)

The Parrill residence at 211 E. 3rd St.  (This was later owned by Jim and Bertha Davis.  The home is currently owned by Reed and Cindy Garrett.)


   (R-175) The J.W. Wilson residence at 203 E. 3rd St.  (Other owners were John Holt, John Baylis, and Lem and Judy Tranum.)


Kinmundy Illinois

(RS-20a) Third Street looking up "Quality Hill"


Kinmundy Illinois

(RS-7a) Third St looking West (300 Block south side of street). 

This was known as the "top" of "Quality Hill".  It was so named because it is the highest point, and the nicest homes were in this part of town. 

These homes were also owned by more the the business people in Kinmundy

1st - Frank Smith home at 305 E. 3rd St..  (This was torn down, and the old M.E. Church parsonage was built here.  It has since been torn down as well.)

2nd - Neil residence at 301 E. 3rd St.  (Later owners have been Mr. Pruett, and more recently, Ted and Lillie Phillips.)

3rd - Parrill house at 211 E. 3rd.  This home was built in 1857,  After the town was platted, this served as the Post Office and grocery store lived above.

         This home is now owned by Reed and Cindy Garrett.



(R-175) "Chalfant House" - later the Robnett Apartments - Dec. 14, 1907



(R-176) "Chalfant House" - later the Robnett Apartments



(R-181) "Chalfant House" - later the Robnett Apartments



(R-247a) "Chalfant House" - later the Robnett Apartments



(R-177) "Chalfant House" - later the Robnett Apartments



(R-178) "Chalfant House" - later the Robnett Apartments



(R-179) "Chalfant House" - later the Robnett Apartments



(R-214) Pleasant & Lura (Williams) Robnett Home. 

According to Richard Williams, "Plans were from the Sears & Roebuck catalog. I "helped" build it - was 4 or so. 

      Lura Williams Robnett, me [Richard Williams], Mom [Cora Vallow Williams], Aunt Ida [Ida Vallow Williams]. Lura was with child (Bud)."



(R-215) Robnett House - Pleasant & Lura (Williams) Robnett's new home.   (On the sunporch, the two on the right are Richard Williams and his mom, Cora Vallow Williams.)



Kinmundy Illinois A.E.W. Pruett

(R-93a) (possibly) the home of Mrs. A.E.W. Pruett






















Kinmundy Illinois

(R-94) unknown



(R-90c) Unknown


Kinmundy Illinois

(R-91a) Unknown



(R-92a) Unknown


Kinmundy Illinois

(R-121) Unknown


(R-199) Unknown


(R-300) Ladies hard at work holding garden tools while clothes are hanging on line.  This postcard was mailed to Mrs. M.A. Babcock in 1910.



(R-240) Residence of Effie (Jackson) Doolen Robb


(R-241) Residence of Charles Gammon (taken in 1957)



(R-242) From Dorothy (Dunlap) Geiler: "This was Granddaddy Dunlap's house where I lived from the time I was 4 years old until I was 13.

             I loved this house.  It was right across from Grandmother's big house, and I had lots of fun growing up here.  You can see Dad's (Carl Dunlap's) store

             with the cupalo on it in the background.  It was right across the alley from where the banks sits now.


(R-241a) Maple Hill


(R-245) Residence of R.A. Lemar



(R-244) Residence of G.W. White


(R-243) Residence of Robert S. and Lillie Rowan.  (They also raised their niece, Alice Readnour.)



(R-246) Residence of R.S. Readnour



(R-250) Residence of William Gillham (or Gillam) Wilson and his wife, Mollie J. (Poole) Wilson, around 1907.  Pictured on the porch is Inez Ruth Wilson, their daughter.

              William was a lawyer in Kinmundy until his election to Marion County Judge in 1914, when he and his family moved to Centralia.



(R-201) Home of Alice (Wilson) Eagan Bundy on East 2nd Street


(R-205) Harry Eagan driving buggy - home of Alice (Wilson) Eagan Bundy is in the background



(R-321)  Charles B. French home

(On back of photo was written " Charles B. French - residente - Kinmundy, Ill. -1881.    

  A.E. French)


(R-199) Ben & Laura (Jones) Doolen home. 

This was located in Foster twp., just west of the Doolen Cemetery in the North Fork neighborhood. 

The Doolen family originally lived in a log cabin that Ben built on this same site when he was 17 years of age, and several of the children were born in the old log cabin.

The cabin was moved to a barn nearby, until it was relocated at Ingram's Pioneer Log Cabin Village.

Tub & Minnie (Garrett) Atkins purchased the home, and they were the last to live in the house.



( R-324)  Residence of Mrs. M.R. Lawwill


(R-326) Martin Metzger home - 1915


 (R-212) Dr. Hugo MILLER's home which was built from a Sears kit. 

     (This was an article sent into us by Marion "Buddy" Brimberry.)


         (R-242a) "Greetings from Kinmundy, Ill." - Kinmundy Homes postcard



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