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   We are looking for photos of people and/or places from around Kinmundy & Alma.  Can you help?

Or maybe you have stories or memories from the "Good Old Days"?  What do YOU remember?

        The Kinmundy Historical Society would be honored to preserve your memories and stories.  We also have the

equipment to scan (or copy) your photos so that they may be enjoyed now as well as for generations yet to come!

        We would love to hear from you!  For more information, please contact: 


   Dolores (Ford) Mobley

                       208 Joan Dr.; Divernon, IL  62530; (217) 625-7527



            Gladys (Corrie) See

                                         408 S. Washington St.; Kinmundy, IL 62854; (618) 547-7731




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                         1968 Labor Day Parade

                                   Home Movie

                                                  filmed by Bob Ford

                                                    (Just try to explain to your kids why there is no sound.)




                    Part 1

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                    Part 2

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   School Homecoming Parades in the 1950's


(HP-2a)  Freshman Homecoming Parade Float - "Beautiful Isle"



(HP-3a) School Homecoming Parade float - "When they Ring Those Golden Bells"



(HP-2a) School Homecoming Parade float - "Church in the Woods"



(HP-4a) School Homecoming Parade float - "Kneeling at the Cross"











        Town Homecomings in the 1950's


(P-58-1) 1958 Kinmundy City Homecoming court



 (P-58-2)1958 Homecoming Parade - "Let's Rock"



(P-58-5) 1958 Homecoming Parade Queen Candidates - Sue Wagoner


(P-58-6) Homecoming Parade Queen Candidates - Sue Wagoner



(P-59-2) 1959 Boy Scout float - "Sail along with Jesse George and Crew"



(P-59-4) 1959 Quadrilite Dancers




    Town Homecomings in the 1960's




(P-60-1) 1960 City Homecoming queen


(P-60-2) 1960 Homecoming Parade Queen Judy Shaffer



(P-61-1) 1961 Cub Scout float -  Maxine Robb, den mother



(P-63-1) 1963 Kinmundy Parade with horse and wagon



(P-63-2) 1963 Kinmundy Kitchen Band


(P-67-2) 1967 4-H Float



                 1968 Labor Day Parade


(P-68-1)   Kinmundy-Alma High School Band


(P-68-2)   Kinmundy-Alma High School Band





































(P-68-20) Clyde "Pid" Bassett with his granddaughter, Dolores Ford Mobley



                 1970 Labor Day Parade







(P-20)  An old firetruck





(P-18)  Kinmundy Cheerleaders from the Junior High School along with part of the Kinmundy Band




(P-19)  Len Rose, Jim Shaffer, Dale Ford and Matthew Hanna with the Kinmundy School Band







(P-70-4) Kinmundy Library in background



(P-70-6) Marge Boyd



(P-24)  Kinmundy's own Kitchen Band performing in the old Community Center


                   Labor Day in the early 1970's

(P-71-1) Carmen Swift














(P-71-10) ___________ and Lottie Mae Williams


(P-70-5) Marge Boyd





(P-71-12b)  Shotgun wedding  - approx. 1968 

Rex Garrett (preacher), Butch Keen (groom), Walter West (bride), Beryl Keen (bride's father)

                  1972 Labor Day Parade          


(P-72-8) Kinmundy Girl's Softball Tournament Champs:  Paula Geiler, Janet Eagan, ______________ Kim Loy, Jane Middleton, Trudy Feather, Patty Gigar


(P-72-7) Jim Jones running for Marion County Circuit Clerk with daughters Shari and Barbie


(P-72-6)  "Bathing Beauties"




(P-72-9) Susan Jones and Becky (Utech) Ousley






(P-72-2)  Ben Harpstrite - Illinois State Representative




(P-70-1) Halice Lewis


(P-70-2)  Jess Miller



(P-68-6) Kinmundy Women's Club


(P-70-3) Kinmundy Kitchen Band

Catherine Wilson, Bernice Feather, Louise Feather, Vera Johnston, ?Judy Diss, Alecia White, Helen Quandt, Ellen Swift, Wilma Vandeveer


(P-70-15) Louise and Gene Ernst


(P-80-1) Dayne Bassett


(P-80-2) Denzil and Amy

             More Labor Day Parades    

(P-80-3) Don & Corey Thompson



(P-80-4) Floyd Garrett and Donnie Thompson as "Green Acres"



(P-80-4c) Donnie Thompson in "Green Acres" float



(P-80-5) The Kinmundy Savings and Loan with Dave White and Bill Jones



(P-80-6) Bill Jones - Kinmundy Savings & Loan



(P-80-11) Rick Feather, Terry Miller, Debbie Christoffel, Greg Sullivan, James Mulvany, Gomer Basset (leaning againist the bar) and JerryCraig



(P-80-7) Dayne Bassett



(P-80-8) EMT float


(P-80-9) Sorority


(P-80-10) Larry Ritter and Drake


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