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   We are looking for photos of people and/or places from around Kinmundy & Alma.  Can you help?

Or maybe you have stories or memories from the "Good Old Days"?  What do YOU remember?

        The Kinmundy Historical Society would be honored to preserve your memories and stories.  We also have the

equipment to scan (or copy) your photos so that they may be enjoyed now as well as for generations yet to come!

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   Dolores (Ford) Mobley –

                       208 Joan Dr.; Divernon, IL  62530; (217) 625-7527



            Gladys (Corrie) See –

                                         408 S. Washington St.; Kinmundy, IL 62854; (618) 547-7731



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                                                      Group Photos


Kinmundy Methodist Episcopal Sunday School class which was hosted by Prudence Wilkinson, who can be seen standing on the porch of her house

(O-29) Kinmundy Methodist Episcopal Sunday School class which was hosted by Prudence Wilkinson, who can be seen standing on the porch of her house




(O-51) Young people dressed up around Foster twp. - August 1912

TOP ROW: Fletcher Cole, Edwin Walker, Frank Doolen, Hobart Arnold, Andy Dukes, Sam Jones, Frank Garrett, Cecil Lowe, Ernie Jones, George Cole, & Sam Lowe

MIDDLE ROW: Mollie Livesay, Esta (Garrett) Robb, Allie (Jones) Thomas, Blanche Frizzell, Ola (Green) Frizzell, Hazel (Garrett) Livesay, Flossie Eagan, Ella Engler, Gladys Arnold

BOTTOM ROW: Martha Walker, Jane (Walker) Stevens, Carl Doolen, Josie Ballance, Laura (Garrett) Lowe, Grace Frizzell, Lois Jones


(O-65) Kinmundy Reunion near Monte Vista, Colorado, 1927:

Many families from the Kinmundy area, who suffered from Tuberculosis, traveled to Colorado in an attempt to relocate, since the weather helped them with their illness.

Some stayed, but a lot returned after missing "home".

BACK - Clyde Garrett, Mamie (Garrett) Bassett, Charles Lee Doolen (baby), Bill Doolen, (person behind) Ruth Doolen, _____________, Willie Garrett, ____________, Dorotha Jones, ____________,

____________, Ella Garrett, ?Marlin Diss, ?Harold Jones, ?Fat Doolen;

FRONT - Benny Doolen, Lora (Jones) Ingram, Cecil Jones, Millie (Jones) Vallow, _____________, _____________, Julia Jones Uhle


                  Royal Neighbors of America - Kinmundy Camp #569

(O-9a) Royal Neighbors of America - Kinmundy Camp #569 - Approximately 1945 - Convention at Vandalia

Back Row: Katherine Wormley, Leona Jackson, Mildred Diss, Vernice Shaffer, Grace Mendenhall, Alecia White, Anna Belle Wilson

Front Row: Mildred Aumiller, Francis Bailey, Bessie Neavill, Hershell Pigg, Irene Gammon, Edith Hammer, Blanche Jasper, Margaret Konchina (District Deputy)



                                    Pleasure Hour Club


(O-10a) Pleasure Hour Club – June 1966 at Barcroft’s in Carlyle.  I believe that was the Barcroft’s vacation home on Lake Carlyle, to which they moved in retirement.


Back row: Victor Barcroft, Forrest “Bud” Motch, Ferdy Leach, Mildred Brown, Florence Mahan, Roumaine Motch, Rhea Lowe, Dorcas Miller.

Front row: E.E. “Peck” Brown, Ted Lowe, J.R. “Beak” Mahan, Arno Miller, Orous Leach.

(Mr. Barcroft must have been taking the picture.)


“The Pleasure Hour Club was a couples’ club that met once a month in the member’s homes for dessert and cards, usually three tables of canasta. 

My parents were the only ones with a child still at home, so sometimes they had to bring me along when I was too young to stay at home alone, and I would be put to bed at

whoever’s house they were at, and then awakened enough to walk to the car when it was time to go home.  I have many pelasent memories of these fine folks, and then

 insides of their homes – from a child’s point of view.  I was often put to work early in the evening serving drinks, replacing nuts and mints in dishes, and sometimes even helped

with the dessert and coffee.  While they were playing cards, I had to be quiet, so I always had a book to read until I fell asleep.  Those are some fond memories. 

My mom, Ferdy, was the youngest of the group, and is the only one still living.”


(O-11a) Sunrise Circle dressed up for the Centennial Celebration in Kinmundy



                                                       (O-74) "Thimble Club" - Valentine Picnic - Feb. 13, 1907


                                Homemakers Extension Association /

                            Home and Community Education (HCE)


Homemakers Extension Association was organized in 1946 in Marion Co., IL.  

The name was change a few years ago to Home and Community Education, and is called HCE.  In 2007, the Kinmundy unit had 10 members.


(O-44b) Gladys Hiestand, Naida Uchitjil, Vera Johnston, Sue Curry and Mary Alice Wagoner (Home Economist)


(O-42a) Attending the Annual IHEF Conference at U of I were:  

Front: Vera Johnston and Mary Alice Wagoner (Home Extension Economist).

Back: center- Sharon Sanders; right- Louise Guymon;

Behind them are: Naid Uchitjil, Margaret Shaffer, Gladys Hiestand, Beth Hoekstra and Alice Casey.


(O-43a) Three Marion County Homemaker Extension Members: Sue Curry, Vera Johnston, and Evelyn Beguelin



(O-19) "Kinmundy Cares" Meal Delivery Program



Hound Dog Meets


At one time, there was  a group in Kinmundy that held a hound show every fall for Beagles, Fox hounds, and Coon hounds. 


This trophy is the challenge trophy awarded to the best Beagle each year.  It was given in memory of the Beaglers named on the front of the trophy.  To retire the trophy, it had to be won three times by the same owner.  We were able to retire the trophy in 1983 and are now donating it to the Kinmundy Historical Society.


(Donated by John & Peggy Shaw - Walnut Hill, IL)




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