Kinmundy Businesses (Early 1900's - 1980's)

                         Kinmundy, Marion Co., Illinois


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   Dolores (Ford) Mobley –

                       208 Joan Dr.; Divernon, IL  62530; (217) 625-7527



            Gladys (Corrie) See –

                                         408 S. Washington St.; Kinmundy, IL 62854; (618) 547-7731



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   (B-671) Kinmundy - East side of Madison Street looking north looking North



   (B-672) Kinmundy - West side of Madison Street looking north looking North


Kinmundy Illinois

                  (B-539) Third Street at Railroad crossing



Kinmundy Madison and 3rd

                                                    (B-70a) Madison Street and Bandstand around the late 1920's (looking north)



Otis Tate Ice Man Kinmundy   

(B-563) Otis Tate – Ice Man – Oct. 17, 1909 (this was probably when he was living and working in Champaign, IL)



(B-120 Downtown Kinmundy with Bertha Curry and Pauline Johnson



(B-121) Bus. Downtown Kinmundy looking north on Madison



(B-122) Bus. Downtown Kinmundy looking south and to the west side




(B-618)  "These are two more of Hugh Spencer's photos showing an early reaper, and a steam threshing crew.

The people are not identified."    (“Kinmundy – Railway to Thruway (1857 – 1957”)


B.L. Green threshing machine Kinmundy

(B-614) "W.L. Green's steam engine for threshing on G.C. Doolen farm - 1920"  (“Kinmundy – Railway to Thruway (1857 – 1957”)



(B-615) "Cars were really rare when Pleasant Robnett started this garage shown above" (“Kinmundy – Railway to Thruway (1857 – 1957”)

P.F. ROBNETT, Kinmundy Ice Plant, Kinmundy Oil Co.: Mr. Pleasant ROBNETT may be termed the mechanical genius of our city. His play, when a boy, consisted of mostly playing mechanic. In March 1913, he erected a small sheet iron building on the side of his father’s granary and there opened the Star Garage. His business grew to such an extent that he soon added more to his little building. And still it grew and in the fall of 1916, he tore down the iron building and erected a fine tile one, which now adorns this corner. The next year he served in the World War as a mechanic. After returning home, he conceived the idea that Kinmundy should have an ice plant, and so in the fall and winter of 1921-22, he built one, erecting his own building, making his coils, tanks and cans, fitting his pipes, etc. He soon had his plant in operation and pulled his first ice on May 1. He not only supplies Kinmundy, but also Farina, St. Peter and Alma. And then he conceived the idea that a bulk oil business would be profitable and in 1923 erected his first bulk tank for gasoline. The following year a tank was erected for kerosene. He now has a capacity of 16,000 gallons of gasoline, as well as handling bulk motor oil. When the hard road was completed thru this city, Mr. ROBNETT selected one of the best locations and erected a modern filling station, known as the White Star Super Service Station. A few years ago, he gave up his garage business and leased his building, devoting all of his time to the ice and oil business. A few years ago, while business was slack and in order to give his employees work during the winter months, he cut logs from his timber, hauled them to the mill and had them sawed. He then purchased the mill and erected a beautiful little cottage, doing all the work himself, with the aid of his 2 employees. Pleasant F., son of Noah J. and Lillie CHALFANT ROBNETT, was born near Kinmundy, Ill. Sept. 15, 1891. On June 23, 1925, he was married to Miss Lura WILLIAMS, of this city. They have 4 children: Pleasant, James, Zola, and Helen. Mr. ROBNETT is a member of the city council, of the Illinois Marketers’ Association, and of the American Legion. He has also taken a likening to fishing, camping, and hunting.  ("The Kinmundy Express" 50th anniversary edition - Nov. 9, 1933)

(B-618) "You see two of the early cars, an Allen and a Dort, for which he had the agency, and the garage has grown considerably.  Some visitors are shown with Noah,

Pleasant, Miss Ann, and Mrs. Robnett.  Behind the Allen you can see the stock barn that used to be there."  (“Kinmundy – Railway to Thruway (1857 – 1957”)



First Kinmundy Ice Truck

                                                                                   (B-568) First Kinmundy Ice Truck



Kinmundy Oil Company - 1960



Kinmundy Oil Company - 1963



VIG Fertilizer - 1960



VIG Fertilizer -  1963


Kinmundy Oil Company and VIG Fertilizer Co., Ind. - 1966 (P.H. "Bud" Robnett - manager)



VIG Fertilizer Company, Kinmundy Oil Company, and Robnett Sunoco Station - 1974 (P.H. "Bud" Robnett - owner)



VIG Fertilizer - 1980


VIG Fertilizer - 1982


O.I. Leach - Cargill Hybrid Seed Corn dealer - 1961



Nature's Acres -  Ray Vandeveer, Sr. owner - 1961


Nature's Acres -  Ray Vandeveer, Sr. owner - 1965




Nature's Acres -  1984



Kinmundy Illinois

                                                            (B-625) Corner of Madison and 3rd street (facing north) - 1938



Keith Green Calvin Barbee Eugene Reese Wydell Pigg Kinmundy

(B-504) Keith Green, Calvin Barbee, Eugene Reese, Wydell Pigg marching by the old bandstand



Kinmundy Illinois

(B-626) ?Old Feed store at the corner of Third and Monroe Street 



(B-537) “Snelling’s grandson, Wilford, went west to become a crane operator, but finally decided life as a bit more relaxed at the old garage

where he could work as a mechanic.  Here, in the early 1920’s, Wilford (in leather puttees) greets his welcoming committee – fresh from

Pueblo in a shiny new Buick.  The only other person identified is Harvey Brown, far right.  Snelling’s Garage stood on the present

Site of the post office.”

SNELLING Motor Company, Chevrolet Cars and Parts: The SNELLING Motor Co. was established Feb. 1, 1925, by George W. SNELLING and his son, Wilford G. SNELLING. The building was first purchased and repaired to be a first class garage. As business progressed, a work room was added. This was necessary because at that time they were selling a good many Chevrolet cars, and needed a large store room. They were distributors and had many agents under them. Then after 4 years, gave up the distributor contract and took out an agents’ contract. And then after a few years, they took on the agency for Crosley Radios, and they have sold a good number of these. In Oct., 1931, the senior member of the firm passed away, leaving the son to carry on. Wilford G., son of George W. and Emma SHADER SNELLING, was born in Kinmundy on Sept. 1, 1889. After spending his youthful days here, he went to Granite City, where he became a steam engineer. But after a few years, he found his health failing, and went to the west, settling in Colorado, where he followed the same trade. He later became chief engineer of the ice plant in Pueblo. Leaving Pueblo, he wandered down to Old Mexico, soon to return to Pueblo and accept a position in a garage. This line of work seemed to appeal to him and he soon became the owner of one of the finest garages in Pueblo. He then came back to Kinmundy to visit his parents and has been here ever since. On Nov. 12, 1931 he married Miss Alta SUTTON of this city. He is a member of the Masonic Lodge and a member of the Baptist Church. Yes, he has quite a hobby. He is death on quail and from Nov. 10 to Dec. 10 of each year, you will seldom find him at his place of business. Mr. SNELLING holds the record for being the heaviest man in business, but that is not drawback, because everybody loves a fat man. He is always jolly and you will always find him ready to do his part in the interest of the community. ("The Kinmundy Express" 50th anniversary edition - Nov. 9, 1933)


(B-545) E.O. Zimmer, Margaret Gramley,  Frank Helm - 1921



                                                                       (B-532) Doolen’s Grocery Store  - Bill and Ruth Doolen


(B-603) Bud Dyer in front of Bill & Ruth Doolen's Grocery Store (located south of Bargh's Drug Store on the corner)


                                                                                                      (B-575) Ira Morris Grocery

Ira C. MORRIS, Groceries, Meats, Dry Goods: This firm was established in 1925. It succeeded the firm of MORRIS & HELM, R.J. ANDREWS, and C. GRAY. Up until the year 1924, Mr. MORRIS had farmed all of his life, living on a farm near his old home place. He came to town and started to clerk for R.J. ANDREWS, his brother-in-law. Soon afterwards, Mr. ANDREWS being desirous of selling out, Mr. MORRIS formed a partnership with Mr. Frank HELM. Mr. HELM’s health soon failed him and Mr. MORRIS purchased his interest in the business. Since Mr. MORRIS came in full possession of the store, in addition to groceries and meats, he has added dry goods and the buying of cream. And Ira seems to enjoy a good burglar trade. His store has been broken into more times than any other place of business we know of. Ira is a big-hearted fellow, in fact, maybe a little bit too much for his own good, but he says that he just can’t see anyone go hungry. With the organization of the Red & White Stores, Mr. MORRIS put his store in this organization. Ira C., son of William and Elizabeth HOLT MORRIS, was born in Kinmundy twp., May 5, 1883. On Nov. 12, 1902, he was married to Miss Lewella LAMBORN of Kinmundy, and they have 2 children, Mrs. Vera BASSETT and Billie. He is a member of the Masonic Lodge and the M.E. Church. ("The Kinmundy Express" 50th anniversary edition - Nov. 9, 1933)


(B-608) Mahan and Motch Grocery

MAHAN and MOTCH: For Good Things to Eat, Phone No. 9: A first class grocery store and meat market. This firm was established in 1921. The store, itself, was opened in about 1903 by F.W. KILLIE. Mr. KILLIE sold to Mr. J.R. MAHAN in 1919 and Mr. MAHAN formed a partnership with his brother-in-law, Mr. F.A. MOTCH in 1921. Up until this time, the store had sold only groceries, fruits and vegetables. But when the partnership was formed, the fresh meat business was purchased from Mr. C. GRAY. Business prospered for these 2 boys and new modern equipment was added from time to time until now they have a nice electric meat counter, an electric meat slicer, electric sausage grinder and an electric coffee grinder. J. Raymond, son of Charles W. and Jennie ROBB MAHAN, was born Nov. 4, 1892 in Kinmundy. Upon his completion of the local high school, he clerked in the store of F.W. KILLIE. While working here in 1908, he with others, autographed his name in the clock on the wall. That same clock still hangs on the wall and never fails to tell the boys when it is time to go to dinner. In about 1910, Mr. MAHAN accepted a position with WITWER Bros., as manager of their several stores. WITWER Bros. disposed of their stores in about 1915, and then Mr. MAHAN became a traveling grocery salesman. The war came on and he answered the call, and by the end of the war had attained a commission of Second Lieutenant. At the end of the war, he again became a traveling salesman, and worked at this until he went into business for himself. On Sept. 12, 1917 he married Miss Florence MOTCH of this city. The have 2 children, Maxine V. and Robert D. "Beak", as he is commonly called is a member of the Masonic Order, the Board of Education, and for the past 3 years has been Secretary-Treasurer of the Kinmundy Chamber of Commerce and a member of the American Legion. Forrest A., son of John and Sarah COZAD MOTCH, was born Nov. 19, 1893, near Kinmundy. After finishing school in our local schools, "Bud", as he’s familiarly called, clerked in the store of L.C. ROHRBOUGH. From this position, he went to the I.C.R.R. Signal Service, spending several years in the South. He served overseas in the World War and upon his return home, went to Akron, Ohio, where he was employed in a tire factory. He returned to Kinmundy in 1921, and after clerking for Mr. MAHAN a few months, purchased an interest in the business. On March 9, 1922, he married Miss Roumaine CRAYS of Dieterich, Ill. They have 2 children, Richard F. and John F. Bud is a member of the Masonic Order, a member of the Kinmundy Chamber of the Commerce, and a director of the Kinmundy Building and Loan Association, and a member of the American Legion. Both Mr. MAHAN and Mr. MOTCH are hunters and fishermen. Mr. MOTCH holds the belt among, the local quail hunters when it comes to shooting.  ("The Kinmundy Express" 50th anniversary edition - Nov. 9, 1933)


"J.R. Mahan - Staple & Fancy Groceries" - Kinmundy, Ill.

Here is a bulk flour sifter from this store, just before it became "Mahan & Motch"

(Shared by Ronald Beard)


(B-167a) Old Music Shop.  This old corner brick building stood on Glen White's vacant lot across from the new bank.  Wyett Williams lived upstairs for a time.  It was also used for a club during the 1950s, and was closed by the federal government due to the illegal sale of alcohol. 

(B-168a) Another photo of the old music shop.


Vera Hampston Johnson Kinmundy Illinois


Vera (Hampsten) Johnston - carrying mail during WWII.



J.N. Vallow Cleta Branson Kinmundy Express

(B-594) J.N. Vallow and Cleta Branson at the presses of “The Kinmundy Express” - 1923

"The above picture was taken in 1923, in what we term, the "old" office, which stood a few feet to the north of our present location.

In the picture is the editor and Cleta Branson, who happened to be the only typesetter on duty that day.  She is holding a handful of type,

preparing to distribute it when she returns to her case.  To the right can be seen the newspaper press, which was replaced years later with a

larger one.  In the original picture can be seen the newspaper forms on the press.  You will note the editor in overalls which was because

he was the editor, business manager, printer, devil and janitor.  The only time he ever wore "dress up clothes" was on the first day of each

month when he went from door to door in the business district collecting and paying his bills."



(B-629) Mr. and Mrs. J.N. Vallow, owners of "The Kinmundy Express"

"The Kinmundy Express is celebrating it’s 50th birthday. It was established in 1883 and the first issue was printed Nov. 8th. There had been other papers printed in Kinmundy previous to this. We have copies of 2 other papers in our files, namely, The Kinmundy Telegram, which started in 1867, and The Kinmundy Register, which was started in 1878. The first editor of the Express was R.F. LAWSON, with Owen SCOTT as co-publisher. Mr. SCOTT was a resident of Effingham, publisher of the Effingham Democrat, a lawyer, and mayor of that city. He was with Mr. LAWSON for 11 weeks. Mr. LAWSON was born in Fayette Co., coming to Kinmundy when a small boy with his step-father and residing on a farm 3 miles northwest of this city. He worked on various papers before establishing the Express. He was appointed postmaster here in ‘89. He operated the Express until October 1893, when he sold it to N.H. LINGENFELTER, who was born in Albion, Ill. He was the son of a Methodist Minister. The father was sent here as pastor of the local church when Nelson was 5 years old. Their stay here was brief but after Nelson had graduated from McKendree College, he returned here, bringing his parents, and purchased the paper. He sold the paper in 1896, but followed the newspaper profession in other places. Both Mr. LAWSON and Mr. LINGENFELTER have passed away and are buried in Evergreen Cemetery. Mr. LINGENFELTER sold the Express to Mr. D.S. LORD. Very little is known of Mr. LORD, but we are told that he was formerly a station agent for the I.C.R.R. Mr. LORD sold the Express to P.L. SAPP and S.R. WOOLEY in Aug. 1898. These gentleman bought the paper more to carry on real estate promotions than anything else, ans sold it in November of the same year to Mr. F.O. GRISSOM who came here from Farina. Mr. GRISSOM operated it for 18 years, the longest of any editor. Another paper, The Journal, sprang up during his regime, but he purchased it and combined it with the Express, calling his publication The Express-Journal, and making a twice a week issue out of it. But business was not brisk enough for twice-a-week, so he discontinued the Journal. Mr. GRISSOM was burned out twice, in 1903 and 1904. Mr. GRISSOM, having been appointed postmaster, sold the Express in 1916 to Mr. G.A. SPITZE, who came here from Edwardsville, Ill. to teach in our local high school. Mr. SPITZE operated it until 1919 when he sold it to Mr. J. Lem BALLANCE. Mr. BALLANCE was a farmer and always said that he did not know anything about running a newspaper, but we think he made an excellent editor. Mr. BALLANCE sold it on Dec. 1, 1921, to its present owner and we are still here. In naming the different editors, it would be impossible for us to name all of the help that worked in the office at different times, but we have living here at the present time, 4 ladies who have stuck type for the Express at various times and they are Miss Ida RUTHERFORD, Miss Evelyn KILLIE, Mrs. Pearl SEXTON FISHER, and Mrs. Nellie NEAVILLE TROUT. The Express has had many homes. It was started in what was known as the EAGAN brick. Where it moved to from there, we have no record. The next place we find it located is upstairs in the room now occupied by B.J. ROTAN. From that it moved to the Masonic Temple Building and was burned in 1903. It was next located in a frame building, where T.M. SMITH’s barn now stands, and it was burned in 1904. Then it was located in the C.H. WEST residence property just east of the I.C. Depot. From there it was moved to the WETTER brick in 1917, and from there to it’s present home in 1925. In this issue we are giving you the news that appeared in the first edition of the Express. We are also giving you some of the most important items from the first volumes as it was printed in the first issue of the 10th volume. Our files are not complete, as the old files were destroyed in the fire of 1903. We have asked the business men to join us in celebrating our 50th anniversary with a history of their business as well as a life history of themselves. And in-as-much we have eulogized them, it would not be fair to them if we did not give you a little of our personal life. Jesse Norris, son of Charles H. and Etta RODE VALLOW, was born in Kinmundy in the east part of town on Sept. 25, 1899. When only a few months old, we were carried to the THRANE property in the west part of town, which we call our old homestead. In 1905, we moved to O’Fallon and there we gained our education in the grade schools. Returning to Kinmundy in 1914, we entered high school and graduated with the class of 1918. One winter, under the management of Mr. G.A. SPITZE, who was teaching school that winter along with his duties as editor, we were employed as office boy. Our duties were to sweep, make fires, help fold papers, and occasionally stick a little type. An expert printer was hired after a couple of months, and we were chosen as editor-in-chief for the new high school publication called the K.H.S. Tatler. After high school, we entered the employ of the firm of Telford and Wilkinson in the fall of ‘18. In the fall of ‘18, we thought we could gain an education at the expense of the government and so we entered the U. of I., but our finances ran out after 2 weeks time, and we were forced to quit, as it was reported that it would be 2 months before the students would be mustered in the regular army. The next spring and summer, we climbed telephone poles for Wm. B. ROSS, going to Chicago that fall where we were employed by the postoffice and Sears, Roebuck and Co. Didn’t like Chicago, so we returned home after 3 months. In January of the following year, Mr. BALLANCE bought this office, and we accepted a position with him. The same spring, we leased the Gem Theatre and operated it for about 1 year. In the fall of 1920, we took the examination for railway mail clerk, was appointed substitute clerk, and made several runs. We had advanced some and would have had to locate in Chicago. We did not like this idea and so we quit government served and stayed with Mr. BALLANCE at a lower salary. It was at this time that somebody lied. They told us that 2 could live cheaper than 1 and we believed them. On July 9, 1921 we married Miss Jessie BACKENSTO of this city. After going to housekeeping, we found that our bank account had dwindled to the sum of $60, and with the gracious help of the First National Bank, we embarked on our career Dec. 1, 1921, and have been at it ever since, trying our utmost to give you a publication that you will like. We have 3 robust children: J.Guin, G. Annette, and Carl B. And now to tell you a little about our help. We have 2 employees, Miss Marie O’Brien and Mr. Audrey VALLOW. Marie G., daughter of Daniel P. and Margaret ROONEY O’BRIEN, was born in this city on Dec. 10, 1904, and in this city, she has spent her entire life. She graduated from the local high school with the class of ‘22. Immediately after graduation, she entered the employ of the Kinmundy Express and has been with us ever since. She is a member of St. Philomena’s Catholic Church of this city. Audrey L. VALLOW, who happens to have the same parents as the editor, was born in Kinmundy Feb. 12, 1905. A part of his education was gained in the O’Fallon schools and the remainder in the local high school, graduating with the class of ‘22. Immediately after graduation, he entered the employ of the Kinmundy Express and with the exception of a short time spent in Detroit, Mich and in the west, he has been with us ever since. He also holds the office of Justice of the Peace, having held this office since he became of age. He’s always willing to do your marrying while you wait." ("The Kinmundy Express" 50th anniversary edition - Nov. 9, 1933)


(B-627) Employees of “The Kinmundy Express”; Audrey Feather, Rudy Slane, Vera Johnston, J.N. Vallow - June 1970


Johnston Family Strawberry shed Kinmundy

(B-585) Johnston Family Strawberry Shed – 1934

Left: Woodrow, Helen, Harvey (twins), behind them is brother, Merl and wife, Bertha; Right are parents, Grover and Jessie Johnston


(B-597)  Kinmundy Fire -  Fulfers Restaurant Old Bank Building



Atlas Tires Kinmundy Peg Hickman Kathy Brown 

(B-502) Atlas Tires – lcated in "Y" between Kinmundy/Louisville Rd. & Rt. 37 - E.E. "Peck" Brown was the owner;

             Peg Hickman and Kathleen (Brown) Day are pictured (circa 1942)

Atlas Tire and Service Station, Standard Oil Products: The Atlas Tire and Service Station was built during the fall and winter of 1930, and opened to the public for service, Jan. 1, 1931. The firm then was E.E. BROWN and V.V. BARCROFT. Mr. BARCROFT later withdrew, and Jan. 1, 1933 Mr. BROWN became owner and manager. Mr. BROWN was well equipped for a business life having been with his father in the furniture, hardware, and implement business in Kinmundy, and having been identified with TELFORD and WILKINSON in their farm implement business in this city. He farmed for a few years then became interested in gas and oil, serving the farmers and local trade, and with the hard road bought the plot of ground on which he later erected the service station for the sale of Standard Oil products. The service station is modern and takes care of the traveling public in an up-to-date manner and serves them with the best gas and oil. Here you find Atlas tires and batteries, Red Crown gas, Super fuel, and other hot water heaters and other auto needs and accessories. Mr. BROWN, known among his friends as "Peck", takes grest pride in his business surroundings, and as his "middle name" is "Energy", he is always improving and beautifying them. The rustic bridge over the sunken garden, where flowers are blooming through all the summer and fall, and garden seats provided where the traveler may rest awhile. Mr. BROWN was born in Farina, Ill. June 8, 1894. His parents were Harvey A. and Arminda HOWELL BROWN. He was married to Miss Mildred GREEN August 8, 1914. Their daughters are Harriett, Virginia and Kathleen. Kinmundy is fortunate to have this energetic business man, ever ready to help out in any affair for the good of the town. ("The Kinmundy Express" 50th anniversary edition - Nov. 9, 1933)

E.E. Brown Standard Service.  Pictured are Kenny Pigg and Kathy (Brown) Day


D.C. Day Standard Oil Service - 1967



D.C. Day Standard Oil Service - 1968


D.C. Day Standard Oil Service - 1975



Day Oil Company  - 1984


Day Oil Company  - 1986



Pete Keen Wydell Pigg Kinmundy Illinois

                                                 (B-540) Pete Keen and Wydell Pigg



Mary Eagan Helen Garrett Kinmundy Illinois

Mary Eagan and Helen Garrett (Post Office and Bargh’s behind them)


Kinmundy Illinois Art Boyd Pete Keen

                                            (B-535) Art Boyd and Pete Keen



(B-590) Dorothy (Crist) Black, Helen O'Dell, Donna (Burket) Krutsinger, Marilyn (Slane) Rinkel

              Doolen Cafe and Kinmundy Building & Loan Association in background



(B-601)  Everett Courson is in this photo. You can see directly behind him to the north is Doolen’s Electric

              (where many remember watching television from his front windows.) It's on the lot where the Pentecostal church now stands. 

              Behind that is one of the old water tanks for the I.C. trains.
              (The camera is looking north).



(B-602) Bill Burge standing on a streetlight in front of row of stores  (where Judy (Egelston) Mulvaney Tranum built a restaurant in the 1980’s). 

 The business at the far right was next to the alley and was Doc Miller’s office.

 (The photo is looking to the northeast)





O'Dell’s Car Wash (Lewis T. O'Dell - owner) - 1966



Thrifty Car Wash - 1967


Ritter’s Car Wash (Larry Ritter, owner) - 1977



Huston's Car Care Center - 1977



Mulvany's Grocery

(B-621) "Mulvany’s Grocery & Filling Station" was located on the southeast corner of S. Eagan & Route 37 (in the area of what is now part of the Kinmundy Park.)

In 1946, Clarence Mulvany moved into town, and in 1948, he opened the station. (His wife, Ella (Boston) Mulvany had passed away prior to his move.) He continued to operate it until 1955 when his health no longer allowed him to run it, and it was sold. 

Charles and Constance "Connie" Myers purchased the business.  Connie was a war bride from England.


Peck's D-X Service Station   

(B-542) Robnett's D-X Service Station.  (E.E. "Peck" Brown had  the Standard Service station in town.)


   (B-170) R & G Cafe (February 1946) owned by Howard and Pola Robb & Dick and Francis Gray.  Pictured are Dick Gray and Gladys Eagan.



(B-662) Fred Kleiss business card for DeKalb Products



 Kinmundy Shoe Outlet - 1962  -  Robert & Marie Johnson, owners  



Kinmundy Shoe Outlet 

(B-633) Kinmundy Shoe Outlet located at the corner of 4th Street & Route 37  - 1962

             Marie & Robert Johnson, owners                                                                     






Kinmundy Roller Rink  Kinmundy Roller Rink

                             (B-636) Roller Rink in Kinmundy Park - 1953                                                              (B-635) Roller Rink in Kinmundy Park



Kinmundy Dixie Greyhound

                            (B-530) Dixie Greyhound Lines, Inc.  – ticket from Kinmundy to Dix cost 50 cents





Kinmundy Zimmer's Cafe Arlene Zimmer Sammy Jones

(B-665) Sammy Jones and Arlene Zimmer in front of Zimmer’s Café

E.O. ZIMMER, Refreshing Drinks, Candies, Tobaccos, Eats: ZIMMER’s Café was established in 1927 and succeeded A.H. WILLIS, who established the business in 1924. Mr. WILLIS operated a bakery in connection with the café. Ener O., son of David and Emma BINGAMAN ZIMMER, was born in Shelby Co., Ill. Dec. 1, 1891. He came to Kinmundy with his parents in 1901. The family settled on a farm southeast of this city, and here he grew to manhood. He drifted to Iowa, where he worked on a farm several years, and returned to Kinmundy in 1916, to help his father with the farm work. He served in the World War. After returning home, he accepted a position with the Farmer’s Store. After working as clerk for some time, he purchased a restaurant from the late Chas. BUSWELL. He operated it and then sold it, and in 1927 bought his present business. In April 1922, he married Miss Margaret FRENCH, and they have 1 daughter, Betty Arlene. He is a member of the American Legion.  ("The Kinmundy Express" 50th anniversary edition - Nov. 9, 1933)


Zimmer's Cafe Frances Kline Velma Conant Kathryn Bassett Opal Eagan

      (B-667) Zimmer’s Café – 1945 – Frances Kline, Velma Conant, Kathryn Bassett, Opal Eagan



Kinmundy Lumber, Inc. - 1971



Kinmundy Lumber Co. - 1973




Kinmundy Lumber Co. - 1977



Kinmundy Lumber Yard Kinmundy 

                (B-600) Kinmundy Lumber Company                                  



 Kinmundy Lumber Yard Kinmundy

                           (B-598) Kinmundy Lumber Company

The Kinmundy Lumber Company, Building Materials, Builders’ Hardware: The personnel of the Kinmundy Lumber Co., Inc. consists of C.A. GLORE, President; D.F. NEATHERY, Vice President and Treasurer; and Miss G. GERTNER, Secretary. Both Mr. GLORE and Miss NEATHERY are residents of Centralia, while Mr. NEATHERY belongs to us. Mr. GLORE has yards at Centralia, Sandoval, Patoka, and Alma. This firm was organized in 1921 and purchased the local lumber yard from the O.H. PADDOCK Lumber Co. Mr. NEATHERY was sent here by this company in 1920 to manage the yard for them. Soon after his arrival here, he found out this business was on the market. He immediately got busy and interested Mr. GLORE in the proposition and the above mentioned corporation resulted. In the past few years, they have added to their line of building materials, builders hardware and paints, coal. When they did this they leased ground from the I.C.R.R., erected a fine coal bin and installed an electric conveyor to unload the cars of coal. When they began business, their yard grounds were leased from the late A.V. SCHERMERHORN. A few years ago they purchased these grounds as well was another lot adjoining them from the south, from Mrs. Bessie WHITE. On the original grounds was what was known as the JONES Opera House, which was used as a warehouse. With the coming of the hard road, this old land mark was wrecked and a beautiful filling station was erected and leased to the Shell Petroleum Co. Several improvements in the way of new sheds have been added. The manager, Daniel F., son of John and Susan MERRIMAN NEATHERY, was born on a farm in Mulberry Grove twp., Bond Co., Ill. on May 11, 1869. After finishing school, he taught several terms of school in country and high schools and in college. He served his apprenticeship in the lumber business in Edinburg, then to Findlay, and then to Kinmundy. On Sept. 8, 1904, he married Miss Sarah M. TABOR of Alhambra, Ill. He is a member of the Masonic and K. of P. fraternities; the Baptist Church, the Illinois Lumber and Material Dealers Association; the Illinois - Wisconsin Fuel Merchants, and past President of the Kinmundy Chamber of Commerce. Mr. NEATHERY is also interested in farming. He has half interest in the farm on which he was born, as well as half interest in another farm in Bond County. ("The Kinmundy Express" 50th anniversary edition - Nov. 9, 1933)


Kinmundy Illinois

(B-599) Slim-Ray Drilling Co (Oil rig Bill Cole & co-workers)



Kinmundy Mildred Atkins     Kinmundy Irene GammonKinmundy Dorothy McCulley

Mildred Atkins (B-642), Irene (Livesay) Gammon (B-641) and Dorothy “Dot” McCulley (B-640)  – switchboard operators at Bell Telephone office.

They are all standing in the front of the Bell Telephone office in Kinmundy.



Lela Garrett Dunlap Kinmundy Bell Telephone Office

(B-643) Lela Garrett Dunlap – worked 5 years in the 1930's as operator at Bell Telephone office


Joann Alexander Kinmundy     Helen Robb Garrett Kinmundy Helen Bassett O'Dell Kinmundy

Bell Telephone Switchboard Operators: Joann Alexander (B-547), Helen (Robb) Garrett (B-546) , Helen (Bassett) O’Dell (B-548)



    Thelma Lyons Kinmundy

(B-549) Bell Telephone Switchboard Operator: Miss Thelma Lyons


Kinmundy Ralph Metzger Philip Schooley R.H. Schooley

(B-510) R.H. Schooley and Philip Schooley using new dial phone.



Sunny Slope Farm Fred Kleiss Kinmundy

(B-649) Fred Kleiss; family dairy was called Sunny Slope Farm and was located about 3 miles south of Kinmundy along the Kinmundy Road.

             They milked, bottled and dleivered their product to area families.



Gladys Bradley Dress Shop Kinmundy Frances Hiestand Smith Nora Tutt Smith Beverly Williams                             Gladys Bradley Kinmundy

(B-556) Gladys Bradley's Dress Shop – Frances Hiestand Smith, Nora Tutt Smith, ?Beverly Williams                  (B-555) Gladys Bradley - 1923



(B-631) Kinmundy Medical Building Dedication program - June 21, 1959


                                                     (B-630) Kinmundy Doctors office -  February 1960






Albert C. Dunlap Carl Dunlap Kinmundy

(B-540) Albert C. Dunlap and Son - located at the corner of Second & Madison St. – 1952;

             This became the business of A.C's son, Carl Dunlap, in the 1950’s.

A.C. DUNLAP, Plumbing and Sheet Metal Work: The firm of A.C. DUNLAP was established in 1914. He was successor to his father-in-law, L.C. MATTHEWS, who died in 1913. Six years previous, Mr. DUNLAP was in the employ of Mr. MATTHEWS in the grass seed and implement business. They were pioneer buyers of red top seed. It was hauled here by the farmers from miles around. They, in turn, cleaned the seed and shipped it to market. Upon Mr. DUNLAP taking over the business, he discontinued the implement line and devoted his entire time to the seed business. During the dull months, he would repair stoves and do some plumbing and tin work. In 1924 and 1925, seed buyers sprung up everywhere, so it seemed which lessened the volume of business. And so in 1926, the seed business was discontinued, and he devoted his entire time to the repairing of stoves, plumbing and tin work. Albert C., son of Albert C. and Elizabeth CLAYTOR DUNLAP, was born March 18, 1884, at Savoy, Ill. On Oct. 21, 1906, he married Miss Hulda E. MATTHEWS of Kinmundy. They have 1 child, Albert Carl. Prior to his coming to Kinmundy, he worked as a mechanic in the Southern Illinois Railroad Shops in Houston, Texas, and prior to this, he was employed 10 years in the I.C. Shops in Champaign. For the past 9 years, he has been our local police magistrate. Prior to this he served on the City Council. Ever since we can remember he has been chief of the local fire department. His hobby is making over of antique furniture of which he has a fine collection. ("The Kinmundy Express" 50th anniversary edition - Nov. 9, 1933)


Kinmundy Jim Davis Cecil Harvey Red Atkins Clarence Alderson, Orus Leach Harvey Hanna Helen Hanna Fred Grissom L.R. Young Kinmundy

(B-551) Jim Davis, Cecil Harvey, Red Atkins, Clarence Alderson, Orus Leach, Harvey and Helen Hanna, Fred Grissom, L.R. Young – turning on gas



 Brasel and O’Dell Standard Service Station Kinmundy

(B-644) Brasel and O’Dell Standard Service Station   - 1961 (Owners - Jim Brasel & Kent O'Dell)



Brasel and O’Dell Standard Service Station   - 1962



Brasel and O’Dell Standard Service Station   - 1963



Mulvaney's Standard Station - 1965



Mulvaney's Standard Station - 1966




G & H Standard - 1973


Johnson's Standard - 1974


Johnson's Standard Service - 1978



Johnson's Standard Service - 1979



Johnson's Standard Service Kinmundy

                               (B-645) Johnson’s Standard Service - 1987




L.C. Diss and Sons Kinmundy

                (B-528) L.C. Diss and Sons Truck Service



(B-634) "Sinclair Oil" - Fred Gammon - 1941


(B-550) Larry Charlton with Salem Super Flame Fuel Oil - 1955-56



D & M. Trucking Service - 1965









(B-637a)  Dedication of Kinmundy Post Office - May 30, 1963



                                          Postmasters - Kinmundy Post Office


William B. Eagan 7/14/1857 Postmaster
Leonard D. Shilling 6/18/1861 Postmaster
Benjamin H. Pearson 4/13/1864 Postmaster
Randolph C. O'Bryant 3/23/1868 Postmaster
Thomas W. Haymond 12/15/1868 Postmaster
William T. Coleman 3/29/1869 Postmaster
Daniel C. Moore 1/06/1873 Postmaster
John F. Donovan 12/5/1876 Postmaster
Thomas W. Williams 8/18/1885 Postmaster
Richard F. Lawson 4/2/1889 Postmaster
Fred J. Nirider 4/28/1893 Postmaster
Daniel Gunn 5/20/1897 Postmaster
John F. Donovan 12/18/1901 Postmaster
Fred O. Grissom 6/27/1914 Postmaster
George H. Bargh 2/24/1923 Postmaster
Fred O. Grissom 8/22/1933 Acting Postmaster
Fred O. Grissom 4/27/1934 Postmaster
Richard R. Atkins 6/30/1947 Acting Postmaster
Richard R. Atkins 3/17/1949 Postmaster
Floyd Eli Garrett 11/20/1964 Acting Postmaster
Floyd Eli Garrett 6/23/1967 Postmaster
Elbert E. Simon 12/1/1989 Officer-in-charge
Larry P. Buckles 1/27/1990 Postmaster
Joyce A. Williams 6/1/1990 Officer-in-Charge
Cheryl L. Pemberton 8/25/1990 Postmaster







(B-678) Gray's Hardware store with owner, Emmit Gray



(B-679) Fern Gray in the Hardware Store (which was at one time owned by Fern and her father, Emmit Gray) (1976)


(B-680) Fern Gray with Keith Schwabe in Hardware store (1976)




First National Bank of Kinmundy - 1964



First National Bank of Kinmundy - 1986



Kinmundy Savings and Loan - 1977





    Kinmundy Building and Loan - 1976


Kinmundy Building & Loan Association Passbook



First Financial Savings & Loan - 1978



WSI Insurance Agent - Bill Jones, Agent - 1980


WSI Insurance Agent - Bill Jones, Agent - 1978   (Pictured: Dave White, Mary Beck, Connie Garrett, and Bill Jones) 



West Suburban Investments - Charles W. "Bill" Jones, agent - 1981



C.R. Alderson Real Estate & Insurance - 1968



C.R. Alderson Real Estate & Insurance - 1969



Bill W. Soldner - Country Companies - 1974



Bill W. Soldner - Country Companies - 1979



OSLA Insurance - 1976



Jones Insurance Agency - 1974



MFA Insurance - Bryce Geiler, agent - 1977


Franklin Life Insurance - Gary Payne, agent - 1980




Kinmundy Insurance - 1987



Ingram's Elevator - 1960


Ingram's Elevator - 1963



Ingram's Elevator - 1966

(Karen Kline, Sherri Doolen, and Janet Sullivan at Ingram’s Elevator)




Ingram's Elevator - 1967




Ingram's Elevator - 1969




Ingram's Elevator - 1970



       H & H Marathon Truck Stop - 1973



H & H Marathon Truck Stop - 1980



   H & H Marathon Truck Stop - 1979


  H & H Marathon Truck Stop - 1982






      "Deadmond's T.V." - 1963


   "Deadmond's T.V." -  1964   


    "Deadmonds' TV & Appliance" - 1965



"Deadmonds' TV & Appliance" - 1966




"Deadmonds' TV & Appliance" - 1967



Deadmond T.V. and Appliances Kinmundy

                   (B-524)Deadmond T.V. and Appliances  - 1970                                                          




"Deadmond T.V. and Appliance" - 1971




 Rick Deadmond at "Deadmond T.V. and Appliance" - 1972




  "Deadmond T.V. and Appliance" - 1973





  Nevada Deadmond at at "Deadmond T.V. and Appliance" - 1975



Deadmond TV & Appliance - 1978



  (B-523) Deadmond T.V. and Appliances - 1980



Thomas Appliances Kinmundy

                       (B-650) Thomas Appliance Center



Thomas & Deadmond - 1982




Thomas Appliance Center - 1983



Linton Funeral Home - 1982


Linton Funeral Home - 1985



Linton-Neal Funeral Home - 1988



(B-657) Inside Jesse George's Store with employees, Dorothy Feather Doolen, Virginia Montgomery, and Don Thompson


(B-658) Inside Jesse George's Store - May 1962 with Jerry Gray and Don Thompson



Jesse George's Store - 1967  (Ervin Cheatum, Virginia Montgomery & Bernice Alberson)




Jesse George's General Store - 1971


  Jesse George Store Calendar - 1972



Jesse George's General Store - 1978




Jesse George's Grocery Store Kinmundy 

     (B-578) Jesse George’s Grocery Store   



Kinmundy IGA   

(B-569) Kinmundy IGA - 1979



Kinmundy Illinois Bargh's

(B-506) Bargh’s Drug Store - 1960

E.C. BARGH, The Drug Store of Service: The firm of E.C. BARGH, Druggist, started under the single proprietorship of Edwin C. BARGH in 1895. Previous to that, in 1893, Mr. BARGH and Mr. Frank BAKER bought out the HOLLISTER Pharmacy and continued in partnership for about 2 years to 1895. Edwin C. BARGH was born in Leeds, England, on Feb. 7, 1859, the son of Joseph BARGH and Elizabeth HAIGH BARGH. When he was about 18 months old, he was brought to this country by his parents. The family landed at New Orleans, and from thence proceeded to Albion, Ill., where they located for about 1 year. Then Joseph BARGH enlisted in the service of his country, and served in several rigorous campaigns, including the Battle of Shiloh. After the war, the family moved over a period of years to the following places in Indiana: Friendsville, Bridgeport, Vincennes, Busseron, and Oaktown. In 1876, the family moved to Kinmundy, Ill., and E.C. BARGH completed the high school education which he had started in Oaktown, Ind. While in high school here, he clerked nights and mornings for Mrs. HOLLISTER in her drug store. After completion of high school, he attended the University of Illinois for 1 year, and obtained his Pharmacist’s certificate. He then was employed in a Drug Store in Geneva for 1 year, after which, he returned to Kinmundy, and took charge of the Drug Store for Mrs. HOLLISTER. He continued in that capacity until he went into business for himself. For awhile his store was located in the former Oddfellow Building, now burned down, but he has been in his present location since about 1896. Mr. BARGH married Miss Nellie HOLBROOK of Mason on Aug. 5, 1891, and they have 2 children: George H. BARGH, and Mrs. Vera Gertrude DAVIDSON, wife of Dr. S.M. DAVIDSON of Chicago. He is a member of the Christian Church and the Chamber of Commerce.  ("The Kinmundy Express" 50th anniversary edition - Nov. 9, 1933)


Kinmundy Illinois Bargh's 

                                                                             (B-507) Bargh’s Drug Store - 1963   


 Kinmundy Illinois Bargh's

                                                          (B-508) Bargh's Drug Store  - 1962



  Nancy's Cafe Kinmundy

         (B-623) Nancy’s Café


      Nancy's Cafe - 1972  (Owner - Nancy Middleton)



Nancy's Cafe Kinmundy 

        (B-624) Nancy’s Café       


    Nancy's Cafe - 1974


Family Room Cafe - 1977 (owned by Norm, Nicki and Monica Janic)

Pictured are Nicki Janic, Monica Janic, and Mark Donoho)



Family Room Cafe - 1978



Family Room Cafe - 1979




  Crain's Cafe - 1961   (Owners - Effie and Rueben Crain)



  Crain's Cafe - 1961



Crain's Cafe Kinmundy Illinois 

  (B-514) Crain’s Café  - 1962 



   (B-661) Crain's Cafe themometer





 Kinmundy Cafe



The Curve Kinmundy Illinois

 (B518) The Curve - 1966


The Curve - 1967


  The Curve Kinmundy IllinoisThe Curve Kinmundy Illinois   

                   (B-516)  The Curve Drive-In  - 1970                                                                         (B-517)  The Curve Drive-In - 1971



The Curve - 1978




The Curve Kinmundy Illinois

  (B-521)  The Curve Drive-In - 1979



The Curve Kinmundy Illinois \

                    (B-520)  The Curve Drive-In   - 1982                                                                              



The Curve - 1987



Judy's Restaurant - 1988 - (Judy (Egelston) Mulvaney Tranum - owner)



(B-587)  Judy's Restaurant - (Judy (Egelston) Mulvaney Tranum - owner)



(B-588)  Judy's Restaurant - (Judy (Egelston) Mulvaney Tranum - owner)


(B-589)  Judy's Restaurant - (Judy with Debbie Butts and Jane Middleton)




(B-590)  Judy's Restaurant


Francis Hammer - Sealtest Dairy Products - 1976




Don's Meat Processing Kinmundy Don Thompson

                          (B-651) Don's Meat Processing  - 1968



Don's Meat Processing


Don's Meat Processing  - 1975




Don's Meat Processing - 1979



Don's Meat Processing employees - 1998

Standing: Don & Linda Thompson (owners), Eva West, Brenda Mulvany, Donnie Lee Thompson, Garner Bassett and Gayla O'Dell Lueking

In f ront: Jackie Jones



 (B-659) Inside the meat plant at Don Thompson's Meat Processing businesses on Rt. 37

              (Don hosing off beef.)



                                                                   (B-661) Don Thompson's Tent Day at the Meat Plant on Rt. 37 south of Kinmundy (B-660)



Kinmundy Slaughtering and Processing - 1979


D.C. Day Standard Oil Kinmundy Illinois          Kinmundy Medical Center Kinmundy Illinois

            D.C. Day Standard Oil                                                                         (B-617) Kinmundy Medical Center



Vig Fertilizer Kinmundy IllinoisVig Fertilizer Kinmundy Illinois

                               (B-655) Vig Fertilizer                                                    (B-656) Vig Fertilizer


(B-554) Don Gesell Well Servicing


Gesell Oil Service - 2008 - (Jeremy and Jerry Chasteen)



Sidney's Standard Station Kinmundy Illinois

(B-647) Sidney’s Standard Station                                                    



Mulvaney's Standard Station Kinmundy Illinois

    (B-646) Mulvaney’s Standard Station









Westside Motors KinmundyOSLA Insurance Service Corp. 

(B-661) Westside Motors                                                  (B-627) OSLA Insurance Service Corp.




Sues Beauty Corner - 1967










Kinmundy Savins and Loan Dave White Kinmundy

 (B-604) Kinmundy Savings and Loan - Dave White                     



 Kinmundy Cafe 

  (B-593) Kinmundy Café



Kinmundy White Star Super Service Station

                                       (B-662) White Star Super Service Station (Gas on that day was 9.9 cents per gallon)




Robnett's D-X Service - 1960




Gammon's Sunoco - 1977





Gulf Service Station - 1960 - Owners: Dwight J. Alexander and Jim Alexander





  Harry Geiler’s Garage -  1960





Montgomery's Body Shop - 1966 (Paul Montgomery - owner)



Montgomery's Body Shop - 1967




Montgomery's Body Shop - 1968




Montgomery's Body Shop - 1976



Montgomery's Body Shop - 1979


Montgomery's Body Shop - 1980


Durham's Garage & Towing - 1974




 Barney Sills Car Sales - 1966



Westside Motors - Larry Sills, owner - 1975



Westside Motors - Larry Sills, owner - 1977




     Montes Auto Sales Kinmundy

   (B-618) Montes Auto Sales    


Montes Auto Sales - 1979



Montes Auto Sales - 1981



Klein's Pest and Termite Control - 1967



McKitrick Chemical Company - 1964



Neilson Construction Company - 1980 (Ken Neilson)



Kinmundy Kin-der Kare - 1989



1948 Kinmundy Telephone Directory (click here to display)


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