Bob Ford slides from the 1960's - 1970's - Book #5            


    In the 1960's and 1970's, Bob Ford of Alma, IL snapped thousands of photos

    around Marion county.  Many of these slides included townspeople around 

    Alma and Kinmundy on any given day.  Enjoy your walk down Main Street!


                     (Note: Since there are so many images, these have been divided up into several books for the website. 

         Remember that you can also use CTRL-F to find a particular surname within these pictures when you are on the page.) 




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Lois (Howell) Aumiller             Fern Ballance            Clyde Ballance

      Lois (Howell) Aumiller                             Fern Ballance                              Clyde Ballance


 Marian Barksdale             Reydol Baylis             Mary Beck       

           Marian Barksdale                                   Reydol Baylis                                       Mary Beck


Bill Beard            Marge Boyd            Clarence Brainard  

               Bill Beard                                         Marge Boyd                                     Clarence Brainard



Anna & Bill Boyles

                                                            Anna and Bill Boyles



Dola Brasel       Buddy Brimberry    Paul Brasel    

            Dola Brasel                                            Buddy Brimberry                                Paul Brasel


Maxine Peddicord Brimberry           Otis Brown          Bill Butts   

    Maxine Peddicord Brimberry                            Otis Brown                                        Bill Butts


  Bud  Caldwell     Delilah Caldwell     Marvin Cobb 

                   Bud  Caldwell                             Delilah Caldwell                                Marvin Cobb


D.C. “Dite” Day        Dwight Day       Debbie Deadmond 

          D.C. “Dite” Day                                   Dwight Day                                    Debbie Deadmond


Marvin Dace

                                                       Marvin Dace



Charlie DeWeese       Jim Diss     Gilbert Doolen

             Charlie DeWeese                                         Jim Diss                                       Gilbert Doolen







Howard & Florence Downey

                                            Howard and Florence Downey


 Jeff Hawkins, Pam Hawkins    Pam Hawkins

                                  Jeff and Pam Hawkins                                                             Pam Hawkins


Bill Hester, Sue (Hester) Hulsey

                           Bill Hester and Sue (Hester) Hulsey


Iva Hicks      Ed Jezek        Jane Jezek 

               Iva Hicks                                        Ed Jezek                                        Jane Jezek


Ralph Johnnie    Barbara Johnson, Kathy Brimberry

            Ralph Johnnie                                       Barbara Johnson  and Kathy Brimberry


Brenda Johnson      Florence Johnson        Mary Jones

             Brenda Johnson                            Florence Johnson                                    Mary Jones


Frances Kerley       Frances Kerley        Gary McWhirter    

           Frances Kerley                               Frances Kerley                                Gary McWhirter


Kate McWhirter       Lester McWhirter       Nina Middleton  

             Kate McWhirter                             Lester McWhirter                               Nina Middleton


Richard Motch    Bertha (Beard) Newman & Everett Newman 

           Richard Motch                                   Bertha (Smith) Beard Newman & Everett Newman


Jerry Mulvany            Fleeta Orr            Clyde Osborne 

             Jerry Mulvany                                   Fleeta Orr                                       Clyde Osborne


Frances & Denny Osborne     Dean Osborne

                   Frances Osborne and Jerry Ballance                                                         Dean Osborne


Mary Osborne      Denny Osborne 

                         Mary Osborne with granddaughter                                            Denny Osborne


Jason Owen    Leann Pannell, Martha Holmes

              Jason Owen                                                  Leann Pannell   and   Martha Holmes


Edith & John Phillips      Emma Rainey

                                   Edith and John Phillips                                                     Emma Rainey


Wilma McLelland Ritter   Emma Rainey, Linnie Polanka 

     Wilma McLelland Ritter                                      Emma Rainey and Linnie Polanka


Mack Robb            Opal Ruddell         Logan Saatkamp 

            Mack Robb                                         Opal Ruddell                                Logan Saatkamp


Gordon Shreffler          Velma Shule, Edna Brieman    

          Gordon Shreffler                                                  Velma Shuler and Edna Breiman


        Velma Shuler       Minnie Smith

             Mrs. Oscar Shuler                                Velma Shuler                                 Minnie Smith


Elsie Smith  Helen Sullivan 

                                         Elsie Smith                                                                 Helen Sullivan


Charlie Tockstein       Larry & Helen Sullivan

          Charlie Tockstein                                                    Larry and Helen Sullivan


Doris Stubblefield        Charlie Tockstein   

                                 Doris Stubblefield                                                          Charlie Tockstein


Evelyn & Raymond Swift       Lloyd Weeks  

                              Evelyn and Raymond Swift                                                        Lloyd Weeks


Forrest & Georgia Williams    Judy Wilkins

                            Forrest and Georgia Williams                                              Judy Wilkins


Bob Williams         Helen Williams

            Bob Williams                                                             Helen Williams


Helen Williams     Herb Williams

                                             Helen Williams                                                              Herb Williams


Herb Williams       Loren Williams       Loren Williams, Marty Williams 

            Herb Williams                                   Loren Williams                               Loren and Marty Williams


Lottie Williams     Loren Williams      Rene Wilson 

             Lottie Williams                    Loren Williams (west of town)                      Rene Wilson


Kathy Yates Shine & Ruth Wilson 

             Kathy Yates                                                          Shine and Ruth Wilson


Terry Yates          Kathy Yates, Leann Pannell

            Terry Yates                                                     Kathy Yates and Leann Pannell


Andy Yates      Red Winks      Purg Muehlhausen

               Andy Yates                                        Red Winks                                 “Purg” Muehlhausen



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