Bob Ford slides from the 1960's - 1970's - Book #3            


    In the 1960's and 1970's, Bob Ford of Alma, IL snapped thousands of photos

    around Marion county.  Many of these slides included townspeople around 

    Alma and Kinmundy on any given day.  Enjoy your walk down Main Street!


                    (Note: Since there are so many images, these have been divided up into several books for the website. 

           Remember that you can also use CTRL-F to find a particular surname within these pictures when you are on the page.) 



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Fulfer    Louise & Gene Ernst

    Clifford Fulfer (from Omega)                                                 Louise and Gene Ernst


Flo Atkinson            Ted Arnold, Maxine Peddicord Brimberry

   Flo Atkinson and ____________                     Ted Arnold and Maxine Peddicord Brimberry


Ruth Wilson   Bill & Donna Beard

         Ruth Wilson                             Bill and Donna Beard


Henry Charlton    

                               Henry Charlton                                                                      ?




Jim Boozer, Bob Ford, Ralph Hilmes, Don Shanafelt, Marvin Bassett

                                                            Marion County Board

Jim Boozer, Bob Ford, _________, Bob Wright, __________, Ralph Hilmes, Buddy Maxey, __________, Don Shanafelt, Marvin Bassett




                   Clarence Brainard, Rev. Richard Schmidt, Bill & Ella Mae Hester, Judy &  Jerry Mulvaney

Clarence & Cecile Brainard, Rev. Richard Schmidt, Bill & Ella Mae Hester, Judy &  Jerry Mulvaney


Dwain Ford   Betty & Gene Eustler

            Dwain Ford                                        Betty and Gene Eustler


Pearl & Sam Lowe    Martha Arnold Holmes

                                 Pearl and Sam Lowe                     Eddie Easley & Martha Arnold Holmes


Mary Ann & Ernie Broom      Jim Boozer

                        Mary Ann and Ernie Broom                                                 Jim Boozer (from Kell)


Lester & Marie Mulvaney      Buck Henken

                           Lester and Marie Mulvaney                                                  Buck Henken


Dorothy & Emmerson Smalley    Mary Henken Krutsinger

                         Dorothy and Emmerson Smalley                                       Mary Henken Krutsinger   


Edith Smith, Delbert Smith

             Edith Smith, Lions Officials, and Delbert Smith


Pearl Telford  Jim White, Traci White

                         Pearl Telford                                                    Jim and Traci White


Pearl Telford, Maxine Telford   Sammie Krutsinger, Russell Krutsinger
      Pearl Telford with Joe& Maxine Telford                                      Sammie Krutsinger and Russell     


Fred Miselbrook, Jim Stephens   Pat Nattier

    Fred Miselbrook, Jim Stephens, __________, _____ Kleeman                  Pat Nattier (Co. HW  Sec.)


Charlie Schaffer Waldo & Kathryn Boyles

         Charlie Schaffer (S.C.S. employee)                              Waldo and Kathryn Boyles


Ernie Leicht  

             Ernie Leicht                                                              ?


Harold Jones, John Jones, Lewis Jones, Jack Cox

               Harold Jones, John Jones, Lewis Jones, and Jack Cox


Frank Molenhauer      Merle & Bertha Johnston    

            Frank Molenhauer (?)                                      Merle and Bertha Johnston


Fred Buchanan   Irene & Curt Dixon

       Fred Buchanan (Civil Defense)                                     Irene and Curt Dixon of DuQuoin


Lloyd Weeks  Jess Miller

                                     Lloyd Weeks                                                                    Jess Miller


Jim Jones   John S. Ford, Hurshel Maxey, Fletch Cole

                 Jim Jones                                          John S. Ford, Hurshel Maxey, and Fletch Cole


Rhea Shreffler, Hazel Maxey    Connie Evans Ford

                       Rhea Shreffler and Hazel Maxey                                                   Connie Evans Ford


Emma Rainey, Elmer Frizzell, Hurshel Maxey, Fletch Cole, John S. Ford

__________, ___________, Emma Rainey, Elmer Frizzell, Hurshel Maxey, Fletch Cole, John S. Ford


Stella Laswell, Grace Day, Elsie Smith, Lillie Shreffler, Rhea Shreffler

        Minnie Atkins, Stella Laswell, Grace Day, Jessie Slagley, Lillie Shreffler, Rhea Shreffler 


Myron (Barney) Craig     Donna & Bill Beard, Veretta Randolph Garrett   

      Myron “Barney” Craig                         Donna and Bill Beard, Veretta Randolph Garrett     


Nancy Smith Diss  Halice Lewis

         Nancy Smith Diss                                    Lewis' wagon drive by Fred Goldman


Lila Williams, Bob Williams   Floyd Riley

       Lila Williams, Lions Officials, and Bob Williams                            Floyd Riley


Letha & Jack Rose  Donald Meyer

                     Letha and Clyde Rose                                                            Donald Meyer


Esta Garrett Robb   Jane Lowe

                             Esta Garrett Robb                                                         Jane Lowe


Bob Ford

                                  Bob Ford


Marion County Highway Dept, Estel Williams, Ron Hawkins

                                               Marion County Highway Dept;

__________, __________, Estel Williams, Ronald Lane, ________, __________, _________, _________, Ron Hawkins



Bob & Lila Williams, Rev. Bruce Hough, Delbert & Edith Smith, Evelyn Ford

Bob and Lila Williams, Mrs. and Rev. Bruce Hough; Delbert and Edith Smith, Evelyn Ford 



Marge Boyd  Marge Boyd

                     Marge Boyd                                                                 Marge Boyd



Clyde C. Bassett

                                                          Clyde C. Bassett



Clyde & Florence Bassett

                                                  Clyde and Florence Bassett



Herb Vandeveer     Pat Williams, Ava Williams, Doris & Paul Stubblefield

                     Herb Vandeveer                                                          Pat & Ava Williams; Doris & Paul Stubblefield



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