Bob Ford slides from the 1960's - 1970's - Book #2            


    In the 1960's and 1970's, Bob Ford of Alma, IL snapped thousands of photos

    around Marion county.  Many of these slides included townspeople around 

    Alma and Kinmundy on any given day.  Enjoy your walk down Main Street!


                  (Note: Since there are so many images, these have been divided up into several books for the website. 

       Remember that you can also use CTRL-F to find a particular surname within these pictures when you are on the page.) 


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Ted Lowe       Killion

                          Ted Lowe                                                         Vernon Killion


Hurshel Maxey       Ralph McWhirter       Dewey Whitson

           Hurshel Maxey                            Ralph McWhirter                             Dewey Whitson


Charlie Atteberry    Jack & Dot Osborne

             Charlie Atteberry                                                     Jack and Dot Osborne


Margie Wright    Florence Johnson   Winnie Yearian

          Margie Wright                          Florence Johnson                           Winnie Yearian


Stella Laswell, Grace Day        Olive Kline

                      Stella Laswell and Grace Day                                                 Olive Kline


Stella Laswell, Grace Day    Grace Day

                        Stella Laswell and Grace Day                                             Grace Day


Amy Hines             Amy Hines

               Amy Hines                                   Bonnie Winks                                    Amy Hines  


Elmer Frizzell      Doyle (Pete) Randolph     Frances Kerley

           Elmer Frizzell                          Doyle “Pete” Randolph                     Frances Kerley


       J.B. (Brownie) Maxey       Buddy Earl Maxey

              J. Smith                                 J.B. “Brownie” Maxey                     Buddy Earl Maxey


Lloyd Maxey     Omar Maxey      

           Lloyd Maxey                               Omar Maxey                                          ?


Eleanor Whitson    Fleeta Orr    Mel Hawkins

           Eleanor Whitson                             Fleeta Orr                                   Mel Hawkins          


Jess Charlton    Don Clark   Bertha Arnold

           Jess Charlton                                      Don Clark                                 Bertha Arnold


Don Clark   Dorothy Allphin   Delilah Caldwell

                Don Clark                                   Dorothy Allphin                             Delilah Caldwell


Dwain Smith      Lettie Getts     

          Dwain Smith                                      Lottie Getts                                             ?


Forrest Williams     Gary Hawkins     Myron (Barney) Craig

         Forrest Williams                             Gary Hawkins                          Myron “Barney” Craig


Denny Osborne        Virginia Gammon

           Denny Osborne                                      ?                                     Virginia Gammon


Dorothy & John McCulley       Kate McWhiter

                       Dorothy and John McCulley                                             Kate McWhirter


Carroll Michael    Nina Middleton    Mont Ritter

              Carroll Michael                              Nina Middleton                              Mont Ritter


Fred Moody    Raymond Maulding    Lewis (Purg) Muehlhausen

              Fred Moody                            Raymond Maulding               Lewis “Purg” Muehlhausen


Cleo Mulvaney      Judy Mulvaney Tranum      Dorothy (Slagley) Cornell

           Cleo Mulvaney                    Judy Mulvaney Tranum            Dorothy (Slagley) Cornell


Bill Butts, Ike Gammon      Lew Neatherly

                         Bill Butts and Ike Gammon                                                 Lew Neatherly


Les McWhirter, Bill Hester      Everett Newman

                       Les McWhirter and Bill Hester                                             Everett Newman


Lloyd Hines      Deke Ingram      Mattie Muehlhausen

            Lloyd Hines                                “Deke” Ingram                         Mattie Muehlhausen


Ella Mae Hester      George Ford     Nina Middleton

          Ella Mae Hester                              George Ford                               Nina Middleton


Roy Sullivan     Waldo Austin     Dutch Olden

             Roy Sullivan                              Waldo Austin                               “Dutch” Olden


Jack Osborne      Mary Perkins     Jerry Phillips

            Jack Osborne                               Mary Perkins                                Jerry Phillips


John Phillips        Lillie Phillips       Darrell Randolph

            John Phillips                               Lillie Phillips                             Darrell Randolph


Mont Ritter     Lewis (Purg) & Mattie Muehlhausen, Lela & Walter Schoonover

              Mont Ritter                    Lewis “Purg” & Mattie Muehlhausen, Lela & Walter Schoonover        


Morris & Carol Ritter         Mack Robb

                          Morris and Carol Ritter                                                       Mack Robb


Karen Robnett       Letha Rose      Essie Ross Day

           Karen Robnett                                 Letha Rose                           Essie (Day) Mazanek


Opal Ruddell     Rev. Richard Schmidt     Rodney Schooley

              Opal Ruddell                           Rev. Richard Schmidt                      Rodney Schooley



Schoreck             Deke Ingram

              Effie (Nesbittt) Schoreck                                                       “Deke” Ingram


 Wanda Eagan           Merle See

                                Wanda Eagan                                                             Merle See


Lois Howell Aumiller      Mary Lane       Cecil Lane

    Lois Howell Aumiller                           Mary Lane                                    Cecil Lane


Jim Eagan        Jim & Wanda Eagan

               Jim Eagan                                                         Jim and Wanda Eagan


Florence (Conant) Franklin      Marvin Cobb

                    Florence (Conant) Franklin                                                      Marvin Cobb


Ben Aumiller        Donna Krutsinger      John Smith            

           Ben Aumiller                           Donna Krutsinger                             John Smith


Patty Perry Hanks        Jim Mulvaney        Lela Helpingstine

         Patty Perry Hanks                    Jim Mulvaney (from Iuka)                   Lela Helpingstine


Evelyn & Raymond Swift        Earl (Barber) Allmon

                        Evelyn and Raymond Swift                                              Earl “Barber” Allmon


Flossie Cole     Edith & John Phiillips

            Flossie Cole                                                  Edith and John Phillips


Hugh Copple        Fannie Smalley        Dolly Sill

             Hugh Copple                                Fannie Smalley                                   Dolly Sill


Kathleen Day       Majorie Green       Ralph Krutsinger

           Kathleen Day                               Marjorie Green                               Ralph Krutsinger


        Earl Shanafelt       Hugh Shanfelt

                     ?                                          Earl Shanafelt                              Hugo Shanafelt


Gordon Shreffler          Chuck Shufeldt

            Gordon Shreffler                               Chuck Shufeldt


Darrell (Red) Shuler      Velma Shuler      Gale Sill

     Darrell “Red” Shuler                           Velma Shuler                                      Gale Sill


Frank Smalley     Beryl Smith      Delbert Smith

           Frank Smalley                              Beryl Smith                                   Delbert Smith


Elsie Smith         Dutch Harris, Lillie Shreffler   

                      Elsie Smith                                      “Dutch” Harris & Lillie Shreffler              


Minnie Smith     Minnie Smith, Edith Butts

          Minnie Smith                                               Minnie Smith and Edith Butts


Alma Standard Station, Alma, Illinois 

                                                           Alma Standard Station




  Helen Sullivan       Larry Sullivan

                            Helen Sullivan                                                     Larry Sullivan


Paul Stubblefield      Jack Stroud      Roy Sullivan

       Paul Stubblefield                            Jack Stroud                                    Roy Sullivan


Roberta Swift       Harry Tate       Charlie Tockstein

          Roberta Swift                Harry Tate (Civil Defense Chief)            Charlie Tockstein


Helen Williams           Lila Williams

                            Helen Williams                                                       Lila Williams


Rhea & Ted Lowe        

 Mrs. Smith (Nancy’s mother-in-law), Rhea & Ted Lowe                     Thelma Whitson


Johnny Walker     Charlie Wells      Lottie Willams 

           Johnny Walker                            Charlie Wells                               Lottie Williams


Russell (Pus) Williams        Roy Williams

                       Russell “Pus” Williams                                              Roy Williams


Russell (Pus) Williams      Andy Winks      Dwight Day

     Russell “Pus” Williams                       Andy Winks                               Dwight Day


Sam & Aurelia Winfrey             

                          Sam and Aurelia Winfrey                                              Rene Wilson


Dave Wooden     Jack Yates      

             Dave Wooden                            Jack Yates                                     Harrie Young


Winnie Yearian     Cecil & Mary Lane

          Winnie Yearian                                                    Cecil and Mary Lane


Henry Charlton     Dollie Charlton    Anna Voyles

          Henry Charlton                            Dollie Charlton                             Anna Voyles


Freda Currie       Lillian Currie     Melvin Currie

         Freda Currie                               Lillian Currie                             Melvin Currie


Mary Beth Cross, Lillian & Melvin Currie     Harrie Young

            Mary Beth Cross, Lillian & Melvin Currie                            Harrie Young


John D. & Wilma Purcell     Ivan Wilkins

                            John D. and Wilma Purcell                                         Ivan Wilkins


Leo (Mike) Deadmond, Earl Basom       Joyce Wilkins   

                 Leo “Mike” Deadmond and Earl Basom                                              Joyce Wilkins


Oran & Lois Alderson     Joyce Wilkins

                             Oran and Lois Alderson                                                        Joyce Wilkins


Richard Ford     Jim Ballance

               Richard Ford                                                 Jim Ballance (of Patoka)


Bess Hiestand, Ethel Knisley     Tom Gainer

                     Bess Hiestand and Ethel Knisley                                               Tom Gainer


Rudy Slane    Lowell Holler    Helen Feather

               Rudy Slane                                  Lowell Holler                                  Helen Feather


Bea Smith    Royce Bringwald, Howard Bringwald

             Bea Smith                                                   Royce and Howard Bringwald


Charlie DeWeese   

                                 Charlie DeWeese                                                               ?


Kris Henken, Rex Henken, Rhonda Sullivan, Tom Jones, Kirk Wilkins       Standford Broom

Kris and Rex Henken, Rhonda Sullivan, Tom Jones, & Kirk Wilkins                Stanford Broom


Brian Jones, Richard Jones     

                            Brian and Richard Jones                                          Charles Dean Thalman                      


Dewey Lacey      Marshall Craig

                             Dewey Lacey                                                        Marshall Craig



Loren Williams, John S. Ford

        Loren Williams and John S. Ford in front of the old Claude Rainey home



     Bill Tockstein

                                     ?                                                                   Bill Tockstein




Linda Wilkins         Merle Johnston

                            Linda Wilkins                                                          Merle Johnston


    Janet Thalman    Junior Bryant

                      ?                                         Janet Thalman                             Junior Bryant


     G.R. Junior Schirr      

                    ?                                        G.R. Junior Schirr                                  ?


       Minnie Atkins

                        ?                                                 ?                                          Minnie Atkins           


     Lulu Smith Barrell    Ben Aumiller

                         ?                                      Lulu Smith Barrell                                 Ben Aumiller


Bertha & Everett Newman      

Bertha (Smith) Beard Newman, Melissa (Jones) Kinnard & Everett Newman            ?Aunt Rudy


Alma Main Street, Alma, Illinois

                                                          Alma Main Street



Alma Main Street, Alma, Illinois

                                                          Alma Main Street


Alma Main Street, Alma, Illinois

                                                          Alma Main Street



Alma Main Street, Alma, Illinois

                                                          Alma Main Street





Alma Easter Egg hunt, Alma, Illinois            Clyde C. Bassett

             Alma Easter Egg Hunt                                                       Clyde C. Bassett



Ted & Brenda Arnold   Barbara McNicol Bargh

                      Ted and Brenda Arnold                                                   Barbara McNicol Bargh





Clyde C. Bassett, Gordon Shreffler    Buddy Brimberry

                       Clyde C. Bassett and Gordon Shreffler                                            Buddy Brimberry


Joe Bargh   Mary & Loren Beck

                               Joe Bargh                                                           Mary and Loren Beck


 Vera Middleton Barksdale     Marvin Bassett    Maxine Peddicord Brimberry 

    Vera Middleton Barksdale                   Marvin Bassett               Maxine Peddicord Brimberry


Bill Beard     Donna Beard   Jack Cox

                Bill Beard                                      Donna Beard                                        Jack Cox


Buddy Brimberry    Bob Ford

                            Buddy Brimberry                                                                          Bob Ford


Fred Buchanan

                           Fred Buchanan


Kathy Brimberry, Ruth Brimberry      Carl Dunlap

                        Kathy and Ruth Brimberry                                                    Carl Dunlap


Peck Brown      Junior Bryant    Debbie Deadmond

             Peck Brown                               Junior Bryant                             Debbie Deadmond


Henry Charlton, Marshall Craig    Louise Feather

                      Henry Charlton and Marshall Craig                                                   Louise Feather


Hugh & Olga Copple   Charles Lee Ford, Bob Ford 

                                   Hugh and Olga Copple                                         Charles Lee Ford and Bob Ford


Roy Doolen, J.N. Vallow     Mac Garrett

                         Roy Doolen and J.N. Vallow                                                      Mac Garrett


Nevada & Bill Deadmond     Bill Hester 

                           Nevada and Bill Deadmond                                                   Bill Hester


Louise & Gene Ernst    John W. Ford

                                  Louise and Gene Ernst                                                        John W. Ford




Evelyn Ford, Lulu Owen, Grace Jackson, Bud &  Dorothy Cornell, Earl Jackson, Jason Owen

  Evelyn Ford, Lulu Owen, Grace Jackson, Bud and Dorothy Cornell, Earl Jackson, and Jason Owen



Evelyn Ford, Charlotte Mazanek, Virginia Gammon      Gary Hawkins 

   Evelyn Ford, Charlotte Mazanek and Virginia Gammon                        Gary Hawkins


Helen and Floyd Garrett        Ernie Henson, Jon Henson  

                         Helen and Floyd Garrett                                      Ernie Henson and Jon


Lela Helpingstine      Jesse &  Maxine George

           Lela Helpingstine                                              Jesse and Maxine George


Bill Hester, Clyde Bassett     Jimmy Dan Hester

                         Bill Hester and Clyde Bassett                                              Jimmy Dan Hester


Bill & Ella Mae Hester     Sam Jones

                          Bill and Ella Mae Hester                                                                  Sam Jones


Iva Hicks     Rev. Bruce Hough

                         Iva Hicks                                                         Mrs. and Rev. Bruce Hough


Rev. Bruce Hough, Bob Williams, Clarence Brainard    Earl Jackson

  Rev. Bruce Hough, Bob Williams, and Clarence Brainard                             Earl Jackson


Earl Jackson        Charlotte Feather Lewis      

                             Earl Jackson                                                       Charlotte Feather Lewis


Merle Jones       Stella Laswell

                                      Merle Jones                                                          Stella Laswell


Bill Jones      Omar Maxey

                                      Bill Jones                                                             Omar Maxey


Joyce Jones, Joann Eagan     Jerry Mulvaney

                       Joyce Jones and Joann Eagan                                                 Jerry Mulvaney


Becky Jones, Connie Ford, John S. Ford       Dennis Maxey

            Becky Jones, Connie Ford, and John S. Ford                                    Dennis Maxey


Bill Jones, Cecil Jones    Kate McWhirter

                                   Bill and Cecil Jones                                                     Kate McWhirter


Jim Kennedy     Kathryn Williams 

                                  Jim Kennedy                                                           Kathryn Williams


Dutch Linton     Jane Lowe

                             Dutch Linton                                                                     Jane Lowe


Jane & Sammy Lowe         Lela Williams  

                          Jane and Sammy Lowe                                                      Lela Williams


Judy & Jerry Mulvaney        Bob Wright

                         Judy and Jerry Mulvaney,

  and Bessie Hazel (Hale) Mulvaney (wife of Clark Mulvaney)                          Bob Wright


Dean Osborne, Frances Osborne     Roy Whitney

                           Dean and Frances Osborne                                                Roy Whitney


Vivian Osborne, Dean Osborne, Francis Osborne, Dinah Motch         Joe Polanka

Vivian Osborne, Dean and Francis Osborne, & Dinah Motch                      Joe Polanka


Jason & Lulu Owen         Linnie Polanka

                              Jason and Lulu Owen                                                      Linnie Polanka


Delores Parker, Marge Shuler       Emma Rainey

                   Delores Parker and Marge Shuler                                           Emma Rainey


Earl Purdue, John S. Ford         Jessie Purdue

                            Earl Purdue and John S. Ford                                               Jessie Purdue


Lillie Shreffler      Effie Doolen Robb

          Lillie Shreffler                                                  Effie Doolen Robb


        Bob Sill

                   Ray                                                                       Bob Sill


Judy & Rudy Slane    Bill Soldner

                               Judy and Rudy Slane                                                      Bill Soldner


Leroy Swift    Bess Hiestand & Ethel Knisely

                        Leroy Swift                                                Bess Hiestand and Ethel Kniseley


Raymond Swift       Virgil See

        Raymond Swift                                                _______________ and Virgil See



Kathryn Williams       Bill Williams

             Maude _________ and Kathryn Williams                                         Bill Williams


Bill Beard, Ernie Broom    Donna Shreffler Williams

         Dr. Kane, Lions Official, Bill Beard, and Ernie Broom                       Donna Shreffler Williams


Dick Feather, Carroll Garrett    Melvin Maxey

                              Dick Feather and Carroll Garrett                                                Melvin Maxey


Donna Beard, Louise Malone   

              Donna Beard and Louise Malone




               Jesse George & Lowry Sutherland


                    Bill Hester & Lester McWhirter                                             Emma Rainey




Wilma Purcell, Louise Malone         Edna Brieman

            Wilma Purcell and Louise Malone                                      Edna Breiman


Ernie Broom      Velma Hiltzmann

                    Ernie Broom and Dr. Kane                                        Velma Hiltzmann


Claren Hosselton    

              Claren Hosselton (K-A Ag Teacher)                                            ?


Lindell Anderson    Frank Bredar

                            Lindell Anderson                                                             ?Frank Bredar


Howard Downey        Claude “Tub” Williams       Bill Butts

          Howard Downey                       Claude “Tub” Williams                              Bill Butts


Mary Gregory       Pat Donoho

               Mary Gregory                                            ?                                               Pat Donoho


Velma Shuler             

          Velma Shuler                                                        Sylvia Brasel


Dennis Osborne       

                            Dennis Osborne                                             Birdella Storment


Bob Sill   Albert & Martha Meyer

                  Bob Sill                                                         Albert and Martha Meyer


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