Bob Ford slides from the 1960's - 1970's - Book #1            


    In the 1960's and 1970's, Bob Ford of Alma, IL snapped thousands of photos

    around Marion county.  Many of these slides included townspeople around 

    Alma and Kinmundy on any given day.  Enjoy your walk down Main Street!


                         (Note: Since there are so many images, these have been divided up into several books for the website. 

             Remember that you can also use CTRL-F to find a particular surname within these pictures when you are on the page.) 



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Lois Alderson     Mary Margaret Kennedy with Carole Purcell & Charles Purcell

                      Lois Alderson                                                 Mary Margaret Kennedy with

                                                                                                 Carole & Charles Purcell


Pearle Garrett   Bud Cornell


                                  Bud Cornell



                Pearle Garrett                


Harlas Krutsinger        Delores & Kenneth Parker

        Harlas Krutsinger                                           Delores & Kenneth Parker

Thelma Whitson    Cecilia Brainwald     Frank Garrett

          Thelma Whitson                       Cecilia Brainwald                         Frank Garrett   


Frank Garrett, Frank Smalley

          ______________, Frank Garrett, and Frank Smalley


Ann Mazanek Arnold      Joye Lyons

       Ann Mazanek Arnold                                   Joye Lyons

Charles Bee     Dan Rainey    Mildred McWhirter

           Charles Bee                                   Dan Rainey                            Mildred McWhirter


Elmer Frizzell        Roy Williams

          Elmer Frizzell                                               Roy Williams


Minnie Atkins     Ann Boyle         

          Minnie Atkins                                     Ann Boyle (?)                           (?)

Vera Johnston,  J.N. Vallow    

                                            Vera Johnston & J.N. Vallow                                              




George Ford     Mary Gregory     J.N. Vallow

          George Ford                              Mary Gregory                                  J.N. Vallow   


Junior Black     Colleen Black    Ted Lowe

           Junior Black                                Colleen Black                                    Ted Lowe


Flo Atkinson      Nancy Lowe Smith's mother-in-law       Dewey Whitson  

          Flo Atkinson                 Nancy Lowe Smith’s mother-in-law             Dewey Whitson


Pug Muehlhausen,  Myron (Barney) Craig     Brieman's uncle

          “Purg” Muehlhausen & Myron “Barney” Craig                                Breiman’s uncle (?)

Les McWhirter      Killion     Charlie Fradenburg     

           Les McWhirter                            Vernon Killion                              Charlie Fradenburg


     Barney & Ruby Barbee

                 (?)                                                     Barney & Ruby Barbee


Carl Basom     Earl Basom     Bill Beard

             Carl Basom                                     Earl Basom                                   Bill Beard

Fred Behnke     Bob Blackburn    Clarence Brainard

             Fred Behnke                                     Bob Blackburn                         Clarence Brainard


 Dola Brasel       Edna Brieman         Freda Currie

            Dola Brasel                                Edna Breiman                                  Freda Currie


Joe Brimberry      Ruth Brimberry    E.E. (Peck) Brown

           Joe Brimberry                           Ruth Brimberry                         E.E. “Peck” Brown

Rita Brown       Marvin Dace       Jim Davis

            Rta Brown                                 Marvin  Dace                              Jim Davis


Ethel Mae Davidson Piper         Ralph (Jerry) & Halcyon Davis

 Ethel Mae Davidson Piper                                   Ralph “Jerry” & Halcyon Davis


Marian (Davis) Barksdale, Ralph (Jerry) & Halcyon Davis

       Marian (Davis) Barksdale, Ralph “Jerry” & Halcyon Davis

D.C. (Dite) Day       Leo (Mike) Deadmond      Naomi Chance

          D.C. “Dite” Day                          Leo “Mike” Deadmond                 Naomi Chance


Dwight Day         Berniece Holler  

               Dwight Day                                    Bonnie Winks                                Berniece Holler


Ron Hawkins       Mike Duncan

                     Wilma and Ron Hawkins                                                    Mike Duncan

        Dewey Whitson

                                     ?                                                           Dewey Whitson


O.E. (Pid) & Mary Garrett    Waldo Austin

                        O.E. “Pid” and Mary Garrett                                                    Waldo Austin


O.E. (Pid) Garrett, Sam Lowe, Mary Garrett     Bea Allphin

              O.E. “Pid” Garrett, Sam Lowe, and Mary Garrett                               Bea Allphin


Jim Diss     Leon Diss     L.C. (Shorty) Diss

               Jim Diss                                          Leon Diss                                L.C. “Shorty” Diss


Charlie Atteberry      Charlie DeFord   Roy Sullivan

         Charlie Atteberry                            Charlie DeFord                                   Roy Sullivan


Howard & Florence Downey      Max Dye

                      Howard and Florence Downey                                           Max Dye

Raymond & Allie Eagan      Charles Ford

                                 Raymond and Allie Eagan                                            Charles Ford


Mack & Mildred Robb     Orville Porter

                               Mack and Mildred Robb                                                    Orville Porter


Rodney & Dorothy Schooley     Imogene Feather

                         Rodney and Dorothy Schooley                                             Imogene Feather


Wilburn Wooden, Fred Moody   Mattie Muehhausen

                   Wilburn Wooden and Fred Moody                                    Mattie Muehlhausen


           Nancy (Lowe) Johnson, Ken Johnson

          St. Louis Nurse                                 Nancy (Lowe) Johnson and Ken Johnson


Cleve McWhirter, Les McWhirter  

                             Cleve and Les McWhirter                                     Sherry Gaston at PCA Office


Colleen Eagan      Raymond Schuler      

           Colleen Eagan                          Raymond Shuler                                     ?


   Cleve McWhirter   Wilburn Wooden

                       ?                                     Cleve McWhirter                     Wilburn Wooden     


Delsie Ford    John S. Ford   Freda Garrett

              Delsie Ford                                    John S. Ford                                   Freda Garrett

Ike Gammon     Irene Gammon   Ellis Howell

              Ike Gammon                             Irene Gammon                          Ellis Howell


Barbara White, Freda Garrett, Carolyn Shanafelt       Jesse George

      Barbara White, Freda Garrett, & Carolyn Shanafelt                                Jesse George


Mary Gergory      Bill Hammers      Dutch Harris

           Mary Gregory                                   Bill Hammers                              “Dutch” Harris

Harvey Hanna, Harold Stedelin      Henry Hassebrock

                   Harvey Hanna and Harold Stedelin                                            Henry Hassebrock


Pam & Gary Hawkins         Dorothy Hawn

                          Pam and Gary Hawkins                                                  Dorothy Hawn


George Hays     Wes Headley     Harry Helm

             George Hays                               Wes Headley                                     Harry Helm


Orie Henson     Jigs Heskett     Bill Hester

            Orie Henson                               “Jigs” Heskett                                     Bill Hester


Rev. Bruce Hough          Dale Hulsey          Clyde Osborne

          Rev. Bruce Hough                            Dale Hulsey                                  Clyde Osborne


Sue Hulsey          Grace Jackson      Loren Williams

             Sue Hulsey                                   Grace Jackson                 Loren Williams (west of town)

Erschel Jenkins     Ralph Johnnie      Dick Johnson

           Erschel Jenkins                             Ralph Johnnie                                Dick Johnson


Frank Johnson       Karen Johnson, Verma Shuler

            Frank Johnson                                          Karen Johnson and Velma Shuler


Becky Jones    Edgar (Dutch) Jones    James Jones

           Becky Jones                           Edgar “Dutch” Jones                            James Jones

Marge Jones     Mary Jones     Bertha Beard Newman

            Marge Jones                               Mary Jones                              Bertha (Smith) Beard Newman


Raymond & Allie Eagan         Allie Eagan

                      Raymond & Allie Eagan                                                         Allie Eagan


Raymond Eagan       Frances Kerley    Stella Laswell

           Raymond Eagan                              Frances Kerley                             Stella Laswell


Wanda (Logue) & Jim Kerley      Mary Osborne

         Wanda (Logue) Kerley, Jim Kerley, and children                                Mary Osborne


Frances Kerley, Nellie Logue     Frank Allen

                   Frances Kerley and Nellie Logue                                               Frank Allen


Jessie (Slagley) & Fletch Cole       Blanche Kennedy 

                 Jessie (Slagley) Cole and Fletch Cole                                      Blanche Kennedy

Mel Hawkins, Frank Allen   Elmer Frizzell

                     Mel Hawkins and Frank Allen                                           Elmer Frizzell


Merle Arnold       Elmer Frizzell

                              Merle Arnold                                                               Elmer Frizzell


Fletch Cole     Cecil Aldrich     Fletch Cole

              Fletch Cole                                  Cecil Aldrich                                     Fletch Cole

Mattie & Pug Muehlhausen        Gordon Winks

                       Mattie and “Purg” Muehlhausen                                              Gordon Winks


Jessie (Slagley) Cole      Frank Garrett     Mary Margaret Kennedy

        Jessie (Slagley) Cole                          Frank Garrett                            Mary Margaret Kennedy


Helen & Dwight Day

                      Helen and Dwight Day

Bob Kerley       Stella Laswell     Rhea Lowe

             Bob Kerley                                   Stella Laswell                               Rhea Lowe


Nellie Logue       Earl Loomis    Charles Lowe

               Nellie Logue                                  Earl Loomis                               Charles Lowe


Sam Lowe        Loren Williams

               Sam Lowe                                                             Loren Williams


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