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   We are looking for photos of people and/or places from around Kinmundy & Alma.  Can you help?

Or maybe you have stories or memories from the "Good Old Days"?  What do YOU remember?

        The Kinmundy Historical Society would be honored to preserve your memories and stories.  We also have the

equipment to scan (or copy) your photos so that they may be enjoyed now as well as for generations yet to come!

        We would love to hear from you!  For more information, please contact: 


   Dolores (Ford) Mobley – Dolores@ford-mobley.com

                       208 Joan Dr.; Divernon, IL  62530; (217) 625-7527



            Gladys (Corrie) See – gsee49@yahoo.com

                                         408 S. Washington St.; Kinmundy, IL 62854; (618) 547-7731




O'Dell Kinmundy

(FO-1) Lewis J.T. & Ruby (Wilson) O'Dell family - 1958

Back row: Kathleen O’Dell, Lewis T. O’Dell, Marilyn (O’Dell) Black, Kent O'Dell

Front row: Lewis J.T. O’Dell and Ruby (Wilson) O’Dell


Lewis J.T. O’Dell and Ruby (Wilson) O’Dell, two long-time educators in the Kinmundy-Alma Unit School district are seen in this picture with their four children, Lewis T. O’Dell, Kent W. O’Dell, Marilyn O’Dell Black, and Kathy O’Dell.  This picture was taken in 1958.  The family has lived in the Kinmundy area since the fall of 1946 when Mr. Lewis J.T. O’Dell became superintendent of the then Kinmundy School District.  He continued in that role until disabled by a stroke in early 1958.  Mrs. O’Dell taught 25 or 26 years, including 20 years in the Kinmundy High School English Department, coached numerous plays and served as judge of themes submitted for the National Conference of Teachers of English.  In 1964 she was recognized as the Marion County Teacher of the Year.  Both were active members of the Kinmundy Methodist Church and local service clubs, including the city’s Centennial celebration.  Mrs. O’Dell was director / coach for the centennial play and Mr. O’Dell one of the actors.  They lived on the old Gray farm north of Kinmundy, until moving to town after Mr. O’Dell’s stroke.  Although they didn’t know each other at the time, both graduated from Southern Illinois Normal University, now SIU-C, in 1928.  They met in Filmore, IL when both were teachers there.  They married in Vandalia and later Mr. O’Dell taught or served as an administrator at Donnellson, New Baden, and DuQuoin.  Mr. O’Dell spent some time studying for his graduate degree at the University in Greely, Colorado.  He earned his master’s degree from the University of Illinois, Champaign-Urbana, where he was a Phi Beta Kappa.  Mrs. O’Dell did a year’s graduate work in English at Washington University in 1930-31 and received her bachelor’s degree in 1961 from Southern Illinois University – Carbondale.  Before he marriage, she taught three years in one-room schools in the Crab Orchard area and then at Fillmore.  After they were married, she was a stay-at-home mother, until their youngest daughter started first grade in Kinmundy.   Mr. O’Dell died in 1976.  Mrs. O’Dell died in 1982.  Sons, Kent (and his wife, Rena) and Lewis (and his wife, Helen) live in the Kinmundy area.  Daughter Marilyn O’Dell Black and her husband, Frank, are residents of Carbondale.  Kathy lives in Shiloh, IL.


(Submitted by Rena O’Dell in 2007)



(FO-5) William Sherman O'Dell and Sarah Evaline (Short) O'Dell family - 1912

(L to R) Leona, William Sherman O'Dell with Lester standing between legs, Elsie, Blanche (with bows),

             Sarah Evaline (Short) O'Dell holding Winnie in her lap, Vernie, and Florence.

             (Not pictured is Elva Leroy who was already out of the house by the time the photo was taken.)



(O- 12) Mable (Keen) Olden & Ray Olden - Dec 1977



(O-13) Ray Olden, Cliff Olden, and Leland "Shorty" Olden



(FO-11) Oulrey family siblings - Children of Samuel & Nancy (Hannah) Oulrey - ca 1875

Back Row: Mary "Dutch" (Oulrey) McKinley, Clara Rae (Oulrey) Mackey, Sarah Isabel "Belle" (Oulrey) McKee, Nancy Rebecca Oulrey

Front Row: Rachael Kathryn "Kate" (Oulrey) Coon, Hugh Nicholas Oulrey, Frances Minerva "Frankie" (Oulrey) Grove



(FO-10) Family of Hugh Nicholas Oulrey & Delilah Dora (Pike) Oulrey - posed with children - circa 1900

 Samuel Sly Oulrey, Myrtle Z. Oulrey, Hugh Nicholas Oulrey, Iollian Tressa (Oulrey) Sladek, Delilah (Pike) Oulrey,

baby Ellen (Oulrey) Carter, and Allie Leona (Oulrey) Hanks




    (FO-9)  Lulu (Foster) Owen                                   (FO-6) Lulu (Foster) Owen                                (FO-8) Lulu (Foster) Owen


Owen Alma Illinois

“Miss Lulu” (Foster) Owen & Jason Owen



(FO-2) Vernice and Willie Franklin "Jack" Osborn



(FO-3) Osborn family

Back row:  Homer Osborn,  Rosie (Osborn) Gillespie,  James Osborn

Front row: Clyde Osborn, Florence (Osborn) Bassett, Willie Jack Osborn


(FO-12) Warren and Anna (Black) Osborne



  (FP-8) Andrew J. Parrill and Maggie (McClure) Parrill family

      Andrew J. Parrill, Mrs. Maggie E. Parrill, Della Cruse, Raymond H. Cruse, LaRue J. Parrill, Marinda Parrill, Henry Andrew Cruse

   (from "Brinkerhoff's History of Marion Co., IL" - 1909)



Phillips Alma Illinois

Bessie & Logan Phillips



(FP-7) Henry Pool & Mary Ann (Smith) Pool



Pruett Kinmundy

(FP-1) Charles Pruett family


Pruett Kinmundy

(FP-2a) Get Well Message to Mrs. Ella Newell   c/o Egyptian Hospital; Mt. Vernon, IL

From friends,

F.A. & A.E. Pruett   -  July 24, 1912


(FP-3) Four Generations of the Purcell family.  Thomas, Carl, Dwight, Dan.


(FP-5b) Purcell family

Back row: Dan, Dwight, and Mattie

Front row: Thomas, Carl, Carrie, Charles


(FP-4) Dan Purcell and Mattie (Craig) Purcell family

Top row: Mattie

Middle row: Dwight, Eula, Dan, and Ruth

Bottom row: Lora and Irma



(FP-6) Dan Purcell and Mattie (Craig) Purcell



(FP-7) John D. Purcell and Wilma (Osborn) Purcell



(FR-14)  Freda (Doolen) Walker Rainey Currie and Harry Rainey


(FR-16) Alice Readnour



Robb Kinmundy

(FR-1) Robb family barn


Robb Kinmundy Conant Cole

(FC-4) Mack Robb & Nell (Conant) Robb, George Cole & Flossie (Williams) Cole




Robb Kinmundy Jackson Doolen

(FR-3) Robert C. Robb & Effie (Jackson) Doolen Robb



Effie Jackson Doolen Robb Kinmundy

(FR-4) Effie (Jackson) Doolen Robb


Agnes Pruett Robb Kinmundy

(FR-5) Agnes (Pruett) Robb (1824 – 1908) mother of Martha (Robb) Doolen



Francis McKendree Robb & Julia Melissa (Lowe) Robb

(FR-12a) Francis McKendree Robb & Julia Melissa (Lowe) Robb



(FR-7) Francis McKendry Robb & Julia (Lowe) Robb family;

Standing: Emma (Robb) Arnold, Agnes (Robb) Jones, Lou (Robb) Jones, Del (Robb) Doolen, Samuel Eli Robb

Seated: Francis McKendry Robb, Julia Melissa (Lowe) Robb, Harriett “Hat” (Robb) Green Arnold,


Eli Robb (Aug. 18, 1887 – Apr. 7, 1946) married Josie Ballance

Del (Dec. 28, 1870 – June 26, 1918) married Charles Doolen

Hat (Feb. 22, 1868 – Apr. 26, 1940) married Leroy Green and later J.T. Arnold



(FR-7) Francis McKendry Robb & Julia (Lowe) Robb family (circa 1912)

2nd row standing: Samuel Eli Robb, Henry Emmett Jones, Joe Thomas Arnold, Robb Hilton "Bob" Green, George Frank Jones, Charles I. Doolen

                            Guy Garfield Arnold, Lawrence Elston Green

1st row standing: Emma (Robb) Arnold, Ethel (Cox) Green, Mildred (Green) Brown, Josie (Ballance) Robb, Harriet (Robb) Green Arnold,

                            Lula "Lou" Robb Jones, Margaret Rosella "Dell" (Robb) Doolen, Mary Agnes (Robb) Jones

Seated in chairs: Francis McKendry Robb (he's holding on his right knee - James Robb Jones. and on left knee James Forrest Jones),

                           Julia Melissa (Lowe) Robb (she's holding Veda Frances Robb), Marion Virginia Green, Julia Pearle (Jones) Garrett

Sietting on porch: Dortha Gail Jones, Vivienne Helen (Arnold) Feather, Darrell Wesley Arnold, Sherman Eli Doolen, Harold Burdette Jones,

                           Robb Roy Jones, W.R. "Bill" Doolen, Samuel Merle Jones



(FR-18) Children of  Francis McKendry Robb & Julia (Lowe) Robb (circa 1915)

Harriet Elzora “Hat” (Robb) Green Arnold, Margaret Rosella "Del" (Robb) Doolen, Mary Agnes "Agnes" (Robb) Jones,

Emma Ann "Em" (Robb) Jones, Lulu Belle "Lou" (Robb) Jones, Samuel Eli "Hat" Robb



(FR-8) Daughters of  Francis McKendry Robb & Julia (Lowe) Robb (circa 1915)

Harriett “Hat” (Robb) Green Arnold, Mary Agnes (Robb) Jones, Lou (Robb) Jones, Emma (Robb) Arnold, Del (Robb) Doolen


(FR-56) Four generations - Merle Jones, Floyd Jones, Francis McKendree Robb, and Agnes (Robb) Jones



(FR-23) Samuel "Eli" Robb


Samuel Eli Robb & Josie Mildred (Ballance) Robb   

(FR-11) Samuel Eli Robb & Josie Mildred (Ballance) Robb                (FR-19) Josie (Ballance) Robb & Lous (Ballance) Warren



(FR-6) Eli & Josie (Ballance) Robb driving his matched team of horses  (ca 1917-18)




(FR-11) Veda Robb                                                                 (FR-20) Veda Robb



(FR-21) Veda Robb, Dosh Nirider, and Clara Doolen - Dec. 28, 1925



(FR-22) Back: Walt Doolen, Veda Robb, Renee Morgan

             Front: Clara Doolen



Robb Kinmundy

(FR-9a) Donald & Nola (Miller) Robb family – Nov. 16, 1996

Back row: Larry, Stanley, Morris, Bruce, Marlin, Dwayne, Sterling

Front row: Donald, Nola, Colleen



Robb Kinmundy

(FR-10) Robb family

             (Rhea Robb, is in the back row of the photo, 7th from left)




Robb Kinmundy

(FR-12) 1909 postcard to Albert Maxwell Robb family in buggy



 (FR-17) Robb cousins and sisters - April 22, 1960




ROONEY Family pictures including O'Brien, Anderson, Lyons and Craig family lines

(We do have more in our Archives, but here are some of them!)


(FR-31)  William Rooney & Catherine (O'Daughtery) Rooney


(FR-32) Bridget (Rooney) Anderson (daughter of William & Catherine (O'Daugherty) Rooney)


(FR-33) Mary Ellen "Mayme" Anderson (daughter of John & Bridget (Rooney) Anderson)



(FR-34) Margaret (Anderson) O'Brien (daughter of John & Bridget (Rooney) Anderson)


(FR-35) Ellen Rooney (daughter of William & Catherine (O'Daugherty) Rooney)



(FR-37) Anna (Rooney) Thompson Lyons (daughter of William & Catherine (O'Daugherty) Rooney)



(FR-38) Margaret Thelma Lyons (daughter of William Lyons & Anna (Rooney) Thompson Lyons)


(FR-39) Mike Rooney, Margaret (Folan) Rooney, Bridget (Rooney) Anderson, Mayme Anderson & Margaret (Anderson) O'Brien



(FR-40) Mary (Rooney) Donahue (daughter of William & Catherine (O'Daugherty) Rooney)



(FR-41) Ed Thompson, Kate (Rooney) Craig, Patsy, Jack, and Bill



(FR-42) Catherine (Rooney) Craig (daughter of William & Catherine (O'Daugherty) Rooney)



(FR-43) Margaret "Maggie" Cecelia (Rooney) O'Brien (daughter of William & Catherine (O'Daugherty) Rooney)



(FR-44) Daniel Patrick O'Brien & Margaret (Rooney) O'Brien       (FR-45)



(FR-47) Daniel Patrick O'Brien & Margaret "Maggie" (Rooney) O'Brien with daughters

            Cornelia "Cornie" O'Brien, Josephine "Josie" Snow, Maggie, DP, Amelda "Mel" Vallow, and Marie Donavan


(FR-53) Maggie with daughters - Amelda "Mel" Vallow, Cornelia "Cornie" O'Brien, Maggie (Rooney) O'Brien,

             Marie Donovan, Josephine "Josie" Snow - 1948



(FR-49)  Will Rooney (son of William & Catherine (O'Daugherty) Rooney)             (FR-48) Will Rooney at Anna (Rooney) Lyon's house



(FR-50) James Patrick Rooney (son of William & Catherine (O'Daugherty) Rooney)


(FR-51) Rooney sisters, all daughters of: William & Catherine (O'Daugherty) Rooney): 

Mary (Rooney) Donahue, Anna (Rooney) Lyons, Margaret (Rooney) O'Brien,

Bridget (Rooney) Anderson, Ellen Rooney, & Kate (Rooney) Craig (abt 1920)


(FR-52) Michael H. Murray, Jr.

Son of Michael H. Murray, Sr. & Bridget (Rooney) Murray



(FR-55) Rooney family photo



Ross Family - Alma, IL

Ross Family Reunion – (Possibly Grandfather & Grandmother’s 35th Wedding Anniversary) in 1900. 

Standing: Howard Winks, Amanda “Mandy” (French) Ross – wife of Whittie; Earl Ross – eldest son, Hattie Ross Sanders; Will “Uncle Bub” Sanders,

Andrew Ross, Elizabeth “Lizzie” (Ross) Williams, holding Lela; Essie (Day) Mazanek; Edith “Aunt Edie” (Ross) Day, True Claytor (husband of Emma (Ross) Claytor)

Seated: Rosa (Ross) Winks; Joseph “Uncle Whittie” Whitaker Ross, William Slutz Ross (“Grandpa”, “Uncle Billy”); Mark Ross (last child);

Mary Frances (Hart) Ross (“Grandma”, “Fanny”); Agnes Claytor; Ross Day; Emma (Ross) Claytor, holding Elizabeth (“Lizzie”, “Tommy”);

Verne Winks in little wagon; Gordon Winks, standing behind Verne; Ruth Ross (Uncle Whittie & Aunt Mandy’s child – died young);

Frances “Fanny” Ross (married Charlie Wesner); J.W. Ross Jr. “Little Whittie”; Iva Claytor; Deborah “Debbie” Ross, married Ray Carter.

(Aunt Lizzie Williams’ husband, K.A., isn’t there.) (Jasper Day, Aunt Edie’s husband also not there.)



(FR-15) Joseph W. Ross & Amanda (French) Ross 50th Anniversary - 1937

B.F. McCarty (best man), Joseph W. & Amanda (French) Ross, Mrs. Hattie Sanders (bridesmaid)



(FR-21) Andrew I. Ross



(FR-16) __________ & W.B. Ross



(FR-13) Dorothy Agnes (Hiller) Rotan



Rubio Kinmundy

Dr. Rubio




Schneider Kinmundy Knauer

(FS-1) Herman Schneider Sr. and Lena (Knauer) Schneider




Schneider Kinmundy Knauer

(FS-2) Home of Herman Schneider Sr. and Lena (Knauer) Schneider home north of Kinmundy

At location of Schneider Springs (also known as "Snyder Springs"


Christian Schneider was born March 29, 1815 in Gradshaw, West Germany.  He died December 1, 1876, and is buried in the St. Peter Lutheran Cemetery.  In 1839, he married in Prussia to Rosalie Beata Walcholz.  She was born March 17, 1821 in West Germany and died March 1909.  She is buried in Farina Cemetery.   Their children were Herman, Julius, Emil, Heneritta, Alwine, and Wilhelm Henry.  Christian Schneider and his family settled in Staunton, Ill., where Wilhelm was born.  Wilhelm was 9 years old when his parents moved to the St. Peter area.  Their first night in Fayette county was spent in a two story brick house on Rt. 40, east of Bluff City.  Christian owned land in Macoupin and Fayette County.  Christian and Rosalie’s first son, Herman Julius Frederick Schneider, was born Sept. 9, 1855 in Pantau Co., West Prussia, Saaben, Germany.  In 1862, he came to America with his parents.  He was confirmed Apr. 10, 1870 in the Evangelical Church. 

Herman Schneider and his family later moved to Fayette Co. in 1876.  In Oct. 10, 1878, he married Lena Knauer in Lone Grove twp.  They lived where Glenn and Mae Sigrist once lived, which was just across the Fayette Co. line  Herman Jr. was born here and they later moved to the large home north of Kinmudy where they finished building the inside of the house.  This is the location of the famous SCHNEIDER SPRINGS that Herman and Lena developed where people came from churches and around for their Sunday picnic.

                Herman and Lena had 5 children to die from T.B. within a five year period. Herman died from apoloxy at the age of 74.  Funeral services were held at the Evangelical Church in Farina, Illinois.  Their children: Herman Wilhelm Emil Schneider, Matilda Alwine Emma, William Henry, Ida Emilie, Bertha Rosa, Minnie E., Adolph J., Lena Louise Maria, Emma Rosalia Caroline and Freida.  On Dec. 5, 1878, Herman bought land from William and Harriet Neeper from Maxon Co., Kentucky for the sum of $560.  On Feb. 15, 1879, they bought 160 acres from William and Harriet Neeper from Kentucky, for the same amount of $560.  Herman purchased 85 acres for $2000 on Jan. 27, 1883 from Thomas and Mary Meagher from Centralia, Illinois.  Herman lived at a Kinmundy address at this time.  They were from Fayette county when they made the first two purchases.

                By the early 1930’s, the springs area was no longer used for picnics.  This particular piece of land later belonged to Herman Jr. and Lillie Mae Barbee Schneider.  However, they did not live at the same location as the parents.  Herman and Lillie lived along R. 37 all their married lives.

                Herman and Lillie’s son Merle owned and raised cattle on this homestead until his death on Oct. 31, 1992.

Herman and Lillie’s children: Clarence Herman,  Naomi Tillie Lena;   Hilda Emma Marie;   Edna Mae Alvina;   Merle Willis;  Ervin Henry;  Dorothy Alice Frieda; Betty Jean Ella Mae;  Arlene Lillie Rose

(Information and family photos provided by Rena (Crain) O'Dell)




Snyder Springs Kinmundy Schneider

(FS-3) Snyder Springs



Schooley Kinmundy

(FS-21a) Myrtle Schooley & Helen Schooley



Shufeldt Kinmundy

(FS-4) Robert and Warren Shufeldt, sons of Gene and Margaret Shufeldt – Dec. 1944



(FS-51) John Shull See, Sr.



See Kinmundy

(FS-5a) Family of Paul See & Huldah (Marlow) See - 1949:

Standing: Inez (See) Douthitt, Mary (See) Diss, Verle, Merle, Virgil, Earl and LeRoy See, Elsie (See) Rose, Ella Mae (See) Knuf

Seated: Zilpha (See) Jones, their father - Paul See, Hilda (See) Conant

 (Hulda passed away in 1934)



(FS-49) Seated: Nellie (See) Mazanek and her sisters

Back row on the left is Carrie See.

(Names of other sisters are Lida See Gaffney, Florence See Howell and Gertrude Emily See, but unsure of the order in the photo)



(FS-48) Family of Orcelas See & Mary Jane "Jennie" (McCullough) See

Back row Miss Carrie See, Lydia (See) Gaffney, Gertrude Emily See

Bottom row Florence (See) Howell, their mother - Mary Jane "Jennie" (McCullough) See, and Nellie Ruth (See) Mazanek


(FS-50) - Vacation 1938 with Bessie (White) Neavill, Lydia (See) Gaffney, Miss Carrie See, Mrs. Alice Miller, Mrs. Gertrude Williams



See Kinmundy

(FS-9) 1979 See Family reunion


 (FS-41) John Wesley Shaffer and Amanda (Vallow) Shaffer home



 (FS-40) SHAFFER, John Wesley (born 1852)



 (FS-43) Amanda (Vallow) Shaffer


 (FS-44) Ernest Shaffer



 (FS-42) Lucetta (Shaffer) Phillips with husband, George W. Phillips on their wedding day




(FS-29)  Joseph Henry Shaffer & Adaline (Foster) Shaffer family

Standing: Frank, Thomas "Tom", William, Anna and Sarah

Seated: Joseph Henry Shaffer, George, and Adaline (Foster) Shaffer



Carl Ford White, Emogene (Ford) White, Sarah (Shepard) Ford & Rebecca (Hull) Shepard

(FS-10) 4 generations: Carl Ford White, Emogene (Ford) White, Sarah (Shepard) Ford & Rebecca (Hull) Shepard



Shanghai” area neighbors - 1902

Shanghai” area neighbors – area north of Kinmundy. (taken circa 1902);

Standing on porch: Dr. Homer Luther Hanna, Charles Jefferson Diss, Unknown woman, Unknown woman, Henry and Jen (Shepard) Jahraus,

Grace (Shepard) Craig, Mary (Shepard) Harrell, Ed and Sarah (Shepard) Ford.
Sitting on porch in chairs: Dr. Hanna's wife, Martha Jane (Gray) who is holding baby Mary Elizabeth Hanna, Martha LeEtta (Hanna) Diss holding baby John Howard (Jack) Diss,

Mary Lourene and David Ralston Hanna, Unknown man, Rebecca (Hull) Shepard, John Shepard, Virginia Belle (Gray) Hanna holding child Ruby Elizabeth,

Unknown boy in front of her, Clarence Washington Hanna;

Sitting on porch: Unknown girl, Unknown girl, Unknown girl, Diss girl, Diss girl in front of her, Beulah Diss, Emogene (Ford) White, Unknown child in front of her,

John S. Ford, Chester Ford, Unknown boy (I think it is John Brasel), Diss boy? Unknown boy. 

Front Row: Unknown boy (I think it is Leland Brasel), Claude Hanna  



Henry Jahraus & Jen (Shepard) Jahraus, Mary (Shepard) Harrell), Grace (Shepard) Craig, Ed Ford & Sarah (Shepard) Ford

(FS-11) Shepard family:

Back row: Henry Jahraus & Jen (Shepard) Jahraus, Mary (Shepard) Harrell), Grace (Shepard) Craig, Ed Ford & Sarah (Shepard) Ford

Front row on left: Rebecca (Hull) Shepard) and John Shepard



Ed & Sarah (Shepard) Ford, Mary (Shepard) Harrell, Rebecca (Hull) Shepard, Jen (Shepard) Jahraus, Ed Harrell, Henry Jahraus

(FS-12) Shepard family

Back  Row: Ed & Sarah (Shepard) Ford, Mary (Shepard) Harrell, Rebecca (Hull) Shepard, Jen (Shepard) Jahraus, Ed Harrell, Henry Jahraus

Boys in front: Glen Jahraus and George Ford



Luella (Chandler) Shreffler - 1877




Dutch Shreffler             Gordon Shreffer and Dutch Shreffler

                               (FS-27) Dutch Shreffler                                                                        (FS-28) Gordon Shreffler and Dutch Shreffler




Dutch, Gordon and Leslie Shreffler with their mother Luella (Chandler) Shreffler

(FS-26) Dutch, Gordon and Leslie Shreffler with their mother Luella (Chandler) Shreffler



Grandma Luella (Chandler) Shreffler's birthday


Dutch Shreffler & Olive (Stipp) Shreffler 

             (FS-24) Dutch Shreffler & Olive (Stipp) Shreffler                                      


   Gordon Shreffler & Hazel (Albert) Shreffler

      (FS-35) Gordon Shreffler & Hazel (Albert) Shreffler                                                              (FS-25) Gordon Shreffler & Hazel (Albert) Shreffler



(FS-33)  Aaron Shreffler & Louella (Chandler) Shreffler family - 1898

             Gordon, Cecil, Louella, Aaron, Lesie, & Harry Shreffler


Shreffler Reunion - 1941


(FS-39) Strawberry Pickers at Shrefflers

Front row:  ______________, Lyle Shreffler (no hat), _____________, Wanda (Shreffler) Eagan, ______________, ________________



(FS-34)  Shreffler family packing up melons (possibly "Alma Gems") - 1901

Aaron Irving Shreffler is behind wagon.   Leslie, Cecil, Harry, Hershel (in buggy), Gordon.

Louella Isabelle Shreffer in front.



(FS-37) Shreffler brothers and cousins - Harry, Cecil, Gordon, Irene Chandler, Hershel, Leslie


(FS-59) Cecil & Lillie (Black) Shreffler family - Dec. 1956

Back row: Donna (Shreffler) Williams, Nelda (Shreffler) Mullins, and Mona (Shreffler) Powell

Front row: George Shreffler, Lillie (Black) Shreffler, Cecil Shreffler, and Wanda (Shreffler) Eagan

A photo hangs on the wall of their son, Lyle Shreffler, who was killed in action at Okinawa during WWII. 

Before the photo was taken, George jumped up and moved it so that Lyle would be in the family photo too.



Shirley family Kinmundy

(FS-13) Gary & Marla (Greenstreet) Shirley family - 2000

 Top: Ann Shirley

 Middle: Willie & Ryan Shirley

 Bottom: Gary, Jason & Marla Shirley with dogs, Charlotte and Lady



(FS-55)  Margaret C. (Grimes) Shriver (1830-1892)




(FS-56) (FS-57) (FS-58)   Margaret (Warren) Shufeldt


(FS-56) Byron and Dorothy (Brimberry) Sill



(FS-47) Doc and Jessie Slagley with grandkids Sue Humes and Joe Cornell



(FS-46) Slagley sisters: Lois Humes, Mary Osborne, Marie Smith, and Dorthy Cornell



Arno Dale Smith & Julia Elizabeth (Robb) Smith

                       (FS-28) Arno Dale Smith & Julia Elizabeth (Robb) Smith




(FS-31) Georgia Smith, Mrs. J.P. Watson, Myrtle Day, Stella Laswell, Clorene Maxon, Blanche Kennedy, Mary Gragg, Nellie Fulton, and Mattie Purcell



(FS-54) Warren Smith & Minnie (Craig) Smith



(FS-24) Mabel (Kaiser) Smith & Robert "Bob" Smith - 1924



(FS-23) Mabel (Kaiser) Smith & Robert "Bob" Smith - 1924


George Robert Smith (1852-1922) & his wife Jennie Smith (1863-1923)



(FS-53) Back row: Oscar Smithson & Grace (Nichols) Smithson

              Front row: their children - Marie, Salon, and Burdette


(FS-45) Letter from Leander Snelling to his friend, "Kit" - Dec. 21, 1902. 

The invitation was to Caroline Yeager of Kinmundy who later married Frank Ross, also of Kinmundy.



Songer family

(FS-14) A.W. Songer funeral notice.  He died Nov. 2, 1922.


(FS-23) Williams "Dick" Spencer - Kinmundy mail carrier - 1917



Spencer Kinmundy

(FS-15) Three oldest children of William Jesse Spencer & Eva Evaline (Storment) Spencer:

Marshall Spencer, Etta (Spencer) Robb, and Hugh Spencer



Spencer Kinmundy

(FS-16a) Three oldest children of Marshall Renwick Spencer & Nellie Mabel (Maxey) Spencer - circa 1916

Louise (Spencer) Ernst, Howard Spencer, and Maxine (Spencer) Loy 



(FS-48) Marshall Renwick Spencer & Nellie Mabel (Maxey) Spencer family - circa 1945

Back Row:  Louise (Spencer) Ernst, Howard Spencer, Maxey Spencer, Henry Spencer, Maxine (Spencer) Loy

Front Row - Virginia (Spencer) Greenwood, Marshall Spencer, Nellie (Maxey) Spencer



Spencer Kinmundy

(FS-17) Marshall Spencer & Nellie (Maxey) Spencer at 50th anniversary



Spencer Kinmundy

(FS-18) Standing: Maxey Spencer, Maxine (Loy) Spencer, Henry Spencer, Howard Spencer.

Seated: their father, Marshall Spencer.



Spencer Kinmundy

(FS-19) Children of Marshall Renwick Spencer & Nellie Mabel (Maxey) Spencer

Howard, Maxey, and Henry Spencer, Maxine (Spencer) Loy, Virginia (Spencer) Greenwood, Louise (Spencer) Ernst



Spencer Kinmundy

(FS-20a) Clockwise from left:

Emma Evaline (Storment) Spencer (May 26, 1868 – May 28, 1951 – Evergreen Cem.) married March 20, 1888 to William Jesse Spencer

Marshall Renwick Spencer (Apr. 18, 1891 – Apr. 18, 1969 – Evergreen Cem.) married Dec. 25, 1910 to Nellie Mabel Maxey

Lincoln Hugh Spencer (Jan. 8, 1894 – Nov. 13, 1918 – Evergreen Cem.) married Dec. 31, 1917 to Vergie Brasel.  Died of the flu in hospital in France at close of WWI

Etta May Spencer (July 15, 1892 – May 18, 1923) married Dec. 24, 1915 to James Leroy Robb.  She committed suicide one month after death of child, Margaret Robb (Feb. 10 – Apr. 18, 1923)

William Jesse Spencer (Jan. 13, 1856 – Aug. 30, 1927 – Evergreen Cem.)

Jesse Marguerite Spencer (Apr. 29, 1902 – Dec. 4, 1915).  Her photo was added in to the portrait – she died before it was taken




Storment Kinmundy Huff

(FS-22) Belinda  “Jane” (Huff)  Storment (Nov. 18, 1931 – Sept. 6, 1920)



Sullens brothers: Howard, Floyd, Glen, Rolla & Lewie

(FS-30) Sullens brothers: Howard, Floyd, Glen, Rolla & Lewie - about 1942


(FS-36) Archie Leroy "Roy" Sullivan with his father, James Preston Sullivan



(FS-32) Russell Clarence Swift is the baby and James Green "Jim" Swift is the young boy.

             Sons of Cyrus Moses "Mose" Swift and Elizabeth Ann "Lizzie" Green


(FS-48) Absalom Switzer (1811-1888)



(FS-52) Switzer siblings from Meacham twp. - children of Absolom Switzer & Maria (Day) Switzer.

Standing: ____________, Marinda (Switzer) Lackey, and _______________

Seated: Presley Switzer and ________________

(The blanks are: William, Thomas, and Peter - but not sure of the order)



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