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   We are looking for photos of people and/or places from around Kinmundy & Alma.  Can you help?

Or maybe you have stories or memories from the "Good Old Days"?  What do YOU remember?

        The Kinmundy Historical Society would be honored to preserve your memories and stories.  We also have the

equipment to scan (or copy) your photos so that they may be enjoyed now as well as for generations yet to come!

        We would love to hear from you!  For more information, please contact: 


   Dolores (Ford) Mobley – Dolores@ford-mobley.com

                       208 Joan Dr.; Divernon, IL  62530; (217) 625-7527



            Gladys (Corrie) See – gsee49@yahoo.com

                                         408 S. Washington St.; Kinmundy, IL 62854; (618) 547-7731




(FF-15) Theodore Ferdinand Feller



(FF-24) George E. Finney & Mattie (Ritter) Finney with daughter, Della Olive Finney.

They moved to the Kinmundy area to be near Mattie’s parents William & Elizabeth Ritter of Omega – they owned a farm until Mattie’s & George’s death – the farm was sold to Della’s

cousin, Ora A. Ritter.  Della married Floyd L. Herrick (son of Charles & Alice Eagan Herrick) of Kinmundy and raised her brother, Rufus, since his mother died when he was 1 year old, along with their children Lillian (died at 3 months) and son Richard C., until they sold the farm and moved out of the area.



(FF-23)  Rufus E Finney and his nephew, Richard C Herrick

Both were born in Omega – Rufus to George E. & Mattie (Ritter) Finney

Richard to Floyd L. & Della O. (Finney) Herrick



Ford family: Emogene Goodrich Ford, Charley, Ed, John G., Will, Eugene

)FF-1) Calvin Chester Ford & Emogene (Goodrich) Ford family:

BACK: Charley, Ed & John G. Ford

FRONT:  Will, Emogene, & Eugene Ford



Emogene Goodrich Ford and Calvin Chester Ford family

(FF-2) In the front row are the 5 sons of Calvin Chester Ford & Emogene (Goodrich) Ford;

BACK: Effie Ford, Lillie Ford, Sarah (Shepard) Ford, Emogene (Goodrich) Ford, & Mat Ford

FRONT: Will Ford, John G. Ford, Ed Ford, Charley Ford & Eugene Ford



Sarah Shepard Ford and Ed Ford   Chester Ford, Emogene White Ford, and John S. Ford

                        (FF-3) Sarah (Shepard) Ford & Ed Ford                                                                   (FF-4) Children of Ed & Sarah (Shepard) Ford

                  Chester Ford, Emogene (Ford) White and John S. Ford



Ed Ford and Bob Ford - Alma, IL

(FF-5) Ed Ford with grandson, Bob Ford – ca 1931



Ed Ford and Delsie Knight Ford

(FF-6) Ed Ford & Delsie (Knight) Ford



Fern Ford Ballance and Tillie Ford Hulsey

         (FF-7) Fern (Ford) Ballance & Tillie (Ford) Hulsey



John S. Ford, Bert Ford, Clyde Ballance, Charles Ford

                                    (FF-8) John S. Ford, Bert Ford, Clyde Ballance, Charles Ford



Fern Ford Ballance, Marie Ford, and Lelia Ford

                                             (FF-9) Fern (Ford) Ballance, Marie (Feather) Ford, Lelia (Gardner) Ford



John Ford and Lelia Gardner Ford - 1927  John S. Ford and Lelia Gardner Ford

         (FF-10) John S. Ford & Lelia (Gardner) Ford - 1927                                  (FF-11) John S. Ford & Lelia (Gardner) Ford - circa 1955


Bill Williams & Kathryn (Laswell) Williams, Lelia (Gardner) Ford & John S. Ford

                         (FF-13) Bill Williams & Kathryn (Laswell) Williams, Lelia (Gardner) Ford & John S. Ford



Jason Owen, John S. Ford, Lulu Owen, Earl Jackson, Lelia Ford, Kathryn Williams, Grace Jackson

(FF-14)  Jason Owen, John S. Ford, Lulu (Foster) Owen, Earl Jackson, Lelia (Gardner) Ford, Kathryn (Laswell) Williams, Grace (Ross) Jackson



Bob Ford, Janet Ford, Jean Ford Krutsinger, and John Ford

                                                       (FF-12) Children of John S. & Lelia (Gardner) Ford

                                              Bob Ford, Janet Ford, Jean (Ford) Krutsinger, John W. Ford


(FM-15) Dr. Thomas Wesley Forshee



                       (FG-7) Granville Gammon


Charles Gammon

                   (FG-1) Charles Gammon


Irene Livesay Gammon and Fred Gammon  

           (FG-2) Irene (Livesay) Gammon & Fred Gammon                                      (FG-3) Irene (Livesay) Garrett & Fred Gammon

                                                                                                                              with their sons in front of them - Tim & Fred Gammon



Ben Garrett Fina Howell Garrett James Garrett

(FG-4) Ben Garrett & Refina “Fina” (Howell) Garrett with son, James Garrett - circa 1894



James William Garrett Ella Lansford Garrett Kinmundy

(FG-5) Family of James William Garrett & Barbara Ellen (Lansford) Garrett – Sept. 29, 1929

STANDING: Ruby & Frank Garrett, Ruby & Bert Garrett, Virgie & Selby Garrett, Esta (Garrett) & Wes Robb,

                      Hazel (Garrett) & Virgil Livesay, & Mamie (Garrett) & Clyde Bassett

IN CHAIRS: Willie & Ella (Lansford) Garrett

ON GROUND: Clyde Garrett


Selby Garrett & Claude Garrett

(G-51) Selby Garrett & Claude Garrett



Garrett family Kinmundy

(FG-6) Bert Garrett & Ruby (Doolen) Garrett family

Back row: Norma (Garrett) Shreffler, B.J. "Junior" Garrett, Floyd Garrett, Charles William "Bill" Garrett, Jack Garrett, Cleda (Garrett) Robb, Wanda (Garrett) Brasel

Front row: Carroll Garrett, Ruby (Doolen) Garrett, Bert Garrett, Irma (Garrett) Headley



Selby Garrett family

Virgie (Nichols) Garrett & Selby Garrett


Clyde Garrett

Clyde Garrett & Freda (Lenhart) Garrett


  Bassett family Kinmundy

Clyde C. Bassett and Mamie (Garrett) Bassett  with daughters Evelyn (Bassett) Ford & Helen (Bassett) O’Dell



Virgil Livesay family

Hazel (Garrett) Livesay and Virgil Livesay


Frank Garrett family Kinmundy

Frank Garrett & Pearle (Jones) Garrett with their eldest two children:

Frank Garrett, Emmett Garrett, Gladys (Garrett) Chandler, Pearle (Jones) Garrett



Wes Robb Esta Garrett Robb Kinmundy

Back: Esta (Garrett) Robb & Wes Robb; Front: Harold Robb & Mildred (Robb) Hammer



Carroll Garrett Dorothy McNicol Garrett

Carroll Garrett, Dorothy (McNicol) Garrett, Jeff Garrett



don Garrett

(FG-50) Don Garrett and Lela Mae (Doolen) Smith - circa 1935



Jack Garrett 

Jack Garrett & Dorothy "Dot" (Lotz) Garrett



Theodore Garrett family Icy Doolen Garrett

                                          Theodore Garrett & Icy (Doolen) Garrett family

Top Row: Laura (Garrett) Lowe, Gene Garrett, Claude Garrett, Carrie (Bundy) Garrett holding their first child Leona Garrett, Tom Ballance

Middle Row: Allie (Jones) Thomas, Theodore Garrett, Icy Garrett, Clyde Ballance, Emma (Garrett) Ballance

Bottom Row: Minnie (Garrett) Atkins, Lela (Garrett) Dunlap, Hattie (Garrett) Green.

            (Icy Garrett was 44 in this photo, and two years later, she had Dorothy (Garrett) Sullens)


(FG-45) Icy (Doolen) Garrett and Huldah Elizabeth (Mathews) Dunlap - 1920's




Minnie Garrett Atkins Tub Atkins Garrett Kinmundy

Ruby (Doolen) Garrett & Bert Garrett; “Tub” Atkins & Minnie (Garrett) Atkins



Garrett Kinmundy

(FG-38)  Garrett family photo

Hattie (Garrett) Green, Hazel (Garrett) Livesay,  Lora (Garrett) Arnold, Esta (Garrett) Robb, Minnie (Garrett) Atkins,

Dorothy (Garrett) Sullens, Mamie (Garrett) Bassett, Emma (Garrett) Ballance, Lela (Garrett) Dunlap, Allie (Jones) Thomas.

(All are 1st cousins or sisters)



(FG-44) Dorothy (Dunlap) Geiler and Robert Geiler - 1951



Nettie George Walter George

Nettie & Walter George with Maxine George



(FG-55) Jesse George with record sized fish that he caught



Gesell Kinmundy

           (FG-40) Don and Ellen (Hawkey) Gesell family (circaa 1957) - Connie, Don, Ellen and Teresa Gesell



(FG-10b) Charles Giffin & Gertrude (Emery) Giffin with daughters,

                Alma Giffin, Anna Giffin, Myra (Giffin) Morrow, and Ruby Giffin


(FG-20) Eugene and Alice (Reynolds) Gigar



(FG-56) GRAMLEY family - Frank, Mary and Clark



       (FG-30) Isaac Denton Gray



Gray Kinmundy

(FG-41) children of Emmit Harvey Gray & Nettie Mary (Jackson) Gray:

Carl Gray, Nelda (Gray) Jones, and Fern Gray - circa 1924




Green Kinmundy

Annabelle Green


LeRoy Green     Harriet Elzora (Robb) Green

                   (FG-43) LeRoy Green                                              (FG-42) Harriet Elzora (Robb) Green



(FG-56) Lizzie (Green) Swift




 (FG-57) Phillip Green & Nancy (Peters) Green

  (from "Brinkerhoff's History of Marion Co., IL - 1909)




                         (FG-14)   John Carroll Gunn                                                         (FG-12) Caroline Lee (Williamson) Gunn




(FG-15) John Henry Gunn                                                                             




               (FG-18) Martha Elizabeth (Gunn) Maxon                                                      (FG-17) Dudley W. Maxon




                       (FG-19) Fannie (Gunn) Neil                                              (FG-13) Edit Gunn & Lotta (Neil) Harlan Sharpe Heinrich



(FG-19) Charlotta "Lotta" (Neil) Harlan Sharpe Heinrich




         (FG-11) Sue (Gunn) Barnes, and her son, Jim Barnes                                          (FG-16) Lon Barnes



                               (FG=18) Daniel Gunn




(FH-66) Steve Hagensee & Kate (Hammers) Hagensee



(FH-67)  Charles, Marcie & Madlyn Hagensee



A.G. Hall

                    (FH-53) Dr. A.J.G. Hall



Hammer Kinmundy  

 (FH-7) Francis Woodrow Hammer – Dec. 1916             (FH-8) Francis Woodrow Hammer – 1922



Francis Hammer Kinmundy

            (H-3) Francis Woodrow Hammer – 1928


Lloyd Hammer Will ross James Lowe

(FH-4) Lloyd J. Hammer, Will Ross, and James Lowe



Pruett Hammer Kinmundy

Aug. 1928: Cousins (left to right):

Carl Pruett, Walter B. Pruett, Francis Hammer, Dale Hammer and “Freck” Pruett



Dorcas Maxine Hammer

                 (FH-5) Dorcas Maxine Hammer





Johnston Hampten Kinmundy

(FH-23) Sisters-in-law, Helen (Johnston) Hampsten and Vera (Hampsten) Johnston


Johnston Hampten Kinmundy

(FH-15) Ervin Hampsten & Lillie (Neal) Hampsten with their children - August 1962

Back row: Virgil Hampsten, Clark Hampsten, Vera (Hampsten) Johnston, and Glen Hampsten

Front row: Lillie (Neal) Hampsten & Ervin Hampsten


Johnston Hampten Kinmundy

(FH-24) The family of Ervin and Lillie (Neal) Hampsten – August 1962:

Back: Harvey Johnston, Helen (Johnston) Hampsten, Donnie Hampsten & Wilma Hampsten, Virgil Hampsten,

Louise Hampsten, Clark Hampsten, Leona Hampsten, Glen Hampsten, Lois (Hampsten) Crippen

Middle row: Francis Johnston, Lillie (Neal) Hampsten & Ervin Hampsten, Patty Johnston, Vera Johnston

Front row: Ginny (Johnston) Randolph, Dennis Hampsten, Brenda (Hampsten) Wilson


Hampten Kinmundy

(FH-26) Lillie Hampsten feeding her  pet sow



Wilma and Donnie Hampsten

(FH-22) Wilma (Shuler) Hampsten and Donnie Hampsten in 1960



Johnston Hampten Kinmundy

                      (FH-21) Clark and Helen (Johnston) Hampsten



(FH-20) First cousins – Oct. 2004:

Dennis Hampsten, Brenda Wilson, Francis Johnston, Lois Crippen, Ginny Randolph, Donnie Hampsten



(FH-42) Della May (Wilkinson) Hanks



(FH-43) Nelda May (Long) Hanks & Homer Herschel Hanks



(FH-44) James Stewart Hanks



Hanna Kinmundy

       (FH-30) Claude and Mildred (Doolen) Hanna with Leroy Hanna - 1927



Hanna Kinmundy

(FH-29) Dr. Homer Luther & Martha Jane (Gray) Hanna family - circa 1905

             Back row: Dr. H.L. Hanna, Gail (Hanna) Hults, Clyde Hanna, Bertha (Hanna) Davis, Martha Jane (Gray) Hanna

             Front row: Paul Hanna and Mary Elizabeth (Hanna) Hanks      

Dr. H.L. HANNA, Graduate Licensed Veterinarian, Approved and Accredited by the Bureau of Animal Industry: Homer L. HANNA, Doctor of Veterinary Medicine, has been a greater asset to our community than many of our readers think for. He has saved thousands of dollars worth of livestock for our farmers. You know animals are just like human beings. They get sick and meet with accidents just the same as we do and consequently need a doctor. Our subject is the only veterinarian for miles around. Consequently, he has a large territory and his practice keeps him very busy. Dr. HANNA gained his medical education under some very adverse circumstances. He was just a farmer, making a living for his wife and children, but he felt as though this community needed a veterinarian. This line of work appealed to him, and by he and his family making several sacrifices, he attended school during the winter months and farmed during the summer. In 1918 he graduated from the Terre Haute Veterinary College and began to practice in Kinmundy. Dr. HANNA has saved the lives of many an animal as well as many a flock of poultry. He has been very instrumental in the eradication of bovine tuberculosis in this territory and has placed Marion County on the accredited list. Homer L., son of David R. and Mary LANDRUM HANNA, was born in Kinmundy twp., Dec. 24, 1877. He gained his education in the country schools and the Terre Haute Veterinary College. In 1895, he was married to Miss Martha J. GRAY of Kinmundy. He sustained a great loss in the passing of this good woman. In 1930, he was married to Mrs. Nora GUST of Kinmundy, but owing to misunderstandings, this marriage was a failure. A few weeks ago he was married to Mrs. Esther GEORGE of Centralia, but formerly of this city. Dr. HANNA has 11 children, namely, Bertha, Gail, Clyde, Paul, Mary, Ruth, Leone, Ada, Dwight, Bobby and Beauford. He also has 3 step children, namely, Mrs. Florence JASPER, Mrs. Eva RUPE, and Mrs. Lyda BALDRIDGE. Dr. HANNA has quite a fascination for horses, especially race horses and at present, is the owner of 4 standard bred horses, which have made some fine records. ("The Kinmundy Express" 50th anniversary edition - Nov. 9, 1933)  


   (FH-60) Martha Jane (Gray) Hanna




    (FH-59) Dr. Homer L. Hanna



Hanna Kinmundy

                                          (FH-31) Pearl (Jackson) Hanna and Ross Hanna


Hanna Kinmundy

                (FH-35) Ross and Pearl (Jackson) Hanna



Hanna Kinmundy

(FH-33) Mildred Hanna


Hanna Kinmundy

4 generations: Claude Leroy Hanna (born Oct. 29, 1926), Mildred (Doolen) Hanna, Effie (Jackson) Doolen Robb, and Henry Jackson.




(FH-63) Hanna family - 4 generations - 1908

David R. Hanna, Margaret (Hanna) Williams, Jessie (Williams) Nichols, Margaret Nichols (baby) 


(FH-65) Family of Dr. Homer L. Hanna & Martha J. (Gray) Hanna (circa 1905)

Back: Homer L. Hanna, Gail (Hanna) Hults, Clyde Hanna, Bertha (Hanna) Davis, and Martha (Gray) Hanna

Children in front:  Paul Hanna & (baby) Mary (Hanna) Hanks



(FH-64) Children of Dr. Homer L. Hanna & Martha J. (Gray) Hanna - 1964

(L to R): Bertha (Hanna) Davis, Gail (Hanna) Hults, Clyde Hanna, Mary (Hanna) Hanks, Ruth (Hanna) Knabe,

Leona (Hanna) Rieck, Ada (Hanna) Smith, Dwight Hanna & Bob Hanna


(FH-25) Xon Hanna and Duane Hanna - 1964



Rice, Conant, Xon Harlan, Babcock, Howell, Spillman

(FH-54) Back: Rice, Conant, Xon Harlan; Front: Babcock, Howell, Spillman - 1910



Xon Harlan

(FH-55)  Xon Harlan' s15th bday - 1910



(FH-68) Flossie Harris (sister of "Hump" Harris) & J. Norris Vallow



Heinrich Kinmundy

(FH-36a) Charlotta Heinrich





Charles & Floyd Herrick (FH-62)



Floyd, Alice & Charlene Herrick (FH-61)


(FH-1) William Phipps Hester and Ella Mae (Florey) Hester

            on their wedding day in Terre Haute, Indiana



(FF-22) Mary Elizabeth (Rhoades) Florey, mother of Ella Mae (Florey) Hester

(From her granddaughter Rebecca (Hester) Jones): "She was actually a sister to my Mother's mother, Arabelle Clementine Rhoades Egelston,

who killed herself when Mom was 18 months old.  Grandma Florey , in this picture, adopted my mother. Grandma always lived with us as far back as I can remember.

Grandma lived to be 93. She was born February 29, 1876. I remember her telling me about being stranded on a train in a blizzard ,over night , in Oklahoma.

I asked her " Grandma weren't you scared?" She said yes, but not of the snow. We were afraid of being attacked by Indians.

Later in the 50's I sat next to her on the sofa as we watched Alan Shephard, on our old black and white tv, go up in space for the first time. What an amazing span of history."



Hiestand Kinmundy

(FH-40a) Samuel Houston Hiestand & Martha Jane (Smith) Hiestand family - circa 1892

Back row: Myrtle Hiestand, Frank Hiestand

Second row: Martha Jane (Smith) Hiestand (mother), Samuel Houston Hiestand (father)

Children in first row: Laura Hiestand, Claude Hiestand, Clyde Hiestand



Hiestand Kinmundy

(FH-41) Samuel George Hiestand with his grandfather, Samuel Houston Hiestand



Hiestand Kinmundy

Ruby and Claude Hiestand



(FH-57) Christian Jacob Hiller and his wife, Elizabeth (Feller) Hiller sit in front of their children (ca 1900-1903).

Standing are: Bertha (Hiller) Quick, Pauline Hiller, Agnes (Hiller) Rotan, Albert Rudolph Hiller, Julia (Hiller) Wagner,

                    Matilda Amma (Hiller) Reber, Amelia (Hiller) Sutton

(Submitted by their great-granddaughter, Margaret (Sprinkle) Sopp)



Dora Frances (Cole) Hough and her husband Otto Bertram Hough

(FH-58) Dora Frances (Cole) Hough and her husband Otto Bertram Hough




               (FH-10) David Clinton Howard                                                       (FH-9) David Clinton Howard 



Howell Kinmundy

                 (FH-48) James Franklin Howell & Isabel (Robb) Howell



Howell Kinmundy

(FH-47) Ellis Mersellis Howell and Samantha Ellen (Holmes) Howell - Wedding picture



Howell Kinmundy

(FH-45) Albert Jackson Howell, William Henry Howell, James Franklin Howell (brothers)


Howell Kinmundy

                   (FH-49) Lester Howell


Howell Kinmundy

(FH-50) Katie (Green) Howell, baby Lester Howell, and Samuel Howell - circa 1913


Howell Kinmundy

(FH-51) Samuel Eli Howell


Howell Kinmundy

(FH-46) Refina (Howell) Garrett, Arminda Brown, Eva Parrill, and Ida (Howell) Warner

(All were sisters)


Howell Kinmundy

                                          (FH-52) Ida (Howell) Warner


Matthew Humphrey

(FH-56) Matthew and Mary (Rowan) Humphrey in 1900 on their 50th anniversary with all of their children present. 

Included  were Mrs. Harriett Devore, Ennis Humphrey, Mrs. J.O. Fish, Mrs. H.R. Stevenson, Mrs. Fannie Simpson, Mrs. M.P. Gramley, Frank Humphrey, and Mrs. W.D. Gramley.



Jackson Kinmundy
(FJ-1) Harriet (Morris) Jackson & Henry Jackson



Jackson Alma Illinois 

Earl & Grace Jackson



(FJ-5) Clifford and Marie (Hamilton) Jackson



Hampsten Johnston Kinmundy

(FJ-2) Vera (Hampston) Johnston and Harvey Johnston in 1939/40  (mother and Glen in background)


Hampsten Johnston Kinmundy

(FJ-4) Harvey & Vera (Hampsten) Johnston on their wedding day – Jan. 28, 1946


Hampsten Johnston Kinmundy

      (FJ-7) Harvey Johnston and Helen (Johnston) Hampsten – twins




Hampsten Johnston Kinmundy

(FJ-9) Johnston siblings – Woodrow Johnston, Helen (Johnston) Hampsten, Merl Johnston, Harvey Johnston


Hampsten Johnston Kinmundy

      (FJ-11) Back row: Clark and Helen (Johnston) Hampsten, Harvey and Vera (Hampsten) Johnston

                                                    Front row: Grover and Jessie Johnston


Hampsten Johnston Kinmundy

 (FJ-12) Vera (Hampsten) Johnston (Age 14)


Hampsten Johnston Kinmundy

(FJ-15) Vera (Hampsten) Johnston – 1945 – taken before church



Hampsten Johnston Kinmundy

(FJ-16) Vera (Hampsten) Johnston modeling Japanese kimono in Spring 1945. 

The gift was sent by Harvey Johnston from her fiancé Harvey Johnston fighting in WWII



Hampsten Johnston Kinmundy

(FJ-17) Vera (Hampsten) Johnston and Harvey Johnston

        50th wedding anniversary – Jan. 28, 1996


Hampsten Johnston Kinmundy

     (FJ-18) Twins: Harvey Johnston & Helen (Johnston) Hampsten


Johnston Kinmundy

(FJ-19) Ginny (Johnston) Randolph, Vera (Hampsten) Randolph, and Francis Johnston

                         At her 80th birthday party - 2004


(FJ-21) Lora Ingram, Louise Hampsten, Betty Jenkins at Kinmundy Christian Church banquet


(FJ-20) Vera Johnston, Lora Ingram and Irene Gammon – Kinmundy Christian Church banquet


                     (FJ-24) Vera Johnston and Alice O’Leary



(FJ-13) Arthur Johnston and Lola Mae (Tipsword) Johnston


(FJ-14) Home of Arthur Johnston and Lola Mae (Tipsword) Johnston located outside of Kinmundy


 (FJ-25) Johnston siblings - the children of Arthur and Lola (Tipsword) Johnston.

 Standing: Louise (Johnston) Dippold, Evelyn (Johnston) Sanders, Viginia (Johnston) Finkbone Jett

 Seated: Xon Johnston, Oren Johnston, Loren Johnston, and Eugene Johnston



(FJ-3) Edgar L. Jones (Son of Will Hardy Jones)



Lowe Jones Kinmundy

(FJ-30) James Jones, Nelda (Gray) Jones, Lenora (Doolen) Lowe, Charles Lowe



JOnes Kinmundy

(FJ-31) Fred and Sally (Pickel) Jones



JOnes Kinmundy

                                     (FJ-32) Children of Fred and Sally (Pickel) Jones



JOnes Kinmundy

(FJ-33) Fred and Sally (Pickel) Jones family – 50th anniversary - 1989

Back: Carl, Charles, Fred & Harl Jones

Front: Phyllis (Jones) Smith, Fred Jones & Sally (Pickel) Jones, Frances Jones



Jones Kinmundy

(FJ-34) Elma & Merle Jones – March 21, 1975



Emmit Jones & Mary Agnes (Robb) Jones

(FJ-35) Emmit Jones & Mary Agnes (Robb) Jones


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