Siloam Church

                             Omega township, Marion Co., IL


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    The Siloam School was organized in 1851. The first ten years of Siloam School were held in the little log school house in the southwestern part of the pasture in Section 27, owned by George Long, an Englishman.

    The log school house was built with a log left out for light. The seats were hewn out of slabs and legs were fastened in with wooden pegs hewn out of small pieces of wood. The first secretary’s book from this church and Sunday school runs from 1865 to 1875 and through the whole 10 years, George Long was the secretary.

    This book is still being kept and is well preserved. All the officers during that period were Rogers, Chapman, Long, Mulvaney, and Bradley. Rev. VanCleve was the District Superintendent. At that time, members were taken into the church, on probation for six months at quarterly conference. Mr. VanCleve asked these questions:

        1) Are there any members who walk disorderly and will not be reproved?

        2) Are there any who willfully neglect the means of grace?

        3) Are there any probationers for full membership? The people of the church were responsible for their acceptance in the church. Eight members were accepted and voted into full membership among them Martha Jane Mjulvaney Long, on Sept. 6, 1873.

    A number of preachers went out from Siloam Church: William Mulvaney, Jim Mulvaney, William Bradley, E. Paul Rogers, Luther A. Rogers and J. Grant Rogers (Luther Rogers was an evangelist in Kansas), Uncle Daniel Chapman (A local preacher), and H.M. Long (who served as a minister at Watson, Beecher City and Mt. Carmel.)

    After these years in the school house, these folks decided to build a church on the road west of the George Long home. The main carpenter was John Beck, who died in march 2, 1892. Other men helped with the building and Siloam Sunday School and church was held there for many many years. The walnut lumber was given by Daniel W. Chapman for the pews, etc. Orville Chapman served as Sunday School Superintendent for 12 years. Revivals lasted as long as six weeks and many, many souls were saved. Services were held in the afternoons, as well as, at night. In later years the Southern Methodist Conference ordered the church sold. George Long bid it off and later, as his health was failing, he sold it to Sherrill Vandeveer, the present owner.

                                                                                                                                                       ( from the book "Omega - 1823-1973")                             

   Does anyone have names for this Homecoming photo taken at Siloam Church in 1923?


     Siloam Church Homecoming and 51st Anniversary; Omega Twp., Marion Co., IL - Sept. 2, 1923



      Siloam Church Homecoming and 51st Anniversary; Omega Twp., Marion Co., IL - Sept. 2, 1923 (left half of photo)



      Siloam Church Homecoming and 51st Anniversary; Omega Twp., Marion Co., IL - Sept. 2, 1923 (right half of photo)


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