Kinmundy Christian Church

                  Kinmundy, Illinois


                                     Located at 225 N. Monroe, the Kinmundy Christian Church is still active today!

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                                                                                        Kinmundy Christian Church (1899 - 1999)

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Kinmundy Christian Church



“Brinkerhoff’s History of Marion County, Illinois - 1909”; by Prof. J.H.G. Brinkerhoff


The Christian Church at Kinmundy (pages 146-147)


            "In 1900 the congregations at Centralia and Salem loaned their pastors, Reverend SMART, and Reverend ROWE, to the little band of disciples at Kinmundy, to hold a meeting and organize a church.  The result was so encouraging that a church was organized and the present beautiful brick church was built.  From that time the church has been harmonious and constantly growing.  Elder F.O. FANNON has for the last five years served them half time and has made it the leading factor in church work in Kinmundy, numbering about two hundred members.

            This paper ought not close without a brief sketch of the one man whose labors for more than sixty years were largely the factors that made this grand result possible.  We refer to that grand old soldier of the Cross, John A. WILLIAMS, who was born in Shelby county, Indiana, July 31, 1818, and came to Marion county, Illinois, at the age of sixteen.  They settled near Walnut Hill and made a farm out of the timber land one-half mile east of the village.  Mr. WILLIAMS was converted at Mt. Moriah church and began to preach occasionally as early as 1846.  He was ordained as a minister in 1850 and began immediately to preach the word regularly, often going on horseback from fifty to one hundred miles to all parts of Illinois, from Shelbyville to Cairo and from the Mississippi to the Wabash, planting the good seed everywhere.  For more than sixty years he preached constantly.  Mr. WILLIAMS was gifted with superb physical powers, being over six feet tall and of fine physique.  His mental powers were far above the average and his sermons were clear, logical and convincing.  His manner of winning and his knowledge of the Bible profound.  He died at the home of his daughter at Sailors Springs, Illinois, November 4, 1907, and was buried at Salem after the body lying in state in the beautiful new church one day.  The funeral sermon was by Elder BRINKERHOFF, assisted by Elder ROSEBOROUGH.  After the sermon an opportunity was given to any to speak, when from the immense congregation, gathered from many congregations of Southern Illinois, about twenty pronounced eulogies on the life of one they had loved so well.  His funeral was one of the largest and most impressive ever held in Salem.  Truly “his works live after him.”



Kinmundy Christian Church



First Christian Church built 1901 (corner of 3rd & Monroe St) in winter [torn down 1985]

“About 1900 the Christian congregations of Centralia and Salem lent their ministers, Rev. SMART and Rev. ROWE to hold a meeting in Kinmundy,  The results were very encouraging and a congregation was organized.  On July 4th of the next year, E.C. BARGH bought the lot on the corner of Third and Monroe from D.C. BEAVER, whose house was located there.  The house was then moved to the lot on the south of the High School Ag building, where it now stands [1957].  They immediately set about building a church and on June 1, 1902 the present brick building was dedicated.  According to old records there were abut 41 charter members; MERCER, BARGH, LOVELL, LYNCH, NELMS AND MATTHEWS families being among them.

Rev. F.O. FANNON was the first minister and served for about twenty years before accepting a call to Centralia.

They have always been active in mission work and at present are helping to support Kiamichi Mission, working with the Indians in Talihina, Oklahoma, and the BURNSIDE family who are near Honolulu, Hawaii.  The present minister is Rev. Rufus GERKIN.”[1957]


                                                                                                                        "Kinmundy Centennial Booklet; "Kinmundy"; Railway to Thruway; 1857 - 1957"



Kinmundy Christian Church – Spring 1960 Ground Breaking for addition

Tom Watson, Minister; Charley Howard, contractor, I.D. Ingram, T.A. McCulley, Lora Baylis




Kinmundy Christian Church - 1973








Bell from Kinmundy Christian Church – 1986

Larry Ritter, Don Gilbert, Dean Baker, Dayne Bassett




                                                                                                 Kinmundy Christian Church - 2011



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