Liberty Primitive Baptist Church

                                                                          Alma, Illinois


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The following information was reprinted with permission from "The Primitive Baptist Library of Carthage, Illinois". 


Additional historical information can be found on their home page at:

Primitive Baptist Churches in Marion County, Illinois


Liberty Church was organized by a number of members who were dismissed from Crooked Creek Church, in June 1831 (as shown in the June 1831 minutes of Union Church in Richland County). Elder Job Hobbs, who had been a member of Union Church, was also dismissed at the same time, and apparently was one of the charter members of Liberty Church.

Names of some of the earliest members of Liberty Church included Elizabeth Brasel, Wiley Burton, Becky Deene, Samuel H. Dickens, Susan Dickens, Sarah Eagan, Lindsey Farling, Rebecca Farling, Susan Farling, Lewsy Finch, William Frashar, Nancy Frashar, Tanner French, Hartwell Hins, Elder Job Hobbs, Telitha Hollis, Mary Hopper, Henry H. Howell, Jane Howell, Joseph Malcom, Jane Mark, Asey Warren, Hannah Warren, Mary Wilkins, Elizabeth Williams, Mary Williams, and Thomas Williams.

Liberty Church united with the Little Wabash Association in the fall of 1831, at which time Elder Job Hobbs and Bro. Henry H. Howell were the messengers, who reported 15 members. (Therefore, some of the 27 names listed above were not the charter members, but their names were added below the covenant at a later time.)

The early records from the beginning until 1885 have not been located. It is believed that the church was organized in a log building north of Alma, near the Eastland Cemetery. Later the church was moved to a point called Lone Grove, in Fayette County, northwest of Kinmundy; still later, it moved to Green Ridge, about four miles northwest of Alma. The church purchased a meeting house in the town of Alma, and a dedication service was held, in 1931. This meeting house was sold in 1968, and the proceeds were given to Salem Church in Clay County.

Early pastors of the church probably included Elders Job Hobbs, Henry H. Howell, Thomas Whiteley, and Cyrus Wright. Elders Job Hobbs, Henry H. Howell, S. H. Dickens, Joseph H. Cullen, Tilley A. Donoho, Stephen I. Gardner, Thomas J. Johnson, Norman F. Graves, and William E. Wright were all members of this church. Elder M. A. Harris was serving the church in 1885. He was followed by Elder Perry Vandeveer (1886); Elder Joshua Cabbage (1894); Elder S. H. Wright (1895); Elder S. I. Gardner (1896), Elders P. H. Williams and Elder Murphy (1908); Elder H. C. Card (1912); Elder Z. S. Price (1912); Elder W. E. Wright (1915); Elder Elijah Doty (1948); Elder A. D. Brumfield (1949); Elder O. L. Weatherford (1949); Elder B. T. Stevens (1951); and Elder Eugene Ford (1954).


Alexander, Anglin, Armstrong, Bass, Beard, Beardin, Beck, Blurton, Boczkiewicz, Branch, Brasel, Bryant, Burnett, Burton, Chase, Clark, Cole, Cullen, Decker, Deene, Dickens, Donoho, Eagan, Ethridge, Farlin, Farling, Farthing, Finch, Frashar, Frazier, French, Gardner, Gibson, Gordon, Graves, Haley, Hammer, Hanna, Harris, Hins, Hobbs, Hollis, Hopper, Howard, Howell, Jackson, Jenkins, Johnson, Jones, Kagy, Lansford, Lawson, Mahon, Main, Malcom, Malone, Mans, Mark, McWhirter, Molenhour, Peters, Powell, Pryor, Pugh, Renfro, Sands, Shrouse, Smith, Southers, Stipp, Sullens, Taylor, Thomas, Tucker, VanWort, Warren, Weatherford, Weigreffe, Whitlow, Wilkins, Williams, Wooten, Wright.


                                                                                                     Liberty Primitive Baptist Church in Alma, IL




                                                                        Liberty Primitive Baptist Church with the congregation in Alma, IL



                           Liberty Primitive Baptist Church in Alma, IL



                                       Liberty Primitive Baptist Church in Alma, IL



                                            Liberty Primitive Baptist Church in Alma, IL - 1954


                                       Dinner at the Liberty Primitive Baptist Church in Alma, IL - 1954


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