Alma United Methodist Church

                         Alma, Illinois

                                      Located at 513 Illinois Street, the Alma United Methodist Church is still active today!


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   Dolores (Ford) Mobley –

                       208 Joan Dr.; Divernon, IL  62530; (217) 625-7527



            Gladys (Corrie) See –

                                         408 S. Washington St.; Kinmundy, IL 62854; (618) 547-7731



Alma Illinois Methodist Church

                                                                Alma Methodist Episcopal Church and Parsonage - early 1900's



Alma Methodist Episcopal Church

Alma Methodist Episcopal Church - Sanctuary


                                    Alma Methodist Episcopal Sunday School – May 1927 – Part A


                                 Alma Methodist Episcopal Sunday School – May 1927 – Part B


 (BA-61) Alma Methodist Episcopal Church and Parsonage - 1929

 (BA-62) Alma Methodist Episcopal Church - 1929



                                                                                                    Alma Methodist Episcopal Sunday School – circa 1931 – Part A


                                                                                                            Alma Methodist Episcopal Sunday School – circa 1931 – Part B


Alma Methodist Church - circa 1941



Alma Methodist Church - circa 1941 (Part A);

STANDING ON PLATFORM: Herschel Shreffler, Russell Broom, Mac Owen, Bill Broom, Dwight Day, John S. Ford, Albert Meyer, Shine Wilson;

STANDING ON GROUND: Lelia Ford, Lois See, Imogene Shanafelt, Lillian (Jackson) Squibb, Betty Williams, Virginia Sullens, Maxine (Purcell) Hiestand,

Stella Laswell, Jessie Slagley, Georgia Smith, Emma Rainey, _____________, _____________, Ruth Wilson

2ND ROW OF CHAIRS: ______Broom, ______ Broom, Mary Ann (Clow) Wiley, Pauline (Purcell) Doolen, Betty (Broom) Gray,

Betty Lou (Hines) Johnson, Betty (Sullens) Rubin, Sarah (Broom) Donoho, Bernice Rhodes;

1ST ROW OF KNEELING  & CHAIRS: Mike Bee, Ronald Polanka, John W. Ford, _______, Patty (Johnson) Hardt, __________,

Betty (Ford) Gottfried, ________, Patsy Gray, Benny Gray




STANDING ON PLATFORM: Pete Gragg, ____ Eagan, ____ Leghorn, __________, Helen Day, Blanche Austin, Grace Jackson;

STANDING ON GROUND: Marie Gray, Mrs. Watson, Kathryn Williams, Nina Broom, Ruby Sullens, Linnie Polanka, Martha Meyer, Rhea Gragg,

Mrs. Downey, Olive Shreffler, Beth Rainey, Lela Williams, Mrs. Hard holding baby;

2ND ROW OF CHAIRS: ____Rhodes, Elnora (Williams) Cheatum, Jean (Ford) Krutsinger, Harriet (Middleton) Roberts, Marilyn Hester,

Fern Ann (Ford) Bernhardt, Jean (Broom) Smith, Marilyn (Purcell) Walker, Ruth (Wright) Sokolovic, Cathryn (Polanka) Reed, Pat (Shanafelt) Shreffer;

1ST ROW KNEELING: Bobby Dan Williams, John Gregg, Dick Johnson, Bob Ford, Olive Hines, Bill Gray, Bob Williams, Loris Williams, Jimmy Shreffler,

Bill Wilson, Tom Shreffler




                                            Methodist Church; Willing Workers Class, circa 1941  

BACK: Grace Jackson, Kathryn Williams, Martha Meyer, Lela Williams, Ruby Sullens, Beth Rainey, Olive Shreffler, Lelia Ford, Blanche Austin

FRONT: Mrs. Hard, Emma Rainey, Nina Broom, Lois See, Mrs. Watson, Jessie Slagley, Linnie Polanka, Helen Day, & Ruth Wilson


Alma Church Choir Contest (1941)


Alma Methodist Church; Alma, Marion Co., IL  - circa 1948 (section 1)

1) Blanche Kennedy, 2) Carrie Purcell?, 3)___________, 4) Peggy Day, 5) Elanor (Williams) Cheatum; 6) __________, 7) Etna Knight, 8) Sue (Hester) Hulsey, 9) Virgie Garrett, 10) ?Betty Polanka, 11) ?Carolyn Eastman?, 12) ___________, 13) Beverly DeFord, 14) Ruth (Harris) Brimberry, 15) Judy Knight, 16) Donna Humes, 17) ___________, 18) Marjorie Williams, 19) Jean (Ford) Krutsinger, 20) Robert Donoho, 21) Janet (Williams) Doudera Hoskins, 22) Nellie (Chandler) Williams

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -- - - - - - - - - -

Alma Methodist Church; Alma, Marion Co., IL  - circa 1948 (section 2)

23) Delilah Caldwell, 24) ____________, 25) Rhea (Purcell) Gragg, 26) Rada (Garrett) Caldwell Ford, 27) Melba Dietrich, 28) Wilma (Osborn) Purcell, 29) Lottie (Gregory) Williams, 30)____________, 31) Emma Rainey, 32) _____ (Mrs. Gordon) Shreffler, 33) Jessie Slagley, 34) Frances Kerley, 35) Martha Meyer, 36) ?Mable Foster?, 37) Ella Mae (Florey) Hester, 38) __________, 39) James Daniel "Jimmy Dan" Hester, 40) John Gragg, 41) Nina Broom, 42) Olive Shreffler, 43) Martha Treadway, 44) Anna Boyles, 45) Ruby Barbee, 46) Clara (Kerley) Muehlhausen, 47) ?Lela Williams?, 48) Mary (Arnold) Gregory, 49) Fred Chance, 50) Mrs. Treadway (minister’s wife), 51) Beverly Williams, 52) Sharon Donoho, 53) Sharon Barbee, 54) Donna (Caldwell) Kerley, 55) Sylvia (Braden) Hester, 56) ____________, 57) Patricia Hines, 58) Sue Gragg, 59) Rebecca (Hester) Jones, 60) Joyce (Johnson) Wilkins, 61) Richard "Dick" Gragg

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -- - - - - - - - - -  

Alma Methodist Church; Alma, Marion Co., IL  - circa 1948 (section 3)

62) Naomi Chance, 63) Dorothy (Kerley) Boyles, 64) Agnes Bee, 65) Patty (Johnson) Hardt, 66) Elizabeth "Beth" (Wilson) Rainey, 67) Lelia (Gardner) Ford, 68) "Bud" Caldwell, 69) Gerry Donoho (holding Arnel), 70) Arnel Donoho (held by Gerry), 71) ?Mr. Kline?, 72) ?Mrs. Kline?, 73) John Ford, 74) Selby Garrett, 75) Mrs. _______ Downey, 76) Howard Downey, 77) John D. Purcell, 78) Mrs. Hinkley, 79) Gordon Shreffler, 80) Albert Meyer, 81) __________, 82) Theodore "Teddy" Kerley, 83) ____________, 84) ____________, 85) Orville V. "Pete" Gragg, 86) William Phipps "Bill" Hester, 87) John Broom, 88) William "Bill" Boyle, 89) Reverand Frank Treadway, 90) __________, 91) Herschel "Dutch" Shreffler, 92) Janet Ford, 93) Marilyn Crippen, 94) Jimmy Williams, 95) Johnny Bill Ford, 96) Ronald Polanka, 97) William "Bill" Gregory, 98) Jim Kerley, 99) Mike Bee, 100) Dwight Day, 101) Robert Kerley

* #81 & #83 possibly visiting in official capacity for the day (have nametags)


Alma Illinois Methodist Youth 1948


Alma Methodist Church Youth & Teachers, Fall - 1948

BACK: Rada Caldwell Ford, Olive Shreffler, Jean (Ford) Krutsinger, Jim Kerley, Evelyn (Bassett) Ford, Claude Williams, Mike Bee, Bob Ford,

Marilyn Purcell, Betty (Sullens) Rubin, Dutch Shreffler

FRONT: Sue (Hester) Hulsey, Nellie Jo (Mazanek) Hawkey, Elnora (Williams) Cheatum, ___________, Judy (Egelston) Mulvaney Tranum,

John D. Purcell



                                                    Willing Workers Class, Alma Methodist Church, circa 1950's;

BACK: Melba Dietrich, Lottie Williams, Jessie Slagley, Anna Boyles, Billie Bee, Martha Meyer, Gerri Donoho, Nellie Broom, Naomi Chance, Beth Rainey,

Blanche Kennedy, Ella Mae Hester, Lela Williams;

FRONT: ______, Emma Rainey, Lelia Ford, Etna Knight, ______, Helen Day, _______, Frances Kerley, ______, Mary Gregory, Elsie Tredway, Olive Shreffler,

Rada Caldwell Ford



 ALMA METHODIST CHURCH - Circa 1951 - Part A;  

 STANDING ON PLATFORM: Lottie Williams, Claude Rainey, __________, Leslie Shreffler, Etna Knight, Hershel Maxey, ________, Mr. Kerley,

                                                     __________, Dan Rainey, Tom Shreffler, Mike Relsza Sullens,

 STANDING: Lulu Owen, Martha Meyer, Hazel Maxey, Bessie Phillips, __________, __________, Frances Kerley, Delight Donoho, Nellie Broom,

                         ____________, Marie Sullens Korlan, Mrs. Black, Mrs. Tredway, Grace Jackson, Kathryn Williams,

 SITTING IN CHAIRS: ___________, Helen Day, ____________, _____________, Wilma Purcell, Delilah Caldwell, Pauline Doudera, 

                                        Roberta Shreffler, _____________, 

 KNEELING: Freida Black, Patty (Johnson) Hardt, Clara (Kerley) Muehlhausen, Dorothy (Kerley) Boyles, Martha Tredway, Leroy Maxey, James Kerley, 

 ON GROUND: Floyd Black, _____________, ____________, Mike Sullens, ______ Doolen, Richard Gragg, Judy Knight,

                            Joyce (Johnson) Wilkins, Becky (Hester) Jones, ______________,




ALMA METHODIST CHURCH - circa 1951 - Part B

STANDING ON PLATFORM: John D. Purcell, Jess Donoho, Bill Gregory, John S. Ford, Benny Doolen, Charlie Bee, Loren Williams, Joe Knight,    

                    Gordon Shreffler, Joe Polanka, John Barksdale, John Broom, Bill Williams, Rev. Tredway, Dwight Day, Dutch Shreffler;

STANDING:  Olive Shreffler, Emma Rainey, Ethel Heflin, Billie Bee, Bessie Arnold, Ruby Sullens, Linnie Polanka, Nina Middleton,

                    Mary Gregory, Beth Rainey, Lelia Ford, ____________Halcie Davis;

SITTING IN CHAIRS: Roberta Shreffler, _____________, Hazel Shreffler, Delsie Ford, ______________, Georgia Smith, ______________,

                    Pauline Doolen, Marian Barksdale, Rhea Gragg;

KNEELING: Ron Polanka, Mike Bee, John W. Ford, Bob Kerley, ______?Yund, Patricia Hines, Sylvia (Braden) Hester, Sue Gragg, Donna (Caldwell) Kerley;

ON GROUND: Donna Humes, Beverly Williams, ______________, Judy Knight, Janet Ford, Louise Hines, Shirley Forbes, _______________,

                    _____________, Robert Donoho; 

(The little dark headed girl right behind Robert Donoho, might be Dianne (Barksdale) Collins.  Don't know who the little blond is next to her though.)



Willing Workers Class, Alma Methodist Church, circa 1951;

BACK: Lula Owen, Hazel Shreffler, Lottie Williams, Mrs. Tredway, Delight Donoho, Mrs. Arnold, Lelia Ford, Halcie Davis;

MIDDLE: ______, Nellie Broom, Marie Sullens Korlan, Hazel Maxey, Mrs. Black, Ethel Heflin, Billie Bee, Beth Rainey, Nina Middleton, Ruby Sullens, Etna Knight;

FRONT: Helen Day, Frances Kerley, Olive Shreffler, Grace Jackson, Martha Meyer, Emma Rainey, Kathryn Williams, Linnie Polanka, Mary Gregory, Bessie Phillips



Willing Workers Class, Alma Methodist Church, 1955;

BACK: Lelia Ford, Hazel Shreffler, Hazel Maxey, Helen Day, Emma Rainey, Grace Jackson, Halcie Davis, Nellie Broom, Vivian Johnson, Nina Middleton, Linnie Polanka;

FRONT: Kathryn Williams, Ruby Sullens, Bessie Phillips, Etna Knight, Billie Bee, Francis Kerley, Beth Rainey, Lulu Owen, Lottie Williams





BACK: Jim Brooks, John D. Purcell, Joe Polanka, Leslie Shreffler, Bill Heskett, Guy Shaffer, Rev. Crouch, ______, John S. Ford, Ralph Davis, Mrs. Bill Heskett,

Ola Frizell, Stella Laswell; 

MIDDLE: Nora Shaffer, Becky (Hester) Jones, Sharon Donoho, Pat (Johnson) Hardt, Donna (Caldwell) Kerley, Delilah Caldwell, Mrs. Crouch,

Wilma Purcell & Roger, Rita Sullens, Dianne Barksdale, Bessie Arnold, Anna Boyle, Vivian Johnson, Madeline Shaffer; 

FRONT: Joyce (Johnson) Wilkins, _____, Gladys Hiestand, Marian Johnson, Judy Pannell Mulvaney & LeAnn Pannell, Betty Brooks, Jeff & Janet,

Esther Shaffer, Donna, Leslie & Leon Shaffer, David Purcell, Doris (Hiestand) Baker, Judy Brooks, ______, Mary Brimberry, Janet Ford, Brenda (Johnson) Arnold,

Dora Brickley, Georgia Smith, Etna Knight, Daisy Brimberry; 

SEATED CENTER: Mike Pannell, _______     




Alma Methodist Church, 1957, Part B;

BACK: Abbie Hinkley, Fern Downey, John Broom, Nellie Broom, Grace Jackson, Nina Middleton, Kathryn Williams, Bill Williams, Ruby Sullens, Relza Sullens,

Bill Boyle;

MIDDLE: Emma Rainey, Louie Stipp, Mildred McWhirter, Carrie See, Linnie Polanka, Halcyon Davis, Lelia Ford, Hazel Shreffler, Naomi Chance, Lottie Williams,

Bessie Phillips, Gordon Shreffler, Loren Williams;

FRONT: ______ & baby, ______, ______, Carl Shaffer, _____ Brimberry, Jerry Shaffer, Mike Sullens, ______, _____, Bobby DeWeese, ______, _______,

Wilma (Jamison) Hunt, _______ 




                                  Sunday School class girls from the Alma Methodist Church – 1957


Back: Mrs. Mildred McWhirter, Pat (Johnson) Hardt, Sharon Donoho, Nora Shaffer

Front: Donna (Caldwell) Kerley, Joyce (Johnson) Wilkins, Mary Brimberry, Becky (Hester) Jones



Willing Workers Class, Alma Methodist Church, circa 1960;

BACK: _____, Mildred McWhirter, Linnie Polanka, Nellie Broom, Grace Jackson, Nina Middleton, Lelia Ford, Ruby Sullens, Hazel Shreffler;

MIDDLE: Mrs. Crouch, Mrs. Bill Heskett, Etna Knight, Madeline Shreffler, Carrie See, Kathryn Williams, Naoymi Chance, Anna Boyle; 

FRONT: Olla Frizell, ________, Vivian Johnson, Bessie Phillips, Emma Rainey, Lottie Williams, Halcie Davis


 Alma Methodist Church, 25th Anniversary of the Willing Workers Class, March 1960;

BACK: Naomi Chance, Goldie Sullens, Halcie Davis, Florence Downey, Billie Bee, Kathryn Williams, Grace Jackson, Lulu Owen, Beth Rainey;

MIDDLE: Delight Donoho, _____, Edith Doudera, Lottie Williams, Martha Meyer, Emma Rainey, Ruth Wilson, Hazel Shreffler, Liz Heskett,

 Linnie Polanka, Lillie Shreffler, Jessie Slagley;

FRONT: Helen Day, Vivian Johnson, Frances Kerley, Mrs. Rev. Chadbourne and baby, Mary Gregory, Bessie Phillips, Lelia Ford



Alma, Zion & Pleasant Grove Methodist Choir (circa 1960)





                                                                                         ALMA METHODIST CHURCH, 1965, Part A;

STANDING ON PLATFORM, Linnie Polanka, Emma Rainey, Helen Day, Jerry Davis, Halcyon Davis, Gladys Hiestand, Florence Downey, Claude Rainey;

STANDING ON GROUND: Rev. Weiss, Bill Heskett, John W. Ford, Larry Malone, Louise Malone, Goldie Sullens, Diane Malone, Lila Williams, Connie Ford,

Bob Williams (behind Connie), Rada Caldwell Ford, Lelia Ford, Nina Middleton, Joann Walsh, Stella Laswell, Delsie Ford, Etna Knight, Ralph Hiestand,

Howard Downey, Lottie Williams , Nellie Broom;

SEATED: Lizzie Heskett, Kathryn Williams, Wilma Weiss, Chuck Johnson, ______, Nadene & Sharon Johnson, Beth Rainey, Billie Bee, Sarah (Sadie)Foster,

Donna Shaffer, Gina Weiss, Marian Johnson, Brenda (Johnson) Arnold, Linda (Walsh) Myers, Mary (Cessna) Hester, Doris Hiestand Baker Buecker,

Connie (Johnson) Githinji, Barbara Johnson, Kathleen Ford;

ON GROUND: Bill Mulvaney, Terry Walsh, Greg Weiss, Leon Shaffer, Floyd Purcell, David Purcell  


                                                                    ALMA METHODIST CHURCH, 1965, Part B;

STANDING ON PLATFORM: John Broom, Earl Jackson, Dan Rainey, Guy Shaffer, Bill Williams, Joe Polanka, John D. Purcell, Charlie Bee, Donald Shaffer; 

STANDING ON GROUND: Grace Jackson, John S. Ford, Mary Margaret Kennedy, Wilma Purcell, David Sullens, Damon Sullens, Frankie Finkbone,

Gary Logue, Carl Shaffer, Dwight Day Sr., Esther Shaffer, Ivan Wilkins, Jason Owen, Bill Walsh;

SEATED: Carole (Purcell) Shaffer, Karen (Johnson) Smith, Tila (Williams) Jones, LeeAnn Pannell, Anita (Sullivan) McNeal, Susan Stubblefield,

Helen & Rhonda Sullivan, Nora Shaffer, Janet & Brian Ford, Joyce and Kirk Wilkins, Daisy Brimberry, Lulu Owen;

ON GROUND: Leslie Shreffler, Roger Purcell, Mike Malone, Gary Williams, Mike Weiss, Jeff Malone, Chris Gammon, Mark Walsh 




                                                                              Alma United Methodist Church - 2011


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