Kinmundy's Cumberland Presbyterian Church

                           This church was later changed to the Church of God


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                                      Cumberland Presbyterian Church (100 block N. Jefferson) on east side




                                                          Cumberland Presbyterian Church (100 block N. Jefferson)

                                               Corner of N. Jefferson & Sycamore Street, view from the rear looking west.



                              Kinmundy Presbyterian Church




                                       Church of God





Located on the corner of N. Jefferson & Sycamore St. (on the east side), this church was built in 1859.  (It was across from the present Funeral Home.  

This was the first church built after town was plotted in 1857, and later the Church of God.  It is no longer standing.


The first Cumberland Presbyterian Church was organized at the home of James Eagan, Sept. 7, 1840 by William Finley. It was called Mt. Carmel but took the name of Kinmundy after the town was founded. In 1842 a camp meeting grounds was established near the town site, and out of these meetings grew most of the Cumberland Presbyterian congregations in the country.

After the town was platted, Isaac Eagan gave to the congregation lot 5 block 3 in Eagan’s first addition for a church site, and was instrumental in organizing the group, affiliated with the Mt. Vernon Presbytery. This church was erected in 1859 and is said to be the first church built in Kinmundy. The building still stands, and is now used by the Church of God.

On August 19, 1865 the First Presbyterian Church was organized by the Alton Presbytery. This was a different group from the Cumberlands. They bought lots 64-65 in the original town and the building on them which had been used as a school house till the new building was built. This building known as Presbyterian Hall was later moved to Madison and Second street where it stood for many years. The congregation united with Cumberland Presbyterian, and the united congregation was known as the First Presbyterian Church of Kinmundy. When it became too small to support a church, they disbanded in the 1920s and the members went to other churches.

                                                                                                                        "Kinmundy Centennial Booklet; "Kinmundy"; Railway to Thruway; 1857 - 1957"


“The Church of God was organized about 1925 with a membership of 20, by Rev. Sam Miller.  The first trustees were Noah Robnett, Harry Warren, Frank Kline and Mrs. Albert Maxwell and they bought the Cumberland Presbyterian church building which had not been used for some time, since that congregation disbanded.  The new church grew to about 40 members but there was a change in membership, some original leaving, others joining with 45 or 50 for Sunday School.  The present minister is Rev. A.C. Martin.”


                                                                                                                       "Kinmundy Centennial Booklet; "Kinmundy"; Railway to Thruway; 1857 - 1957"



Presbyterian Church (page 150)

            The Presbyterian church never was strong in this county, only a few congregations existing until the union a few years ago.  One at Kinmundy, one at Salem that was dissolved twenty years ago, one at Centralia and later one near or at Foxville are all, so far as we have been able to find, and no data is at hand as to their history.



Cumberland Presbyterian Church

            Marion county belonged to the Illinois Presbytery and the first preaching was done by Jonathan Brittain.  It was preached in the house of Abner STEWART about 1830.  David CAMPBELL followed in 1833 and preached in the barroom of Ricker’s Hotel in Salem.  These two men preached for several years in the county, but the man who organized nearly all the Cumberland Presbyterian churches was Rev. William FINLEY.  The first church organized was at the house of James EAGAN, Sept. 7, 1840, by William FINLEY.  It was called Mt. Carmel, afterward Kinmundy.  In 1842 they established a camp meeting grounds near Kinmundy known as Mt. Carmel camp ground, and out of the meetings held there grew most of the congregations of the county.

            Good Hope church at Omega was organized by William FINLEY November 9, 1844, and the same year Bethel was organized and the Metcalf or Old Bethel camp ground was long a noted point in church history.

            The Salem church was also organized by William FINLEY in 1836.  This congregation, largely through the efforts of Mr. FINLEY, built the first house of worship of the church in the county.  This church grew rapidly and was the strongest congregation of Cumberland Presbyterians in the county, and in 1901 built a beautiful brick church, the first of the beautiful churches in Salem to be erected.  A congregation was organized at Patoka and one at Vernon.  Neither was ever strong.

            In 1905 the congregation at Salem, and as far as we know, all in the county, voted to united with the Presbyterian church and drop the name Cumberland.  The Old Bethel church built a beautiful new church two or three miles north of the old one and virtually now has two houses, although they are two congregations.


                                                                                            “Brinkerhoff’s History of Marion County, Illinois - 1909”; by Prof. J.H.G. Brinkerhoff - p. 150-151     



                                                       Session Book of the Cumberland Presbyterian Church

                                                                        (Index located in the back pages of this PDF file)



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