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Click HERE to view video from the 2016 Fall Festival at Ingram's Pioneer Log Cabin Village

Click HERE to view video from the 2016 Fall Festival at Ingram's Pioneer Log Cabin Village

Here are a couple of photos of the entire Kinmundy High School student body

in 1907 and 1908.  We have several photos like these on our Kinmundy High School photo pages.  If you ever come across any school photos in family attics, closets, etc., please let us know.  We'd love to add more photos to our website for others to enjoy..... and SOMETIMES these photos have names on the back which helps for identification too.

Click here to see more early Kinmundy High School photos.

The photo above had the inscription: "Compliments of Prof. Babcock, Christmas 1907" and is a picture of students from Kinmundy High School. 

Thanks to Eric Bundy for sharing it with us!



Here is a photo of students who were attending Kinmundy High School in 1908.

The new brick building wouldn't be built for a couple of more years.

America's Pastime! Baseball around Kinmundy-Alma on July 4, 1906.







                     Minutes of the

        Kinmundy-Alma High School

               Alumni Association


             a1st Section 1879-1949


           Pa2nd Section 1950-1994




Honoring Our Veterans


 click here to see photos and read articles about the men and women from our community

 who have served our country .

Log home of Andrew Jackson Williams and Lillie Mae Belle (McWhirter) Williams

which sat outside of Alma, IL. 

"Pictured are A. J. (Andrew Jackson) Williams (son of Ransom Green Williams and Sarah Elizabeth Williams), wife Lillie Mae Belle (McWhirter) Williams (daughter of Charles Pitts McWhirter and Rebecca Hammer McWhirter), and their four oldest children: Roy Jackson Williams (born 21 Nov 1887; married Rosa E. Boring), Theodore "Pidd" Williams (born 7 Dec 1889; married Elizabeth Maria Gertner), Rose Williams (born 1891; married Ira Younger "Peck" Caldwell), and Carrie Belle Williams (born April 22, 1894, in bonnet; married Rufus Jennings Stephens).  I was told the man to the right was a traveling preacher."  

                                                        (Thanks to Anita Quick for the family information and photo!)


Click here to see a larger version of this family photo, as well as other families from the area!)


  This sure makes e-mail messages look plain, doesn't it?  This letter was written beautifully by

   Leander Snelling to his friend "Kit" on Dec. 21, 1902.  Imagine what the streets looked like

   from the window a few days later ...  Horse drawn carriages, fancy outfits, and a

   big Christmas Dance.  The invitation was to Caroline Yeager of Kinmundy, who later

   married Frank Ross, also of Kinmundy.  See this invitation as well as many, many photos of

   those who settled here by clicking on the "Neighbors & Families" link on the left panel of

   this page!  (Thanks to Scott Wilson for sharing this with us!)


     Read our town histories and look thru the many photos we have of our businesses, streets,

      and residences by clicking on the "Hometown Places" link on the left panel of this page!


Photos from around the town of Alma in 1929. 

Thanks to Terry Stevenson for sharing these!


Click here to see all of the photos in our collection from around the business area of Alma

(and much larger!)


           Here's a flashback to Kinmundy's main street otherwise known as Madison Street.

                    Click here to view this and other Kinmundy Historical Society Projects!

156 Years of Community ... and counting.

Did your family play a part in the history of the Kinmundy - Alma area?

    If you have family roots in the northern part of Marion county around Kinmundy-Alma, or if you attended school around there, the Kinmundy Historical Society invites you to look around our growing website here at  Between all of the volunteer work at Ingram’s Pioneer Village, organizing the 2007 sesquicentennial, and collecting and preserving vintage items which are donated to our organization, our little historical society has also become the repository for thousands of photos from around the area, spanning from the mid-1800's to present day.

   Yearbooks from our schools have been scanned, as well as hundreds of photos from one-room schoolhouses and "town" classes, many of which are long gone. (Indexes are also provided in the case you’re looking for someone but not sure which class photo or yearbook to find them in.) Other photos include many old businesses and residences which were located in Alma and Kinmundy as well as webpage sections about our Churches, Farming, Historical Families, Veterans and Soldiers, Organizations, Trains and Depots, the Kinmundy Fire, Parks and Lakes, and the 1957 Centennial Celebration. One section is appropriately titled "Around Kinmundy and Alma with Robert Ford (1960's-70's)" and includes hundreds of portraits of current and former residents who could be found on a local "main street" on any given day 40 years ago. (See the links on the left panel on this page.)

   You can also travel back in time by clicking on the link for "Gleanings from the Kinmundy Express (1883-1884 and 1904-1959)" which takes you to some of the new items which have appeared in the hometown paper. There you can read about charivaris, robberies, train wrecks, fox hunts and church picnics, as well as the letters sent homebound from WWII soldiers, flu epidemics, and fires that wiped out sections of our growing communities. There is even a search feature which allows you to look for your own family names in published marriages, birth announcements, and obituaries. (Find this link at the top of the left panel of this page.)

   The Kinmundy Historical Society may have become the unofficial archivist of this vast photo collection, but it literally took a village to help build it. Area residents, as well as those with hometown roots who now live far away, have generously submitted scanned pictures and artifacts to our organization. Others have opened up their scrapbooks and allowed us to scan their treasured photos. Fortunately, the internet allows us to share the collection worldwide, and it is amazing how many places around the globe that our little hometown has touched, as we hear from people who live in just about every corner ... and they are all anxious to reminisce about "home".

   But - we’re not done! There are plans of expansion for the website. Soon, we hope to add sections which include "Hometown Memories" (writeups from residents about soda fountains, schools, soda fountains, businesses, "free shows" in town, etc.), as well as more cemetery listings, family histories, and more.

   In the meantime, we are continuing our drive to add more with help from the community. If you would be kind enough to send us your stories, or allow us to scan your historical pictures (it only takes a couple of minutes per photo), we would certainly appreciate it. (If you have your own scanner, we would gladly accept e-mailed entries.) Also, we always appreciate any additions or corrections that you can help us with in identifying residents and students in our photos.

   If you have any questions, or you would like to contact the Kinmundy Historical Society about adding to our collection, please contact:

Dolores Ford Mobley  

     208 Joan Drive; Divernon, IL 62530; 217-625-7527;


Gladys (Corrie) See

    408 S. Washington St.; Kinmundy, IL 62854; 618-547-7731;

   We always welcome new members, so please, help to preserve the history of the Kinmundy-Alma area, and  join us!                             



Museum and Store

located at the "Webster House" in Kinmundy


For more information, call Marla Shirley

(618)547-7682 or (618)267-7682


President -  Marla Shirley

Vice President - Gladys See  

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Latest News:

         Pioneer cooks were Barbie Ambuehl, Linda Summerville, Marla Shirley, and Shelly Phillips.

    Several Kinmundy Historical Society members were finally able to sit down and rest for a minute     during the 2010 days at Ingram Pioneer Village.  Pictured are Bob Ingram,  Debbie Gilbert, Marla Shirley, Helen Garrett, Gladys See, and Shelly Phillips.

"Liberty, Honor, and Freedom" - Fall 2010 at Ingram's Pioneer Log Cabin Village - Kinmundy, Illinois


All types of musicians were providing sweet sounds from days gone by.


It was "Wash Day" outside the Doolen cabin, courtesy of Helen Garrett's laundry.


Jaden entertained the many visitors with his fine fiddle playing.


Need some rope? Karen and Don Gilbert are busy making their own.


The flag Ceremony was led by Marti Ambrose.  Marla Shirley, President of the KHS, is in the foreground.


The Kinmundy scouts assisted with the flag ceremony.

Susan and Landon Smith decided to take a walk over the new bridge, recently fixed up for the crowd.


Gladys See, Helen Sullivan and Debbie Gilbert catch up on the neighborhood pioneer news outside the Lester cabin.

2010-2011 Kinmundy Historical Society Officers

Marla Shirley - President, Gladys See - Vice President, Helen Garrett - Corresponding Secretary,     and Jeanette Hoeinghaus - Secretary/Treasurer are standing among the many items located in the Kinmundy Historical Society Museum located at Webster House.  The trunk as generously donated by Helen (Robb) Garrett which belonged to her grandmother, Matilda Jane (Vallow) Spicer Maxwell.

"Vintage Flag Finds New Home"

    Members of Kinmundy Historical Society pictured with their flag, newly restored and displayed in the Webster House on Madison Street.  First row from left:  Marla Shirley and Eleanor Tate.  Second row:  Eileen Garrett (sister of Jim Eagan, former caretaker of the flag), Helen Garrett, Shelly Phillips, Gladys See, Jeanette Hoeinghaus, Debbie Gilbert, Larry McCarty.

    Read more about this worthwhile historical project by clicking on "PROJECTS".

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